Build Your Own Empire Of Evil

A faggy haze of HIV poison looms over the broken west.  Noxious fumes have infected just about everyone as sperged out spasms transform them into zombie like mutants called New World Faggots.  Indeed all that is considered “good, holy and sacred”  today is nothing but the cognitive submission to these poisonous vapors consuming your mind, body and soul.  What is needed today in this perverted age is not good and kindhearted men.  No.  The modern world has asked for Savage men to come and pillage it’s gaping vagina.

Savage men you say?  We will surely give you the heart’s desire.  Hard and rough like like you want it bitch.

Every last fucking inch.

The Case For Evil

Before I get into serious details let us cover one of the key fundamental reasons to be the bad guy today.

It’s so much fucking fun.

Perhaps many of you have been the nice guy before.  Maybe you went out of your way for a female(s) or anyone and got absolutely jack shit in return.  Maybe you helped someone out in their time of need only to have them spit in your face and kick you whilst you languished in despair.  Some of you have been conditioned so well that to even imagine acting in your own supreme interests bespeaks of blasphemy and causes tremors of fear to ripple through brittle bones.

You must break the conditioning, reject the programming and destroy that which seeks to eradicate you.  You must become the fucking BAD GUY.

From a philosophical standpoint who is really good anyway?  Who truly behaves altruistically?  Every virtue signaling queer and status obsessed sycophant only does “good” things for the ego validation.  Every righteous zealot converting heathens to their cause is serving a pitiful ego which has no will to power and no ability to act on it’s own behalf.  They serve a god indeed but it is not some entity in the sky.  It is their own ego!

Every Slave Serves

This life is full of slaves and those who serve.  In fact this is probably the natural state for the majority of humans.  The slave serves….his own ego.

The man who seeks power and mastery must claim it through conquest.  For all’s fair in love and war and that’s all this life is you see.  LOVE and WAR.

To do great things(for yourself, family, nation etc) might necessarily mean a terrible outcome for others.  Does that make it bad?  Will you object to such things when the lion mauls and eats a zebra?  This is the natural order that either the god(s) you believe in created in their goodness or is a natural phenomenon attributed to nature, evolution or what have you.

Let me reiterate that either way, it is the Natural Order of things.  It is not good or bad.  It just IS.  How you choose to deal with that is up to you.

Here at TSL we push you to become the most maniacal, diabolical nightmare this piss weak pussy world has ever fucking seen!  Not only does the world need this to bring balance back to the natural order but also because it’s just so goddamn fun.

Infamy Is Better Than Fame

Have you ever played cops and robbers?  Ever role played a villain or slaughtered innocents in a video game? 

How much fun was it to roll up on your unsuspecting victims and absolutely annihilate them?  How many laughs did you have at the expense of others?  You see, being the bad guy is so much fun today because everyone is so pathetically insecure or willfully incapable of defending themselves from aggression.

We are living in a world today filled to the fucking brim with wide eyed, super trusting morons who are just WAITING for the big bad wolf to come along and rip them apart.  You know what that means?  It’s DINNER TIME!

One thing people love to do more than talk about themselves on social media is talk about the newest and most triggering outrage on social media.  Catapulting yourself to fame will happen much quicker when you go the infamous route.  So lick those chops from that gaping maw and get ready to slake your thirst for flesh upon these tasty rabbits.  Bon Apetit

Building The Empire

So you’re down for the cause huh? 

You know in your heart you wanna be the baddest motherfucker alive.  You’ve got zero doubts about living your life like a giant middle finger to the modern world.  No reservations about utterly CRUSHING everyone and everything in your path.

Ok cool but you’re gonna need money to fund your evil empire.  I wrote here about getting into the hustler mindset.  Now it’s not just money, it’s how you make the money.  If you are working for someone else in virtually ANY capacity then you are just a paid whore and a slave.

You aren’t the evil Villain.

You must operate completely on your own and answer to NO ONE.  This is the way of the Villain.

Next you must recruit soldiers for your team.  The ability to size up a man and discern his strengths and weaknesses is a necessary skill to have.  There is no shortage of disenfranchised young males with hate in their hearts for a system which oppresses them.  When you can offer a man the ability to make money and earn his freedom while enriching yourself then you are on the right track.  Remember this, the man who writes the checks is the one with all the power.

Cops and soldiers can and will commit the most atrocious acts of injustice even against their own kind simply because the government asks them to.  Since it is the government who writes their check, in order to put food on the table they will do absolutely anything that their masters tell them to do.

You must have vision with absolute clarity of purpose as to what your Empire of Evil will look like.  Crystal clear vision that profoundly affects your psyche everyday as well as the insurmountable ambition of an absolute madman to achieve it.

Above The Law.  A Maniac From Hell

The slave obeys the rules the Master makes.  For the Master serves no gods and no powers save his own.  The very insistence that there exists other forces or powers greater than his own is preposterous.  For the Villain has unquenchable fires of rage and will that burn in unending infernos within his heart.  No force on this earth could ever compel him to submit, to obey anyone or anything.  That would be like asking a lion to behave like a pig.

For the wheel of life turns round and round by the Master’s hand.  The slaves who serve are the spokes on the wheels of his war machine trampling gloriously over the weak and stupid.  The cords of the rope hanging his fated foes.  Forgotten forever as Evil reigns supreme.

The time has come for vicious madmen to rise and strike with fury upon urban dystopias and into the nightmares of every weak bitchA time of terror.  An age of the axe has returned.  When hearing the beleaguered cries of the conquered will be like church bells ringing on Sunday morning.

All you vicious men hear the call and RISE.

May your maniacal laughter fall with bleak dread upon the cities of man.  May the skies turn black and the streets run red with the blood of all your enemies!


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.