Mercy Is For Women And Weaklings

There is much to be said these days about the pathological altruism and faux mercy exhibited by the cultures of western civilization. Undulating masses of porcine females hem and haw over peoples they share no relation to and have never once met in their lives. Feminized males join the enfeebled chorus of cry babies hoping […]

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Prepare For All The Lovely Hate

In our current society with high levels of technology, infrastructure and centralized government, we live in a dreary collectivist soup of murky sewage all slowly drowning out any attempts for the will to assert itself.  To rise above the grime and the pond scum the savage man must prepare and accept the jealousy, envy and […]

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The Hegelian Dialectic And The Sexes

Perhaps the most useful method to control individuals in the modern world and to shape views and beliefs is the Hegelian Dialectic created by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  Also reworked by Karl Marx into his own form called Dialectical Materialism.  We are going to examine this process as it relates to male-female relations in the […]

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The Dark Power In Every Introvert

For personality types that are on the introvert side, growing up in western civilization has probably been difficult at times.  In a highly socialized and technologically pervasive society introverts are almost pathologized as being deficient. Since introverts enjoy their alone time they are often considered peculiar at best and weird at worst.  While extrovert types […]

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The Ultimate Power Of The Feral

The modern male fears the feral.  He has been divorced from his instincts.  He has been pampered and pruned into a teeny froo froo dog that a woman carries around in her purse.  He is the replaceable accessory she does not need. Deprogramming from the paralyzing shocks of the post modern world insane asylum requires […]

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The Hunger Of The Savage

No matter what a man accomplishes in life, he can never afford to lose his savage hunger. Every time he conquers one obstacle the opportunity to slip and get comfortable is there.  To rest on his laurels and think too highly of himself.  To enjoy the spoils of his temporary gains. The Savage And The […]

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The Depravity Of The Civilized

Today we live in a world which considers itself the bastion of the “civilized”.  A highly conformist world which punishes creativity and stifles innovation.  This world is lauded as progressive and utopian.  We hear the propaganda everywhere we turn.  We face constant bombardment of visual cues directing the unwitting down the tolerant corridors of servitude […]

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Your Anger Is Impotent

People get angry all the time.  Everyone has seen a small child throw a temper tantrum.  You watch in laughter as they scream, stomp and whine.  We laugh because their anger has no real consequences for us beyond amusement or annoyance.  The modern human living in the civilized world is similar to a child in […]

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