Build Your Own Empire Of Evil

A faggy haze of HIV poison looms over the broken west.  Noxious fumes have infected just about everyone as sperged out spasms transform them into zombie like mutants called New World Faggots.  Indeed all that is considered “good, holy and sacred”  today is nothing but the cognitive submission to these poisonous vapors consuming your mind, […]

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Learn To Think Like A Conqueror

Whether it’s from baby boomer cucks to millenial butt-pussy boys.  Today our world is exploding with faggotry.  Does anyone ever stop and think Jesus christ I’m surrounded by a lot of gay shit. ? I am certain it has not escaped your view.  Have you ever asked why?  Ever objectively considered the amount of fagged […]

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What Women Really Want Is A Winner

Whether you believe in a god(s) or whether you attribute all natural phenomena to nature, there is a divine strain which runs inexorably through us.  What primordial energy made it so that the weakest sex would naturally gravitate like moths to a flame towards the victors?  When a conquering invader came galloping through her squalid […]

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The Sigma Male: Become A King Slayer

I wrote this for TNMM.  Link here. The proliferation within the manosphere of socio-sexual status markers has been around for awhile.  There may be slight differences in definitions between what comprises the Alpha male, Beta, etc.  Yet the general consensus is the same.  You want to be the “Alpha” male and not the “Beta” male […]

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Ascend The Throne Of The Beast God

We are accustomed to look upon the shackled form of a conquered monster, but there-there you could look at a thing monstrous and free. These words from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness unlocked a door through which most will never travel.  I searched and searched the languid depths of my own black soul.  Knowing full well […]

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Wolves Do Not Apologize To Sheep

In the modern world for some time now mankind has been inundated with this idea that the strong must apologize for their strength.  The victorious should ask forgiveness from the losers and degenerates who didn’t have the ability to win.  Madness!  What kind of a cesspool of reeking filth and rancid degeneracy is this kind […]

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