Ascend The Throne Of The Beast God

We are accustomed to look upon the shackled form of a conquered monster, but there-there you could look at a thing monstrous and free.

These words from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness unlocked a door through which most will never travel.  I searched and searched the languid depths of my own black soul.  Knowing full well the danger and the price to be paid.  At the mouth of your own heart of darkness there stands a Savage man.  Staring long and bold into green jungles and forests deep where no feet dare tread.

Looking behind there wilts the decayed form of a domesticated farm animal.  The modern male, sullen and gaunt.  You know that the “civilized” world lay dying behind you.  Only the vanquished, defeated butt fucked cucks cobble together in fear and loathing.  They gaze upon the savage form of a man broke free.

A yes-man no more and a slave no longer. 

With venomous curses, desperate shouts and wild accusations they hurl their fears as if you’d be perturbed.  For what lay behind you is pitiless death, infected decay and creeping degeneracy.  You look ahead towards a howling darkness and know from deep within your path to follow.

A path of freedom and violence.  Of Conquering and conquered.

At the end of the river you see the stairs rising.  Climbing upwards proud and defiant.  Reaching higher and higher ascending the throne.  The place where bloody hands do yours lay hold.  From that moment you know in the deepest sanctum of your heart of hearts.  One motto and one alone be true.

Conquer or perish!

Rising From Pools Of Red

Mankind has always tried to find some connection to divinity.  But what if that divine spark lay dormant inside of you?  What if it was not some predestined fool who by no choice or action of their own landed them a throne.  But what if it always lay there for the strong to take hold?  The gods laugh and mock fools who believe in fairy tales.  Yet marvel in awe at the man who tears apart the Gordian Knot.

Is that the kind of man inside of you?

Does hatred rise in furnaces flaming. Can you see yourself rising out of crimson pools?  Piles and piles of your enemies behind you.

Surely the gods do favor such a man!  For even heavenly thrones do shake at the thought of Savage men who TAKE.

Know ye not that

The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and violent men take it by force

The throne of the Beast God lay there before you.  At the end of rivers of red and the deepest darkness.  A throne for the taking.

A Beast And A God

Man is an animal.  The highest animal.  The apex predator of the entire god damn world.  Since the days we journeyed out of deep caves and wandered into a most savage earth.  To the days of elevators and electronics.  A man is the most lethal killer the world has ever seen.   By this fact alone he is no longer simply a mere animal who kills by the urgent pull of biology.  Rather he is a god who can bring down thunderous doom upon entire nations, can wipe out whole peoples and perhaps one day obliterate even the planets.

He is both a Beast and a God.  A Beast God.

The modern male fancies himself none of these things.  For he has been pathetically castrated.  Brought to heel by his bitch who cucks him.  Whom he meekly requests permission for the air to breathe.  Just as the poodle can no longer become a wolf so too (most) modern males can no longer become a Savage.  They have degenerated far too long under easy conditions and lack of suffering.  It was Lycurgus the Law-Giver who convinced the Spartans to submit to his system of laws through the example of two dogs.

One was made to live as a comfortable house dog of whom lavish affections were given without pause.  The other dog was subjected to beatings, lack of food, rigorous training to hunt. Tireless conditioning to train an efficient killer.  At the end of such an experiment it was Lycurgus who brought the two dogs before the Spartans so that they could see with their own eyes the results.  It was then they found that the loved and spoiled house dog was an utterly worthless animal.  While the ferocious other animal was seemingly belonging to another species entirely.  So captivated by this spectacle of organic beast flesh they quickly based their entire system of laws upon the statutes handed down from Lycurgus the Law-Giver.  The rest of course is history.  The Spartans were the strongest and most fearsome killers of their time.

Through unending training and the love of battle they as an entire people ascended the throne of the Beast God.

In The Depths A Dragon Sleeps

Some who find themselves alive today will sense this power inside just waiting to awaken.  A dragon slumbering long and dreaming deep in pools of ancient red.  Those who have this dragon sleeping in the depths can hear these words echo in ways even I cannot describe.   The dragon lay asleep for ages past.  He is the culminated force of your entire blood line.  The dreams, the sorrows, the hopes of the dead.  Dreaming to wake like lightning on unbroken shores.

Does the dragon stir within you?  Do you feel the flames of such memories begin to rise?

A time is coming so near, so near.  Where sleeping dragons slumber no more.  Where terror and horror grip feeble minds while knees buckle under bloated weight.  A time when to look upon a thing both monstrous and free will not be in some far flung jungle oceans away.  It will be staring right through your mother fucking eyes.

Ready to RIP your bitch ass apart.

We will sing WOE UNTO THE WEAK as we take your wives and daughters for ourselves.

We will cry WOE TO THE VANQUISHED as we swipe the jeweled crowns off your heads and beat you to death with them.

Shouting VICTORY FOR THE BRAVE as your memory and your seed is wiped off the face of this earth forever.

For in the fires of Gehenna we shall immolate you and in the pits of Sheol we will throw your worthless carcass.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.