7 Reasons You Are An Absolute Bitch

Let’s face it.

Today’s male living in a first world country is ridiculously weak.  There are numerous areas in his life where he is a complete and absolute bitch.  

Now we are going to explore a handful of those reasons and expound on them.  For most of these, being guilty of one is enough for you to be a basic bitch.

Two and you have reached the unhallowed halls of Absolute Bitch.

Be ashamed.

Let’s get started.

1. You have a woman who doesn’t cook or clean for you.

washing dishes
You wish this was in your house.

In this household apparently there are testicles nowhere to be found.

Any male who has a live in wife or girlfriend who does not tend to domestic duties is a gelded male passively accepting the snarling demands and conjured tears of a flippant female.  He cedes his authority and let’s her do whatever the fuck she wants.

The male guilty of this willful castration is a male whose girl is actively cheating or likely to cheat in the very near future.

Verdict: One Punk Bitch

2. You have never been in a fight.

head kick
You’ve never done this shit.

The male who has made it out of his teenage years without ever having to put his ass on the line is suicidally weak and infinitely contemptuous.

Having never been tested and never having the desire to be tested he is likely the kind of spineless coward that would let his own mother and sisters be raped while he curls his knees and cries like a child in a corner.

Verdict: Darwin’s finest bitch.

3. You work a corporate 9-5.

9-5 job
Hello, I’m Johnny Fuckboy.

Day after day after miserable fucking day you sit in a jail cell cubicle grinding through monotonous hours interspersed between shuffling papers, running numbers and fucking off on the internet.

You watch your mouth and your manners like a good house dog because it just wouldn’t be proper to show any masculine aggression or dare to transgress the multitudes of laws in the vast lexicon of political correctness.

You scurry past the HR department like a rat caught in a flashlight beam.  Better not offend the poor little victims who possess all the power over your baby nuts.

You can’t leave your job because you’ve likely got a lazy, snarky, wildebeast’s gullet to fill, ungrateful brat kids whom you train to be a mindless consumer just like yourself, a second mortgage and two car payments.

You’ve been taking it every day with no lube and that asshole stays in constant pain.

There’s little hope for any fiery upheaval in your feminized soul.

Verdict: Brow Beaten BITCH.

4. You have a woman who withholds sex from you.

You see this all the time.

You are no stranger to these words.

“I’m too tired.”  “My stomach hurts”. “Not now, I have a headache”.

You tell yourself you’re the caring one for putting her needs first, for putting her needs above anything else.

Sometimes you get a pat on your baby boy head.

Sometimes you get the look of indignation that is only reserved for a woman’s most intense revulsion.

You’ve made it clear your needs aren’t important.

Can you blame her when she gets dicked down by a real man?

Verdict: Pathetically Disgusting Bitch

5. You refer to your wife or significant other as “the boss”.

whiny kid
and you get this

I really hope this one is not a common thing.

Relinquishing your authority and taking the back seat to “powerful” females are your go-to methods of living peacefully with the women in your life.

“A happy wife is a happy life” you say as your dominatrix wife with State Authorized power pulls the butt plug out of your bitch ass.

Verdict: A Bitch’s Bitch.

6. You masterbate frequently.

weak dude
Caught by his mom. AGAIN.

The male who jerks off constantly is a highly skilled practitioner of weakness.

He spills his seed all over himself and into the trash with nary a vagina in sight to impregnate.

He is too much of a coward to go out and talk to women and he has no self control.  Therefore he has no power.

Wasting all his energy on nothing he is shackled with a slave’s mentality.  He is slowly dying a miserable death hour by hour.

Verdict: Evolutionary Dead End Bitch

7. You are helping raise another man’s kid(s).

Finally comes the Suma Cum Laude in the school of Absolute Bitch.

For whatever weak as fuck reason, this male has decided that his genes have ZERO value but some stranger’s gene’s, heritage and legacy get to survive while his own worthless genetic code gets flushed down the toilet like so many rotten turds.

There is a name for this. It is called a cuckold.




the husband of an unfaithful wife.
verb (used with object)


to make a cuckold of (a husband).
It used to be a very serious crime for a woman to trick a man into raising a kid that wasn’t really his.
 Today the majority of males line up to offer themselves at the altar of women who have made piss poor decisions in life.
This degenerate male enables society to crumble further by financing the horrible mate choices that women make.

A crime against one’s own genetic code is so grievous that this alone makes a male an absolute bitch and he should be looked down upon.  Truly he looks down upon himself.


Verdict: PhD in Absolute Bitch.

Now regardless of your lot in life if there resides in you any will to live inside then perhaps you may yet break the chains of your slave existence.

Every male alive has the savage blood of his ancestors in him.  The kind of blood that survived the storms, the famines, the plagues, the invading armies of rapacious foes and lived on to establish a name and a legacy.

The result is you right here in this very moment.  Are you going to go out like a bitch?

You can find this blood inside today.  

You must become a man.

A Savage Man.


15 thoughts on “7 Reasons You Are An Absolute Bitch

  1. The only thing I do is best it semi frequently , but it’s kind of hard to get a woman to come relieve you on a Tuesday afternoon

  2. Good stuff, and written with a lot of humor. There are a few people I’d like to forward this to, but they are family and they’d probably be so offended they’d never speak with me again.

    The only one I’m guilty of is number three, working a corporate job. It takes a little piece of my soul and my masculinity every day. Commuting in heavy traffic with a bunch of morons is about the most feminine thing you can do, because it requires so much patience for idiocy, and accommodation of other peoples’ shitty behaviors. The more testosterone you have, the more you start to view freeway shootings as a somewhat reasonable solution. Then you get to the office and every interaction is guided by the Feminine Imperative – doing all the work that the women are too lazy for, carefully wording everything so as not to offend women, etc.

    You’re right – working a corporate 9 to 5 makes you a bitch, even if you weren’t one when you started.

    But, I am an entrepreneur, only working this job for the time being. I’ve owned businesses in the past, and working on building another one, so I am just using this job for a temporary paycheck to bridge the gap.

    I would advise all young men out there to seek the entrepreneurial path, as it will make them much happier than a corporate job, even if they make less money.

    1. Good comment John and glad you enjoy the article.

      You know it’s a fucking shame today that even our families are so god damn brainwashed they would stop talking to you for telling them like it is. The truthful advice you blast them with would actually improve their lives immeasurably if they could put theirr ego in check for ONE FUCKING SECOND and analyze the validity of what is being said.

      That apparently is too much to ask now and that is why you must ruthlessly cut anyone out of your life who is like this.

      Probably all of us have been in #3 at some point and doing it temporarily while you make your life anti-fragile is just fine as long as you game the system and the females there as much as possible. everyh man must know that the company does not care about your best interests and therefore you must act accordingly. As soon as it becomes too much trouble, too time consuming or too much workload for your peace of mind you leave with no regrets and no remorse.

      John, every time I hear the feedback from readers here I know without a shadow of a doubt that EVERYTHING i am talking about and everything that is spilled out from me onto these posts is something other men feel too. Knowing this gives me immense momentum to keep going even harder. I am in an anti-fragile position now and the peace of mind/freedom that this brings is something I have trouble articulating because you never knew this was possible until you are there. Its all a mindset too.

      Words are dangerous and especially the words I write on here. Share this with as many men as you can who might benefit from this knowledge without hurting your personal life.

      Subscribe to the mailing list if you haven’t already. It’s just notifying people of new posts so far but I have alot planned for the future and this is just the beginning my friend.

  3. Number 3 is no violation of the code of conduct if it is for official use to obtain funds for even more savage lifestyle, when it is done, cut it lose cut it quick.

  4. ….Savage the only one I don’t necessarily agree with is #6 because most of the women out there are not worth the damn effort and don’t deserve to be gamed in the first place. Most of them out there think their shit don’t stink and think they are better than men….and I will not let those bitches have the luxury of an inflated ego by gaming them since they don’t deserve anything in the first place. The onlt thing they actually might deserve would be an ass-kicking .

    1. Won’t argue with that. In fact I support anything that disenfranchises and invalidates the western woman.

      Still self control is a sign of strength.

  5. Great article…. I love how you write so blunt but yet so funny at the same time. It’s sad though knowing many men are like that today.

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