International Women’s Day? WTF?

So apparently today is International Women’s Day.  How do I know that you ask?  Well I saw this bullshit on the news.  Some people, some where, got together and seriously proclaimed today International Women’s Day. When I saw this all I could think to myself was “Are these people even serious right now?”  Who in […]

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Everywhere I See Fucking Trash

Modern Media Is Garbage So, as you may have gathered from the title, I’m not very happy with what I’m seeing these days. Let me elaborate.  I’m seeing a lot of trash on television. In fact it’s all I see, TRASH. All of it.  Every last bit of it is total garbage. Today’s television programs […]

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Validation Comes From Within

Where Your Value Is It is only through much introspection and meditation that we can truly come to understand ourselves. That statement may sound cheesy or cliche, but it is true none the less.  Many times I focus not only on what I’ve done recently, but also what I’ve done throughout my life. As I […]

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Crazy Shit So I’m sitting at the house and I get a phone call.  It’s my bro Jack Ronin.  He proceeds to tell me about an article that he wrote on another website. He’s dying laughing and not really going into specifics. He sends me a link and tells me to check it out. So […]

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Strive To Be Vilified

The Bad Guy Is You In today’s politically correct society the media vilifies men and portrays manhood in a negative light with phrases such as “toxic masculinity”. They contrive words such as “man-spreading” and “man-splaining” to describe certain actions that men display in order to vilify them. The leftist scum bags are all about labeling […]

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Welcome The Warhammer!!!

I’m pleased to announce that Josh “The Warhammer” Schockman, a former professional fighter, fight coach, personal trainer, former bouncer, writer, and all around bad ass will be writing for The Savage Lifestyle. He brings a unique perspective on all things man from his life as a professional fighter, working the club scene, and living an […]

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