Smile When They Call You Villain

This was originally posted on here. Today we witness the inverted moral system of a deranged clique of tyrants doubling down on their suicidal plans to enslave and enfeeble anyone who thinks for themselves. Men, especially white men, are the constant targets of pin the tail on the donkey. Most lack the fortitude to […]

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Expel Girly Males And Warpig Females

For males looking to experience an environment conducive to brotherhood and masculine virtues, it is vital that you expel the garbage from your lives. Feminine males are disgusting mutants who deserve only the non lubed rubber of their master’s purple dildo.  Masculine females are biological refuse who deserve only their dogs slurping away at their […]

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The Modern Male Is Now A Ronin

I originally posted this on  That link is here.  I am reposting it here as well.   During the chaotic and tumultuous periods of feudal Japan, the samurai were the established class of warriors dedicated to serving their Lords. The meaning of the word samurai is “to serve.” If a samurai’s lord died he […]

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Mercy Is For Women And Weaklings

There is much to be said these days about the pathological altruism and faux mercy exhibited by the cultures of western civilization. Undulating masses of porcine females hem and haw over peoples they share no relation to and have never once met in their lives. Feminized males join the enfeebled chorus of cry babies hoping […]

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Prepare For All The Lovely Hate

In our current society with high levels of technology, infrastructure and centralized government, we live in a dreary collectivist soup of murky sewage all slowly drowning out any attempts for the will to assert itself.  To rise above the grime and the pond scum the savage man must prepare and accept the jealousy, envy and […]

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The Hegelian Dialectic And The Sexes

Perhaps the most useful method to control individuals in the modern world and to shape views and beliefs is the Hegelian Dialectic created by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  Also reworked by Karl Marx into his own form called Dialectical Materialism.  We are going to examine this process as it relates to male-female relations in the […]

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