Wolves Do Not Apologize To Sheep

In the modern world for some time now mankind has been inundated with this idea that the strong must apologize for their strength.  The victorious should ask forgiveness from the losers and degenerates who didn’t have the ability to win.  Madness!  What kind of a cesspool of reeking filth and rancid degeneracy is this kind […]

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Christianity: A Virus Of The Mind

First let me say that I know I’ve had(possibly still have) Christian readers.  This is not a personal condemnation.  Rather an aggressive critique of a semi-structured belief system that has been around for 2000 years.  It has managed to survive while morphing into various competing sects(denominations),ideologies and cults.  Anything I have to offer in the […]

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I Am Back

I was away and now I return. I will be devoting more time to writing and this blog.  There are many new things I will be sharing. There are times when a man must step away.  Back into the darkness.  He doesn’t need a reason to explain.  Even to those whom he cares for.  They […]

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Hatred Is The Greatest Motivator

The modern world and it’s host of defective mutants has begged, pleaded, and pathetically gone prostrate at the feet of cruel and crude men.  Indeed the thought of welcoming savage foreigners into the gaping hole of their own lives and homes fills them with the same penetrating joy received from their lover’s strap ons.  They’ve […]

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