Become A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Today it is necessary for those whom accept their roles as apex predators to become the wolf who appears as a lamb.

Being a man these days is tough.  Especially a man who does not care to be a cosmopolitan fuck boy.  A self reliant man will however adapt to any environment he finds himself in.  Vocalizing your thoughts on the state of your nation or expressing disdain for the cultural suicide of your lands can have disastrous consequences and little if any upside.

Far better to pose as a nameless moron and move with mobility among social and professional circles.  Instead of arguing about beliefs with people it is much better to act as their personal echo chamber.  This will allow you much freedom and probably endear yourself to whomever you are speaking to.

Live Two Lives

hooded figure

To be the wolf of today one must accept the fact that he lives two lives.  One life which we show to the world and the other personal life which we under no circumstances ever display.  Accepting this paradigm is a necessary frame which the wolf in sheep’s clothing must adopt to be successful.  Your personal views, beliefs etc are never to be spoken of to the public.  Your outward appearance and demeanor must be tailored to suit the prey you have selected for fleecing.

You must inhabit the mental space of your targets and in essence become their mirror.

Give Them What They Want

What do people want most?

I’ve found that large swathes of people living in the modern world can be aggregated together by these two motivating desires.

  1. The desire to be accepted.
  2. The desire to be entertained

As with the former it is common among both male and female in a highly feminized/socialized world.  A world where everyone has their own personal microphone to blurt out inanities and their own corners of the internet to show off their empty lives.

You will pretend to be a part of it too.  Lauding your targets with praise thus disarming them.  Since we know this deep desire of the feminized world is one of neediness and ego validation, the savage man must exploit these character flaws for his gain.

As for the latter, becoming a source of entertainment and pleasure is a necessary place to be for the subversive.  Discover what your mark wants, what he/she lusts for, what they absolutely crave.  Then provide it for them.

This is the most powerful position you can occupy in the minds of the perpetually weak.  Whether you are seducing women or have a more nefarious plan.  The principles of seduction overlap here to a large extent.

Feign Friendship While Gathering Intel

pose as a friend

Law 14 in Robert Greene’s The 48 laws of power states to pose as a friend but work as a spy.  This is the common tactic for the wolf in sheep’s clothing to gather intel from your targets.

Most people love to talk about themselves.

Therefore all you need to do is ask them questions.  You will have many “conversations” with your targets where all you did was ask them revealing questions and they will happily and freely give you the keys to their soul.  Afterwards your targets should feel as if you both experienced a genuine encounter.  Despite the fact that it was a completely one sided conversation and they know exactly the same about you as they did before……zero.

NEVER volunteer any personal information or details about your personal life in conversation.  One can offer up fake bits of info to build comfort among the sheep you have targeted.  Often a faux divulging of personal details which seems to make you vulnerable can be a good tactic to win the confidence of others.

When listening to faggots blab about themselves, it is of utmost importance to observe their mannerisms and body language.  This will give an accurate picture of their state of mind, thoughts, beliefs and overall view of themselves and the world around them.  Keep in mind that it is often not the words themselves that reveal the most about a person.  It is how they say it.

Did they hang on a particular word or thought?  Remember it.

Did they pause or give reluctance to share further info?  Realize you are broaching a sensitive subject and possibly change gears to return at this topic on another occasion.

Make The Weak Depend On You

drug they crave
Become the drug they crave.

Once comfort and trust have been gained it is vital your sheep begin to depend on you in some way.  There is a simple tactic which I have discussed in an earlier article here.  Works wonders when conditioning others to fall into your frame.

What emotional needs do your targets have?

What vices, addictions and lusts do your targets display?

This information is key.

Once you have established a dependency or need that your target desires from you, the wolf in sheep’s clothing must work diligently to keep them on the hook.  After a small lever has been pulled by you, the process must become deeper and more intricate thus enveloping your mark into total reliance on you for all of their needs, hopes and dreams.

Put The Squeeze On Them


So now you have accepted your double life.  You have endeared yourself to your targeted audience.   Causing them not only to accept but to embrace you as one of their own.  You have discovered their weaknesses, their wants, their needs, their insecurities.

Now you will put the squeeze on them.

Here will be discussed several methods of fleecing your prey.  These methods will vary greatly depending on your goals and your targets.  If you are new to this game start small.  Work your way up slowly until you have the experience required for a bigger squeeze.


This age old tactic is great and works in a variety of situations.  I knew a guy once who worked for a large corporation.  He was terrible at his actual job but adept at blackmailing his superiors.  Thus garnering constant promotions through his knowledge of all the little dalliances between the employees.  The love affairs, the corruption, he had lots of dirt on everyone.  He gloated to me his skill in allowing people to feel comfortable around him.

Comfortable enough to divulge incriminating personal details apparently.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing shall always be looking for these opportunities.  Always recording or otherwise documenting the actions and words of those around him.  One of the benefits of modern technology is having many options to accomplish this task.

A solid read on this subject can be found here.


Often straight up intimidation will make others give you what you want.  The average moron has been socially engineered to be divested of his survival instincts.  Instincts that alerted him to threats and danger.  They are too lost in their solipsistic worlds of empty consumerism.  Undeterred in complete indifference to the lurking predators now closing in.

Immediate and forceful aggression through body language, taking up their space and laser eye contact can verily disarm a lot, maybe even most people.  More subtle forms of intimidation are preferred however.  A calm demeanor, ice cold telling them what is going to happen if they do or don’t do x will do wonders.

Working on your ability to intimidate in all forms is a key component of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Sometimes it is necessary to weaken your enemies.  Sabotage is simply the means of doing so without open declarations of intent.  The best wolves operate among their enemies.  They are accepted as one of them.  From within the nexus of their foes do the wolves adorning the sheepskin disrupt and dismantle.

Bury yourself into the very heart of what you hate.

From there you may grab this heart……and devour it piece by piece.

Embrace Your Merciless Fate

merciless fate

Finally realize there are no certainties in life.  No guarantees of tomorrow.  There are no dreamy escapes.  No setting suns on lazy days.

Kill or be killed.

This world is here and it has always been here.  Only now the shallow veneer of your disney fairy tale lies are being forcefully ripped from your overly stimulated, glazed over eyes.

This is a good thing.

You can operate with this knowledge or try and run.  Run like cowards or embrace the hard rain of a polluted world with polluted wombs and polluted souls.

Embrace your two hands that can grab a hold of someone’s throat.

The breath you still breathe and the furious will to conquer.  Rise!



Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.