The Connection Between Morality And Testosterone

The question was presented to me recently and this is crucial to examine. Is there a link between testosterone levels and morality systems?

The Genesis Of Morality

Where does morality come from?  Some will say it is divine.  To me it seems rather more natural, something common among all men.  All large civilizations have morality systems that are likely more similar than they are different.  It is MEN who create morality.  Out of the sense of his mind and the flames of his heart, strong men create systems of order which allow civilization to grow and prosper.

From the oldest recorded ages of written texts we have evidence of scholarly and philosophical men creating, discussing and implementing laws.  The realm of vigorous men bringing order to their world.  Men who twine the fates of others to a greater purpose.

The men of old surely had higher testosterone levels than those of our modern world.  In fact it is proven that just in the last 15-20 years testosterone levels have been declining among males every year by at least 1%.

Moreover international elitists who are socially and genetically engineering a new consumer driven slave class are deathly afraid of high t men who are awake and capable.

The Case For Testosterone

Here we are making the assertion that a man’s level of testosterone affects his judgement, his idea of self and his critical thinking abilities.  Have you ever noticed that when a man ages he seems to become more compassionate, more welcoming and more accepting?  This is surely not because of his “wisdom”.  The most pathetic man is the old man with no scars.  He has never struggled or tested himself.

Now he’s worthless.

I believe it is late 20’s for most men when their testosterone levels start declining.  Not to mention the lack of exercise and terrible food prevalent in our androgynized world.  So as a man age’s he loses more of his masculine essence.  As his test levels decline he finds himself slowly but surely thinking like a woman.

A judgement free man looking for helping hands to change his diapers and tuck him to bed.

Your biochemistry is the chemical makeup of who you are as a person.  The thoughts you have, the dreams you long for and the will to make it happen.  Women having less testosterone and more estrogen are prone to inclusiveness, empathy and compassion.  Their biochemistry is the cause for their reasoning.  Why would any man old or not ever wish to become like a woman?

Conversely I have seen men well into their 50’s and 60’s who supplementing their bodies with testosterone look and feel better than males half their age.  Testosterone truly is the elixir of the gods.  If there is ONE thing missing in a young male’s life today you can bet your ass it is a lack of test.

Journey Of A Savage

When I hit my early-mid teens my body seemed to stop or slow growing at any noticeable rate.  I hit high school as a skinny runt with an attitude and loads of frustration.  I hated the thought that I was weaker than others.  That other males did not fear me caused much inner conflict.  Instinctively we know that as men, potential threats must fear us first above all else.  If no fear is present, there is nothing stopping the opportunistic sort taking everything from you and perhaps even your pathetic life.

I sensed something was off with myself.  At 15-16 I attempted to lift weights and get bigger but I saw no results.  My body just did not want to grow.  No matter how hard I lifted, I seemed to be in perma scrawny guy mode.  It wasn’t until I began taking creatine and shoveling enough food through my mouth to feed a third world country that I saw any results.  I was able to gain 10 pounds naturally over a year but not a pound over.

It was quite depressing hitting the gym day after day with all that teen angst, hoping for results that never came.  I wanted to be big and strong, intimidating even.  I wanted others to feel fear when they saw me.  Fear that I always felt as a form of anxiety due to my low self image and thoughts of powerlessness.  Though my results were floundering, my mind searched out every possible avenue I could to somehow finally achieve the results I wanted.

Luckily when I was a young teenager the advent of the internet brought libraries of knowledge and fountains of opportunity to my very fingertips.  I began to study anabolic steroids.  A constant obsession I had with getting as big as I possibly could.  I even began a light study of chemistry to familiarize myself with how these drugs worked.  I found forums online at 18yrs old where there were sources international and domestic which supplied anabolic steroids like candy in willy wonka’s chocolate factory.  Though many of these sources were scams. I managed to get connected with some serious players in the game and was able to have my first steroid cycle shipped to my mother’s house.

Finally when I joined the dark side(did a steroid cycle).  I knew within the first few weeks I could use this stuff for the rest of my life.  I gained 20 pounds in one month my first time.  It was incredible.  Before I started I was a tiny 171 pds.  After a year or so I was well over 220 pds with stretch marks that looked like I had been sliced up with a knife.  Now steroids alone won’t make you bigger.  You still have to eat.  In my case eat A LOT.  You still have to train like an animal and throw heavy weights around.  The difference is now you will be highly rewarded for it.

Don’t Become A Weak Old Bitch

Men who are getting old these days can throw a big middle finger to mother nature and a huge FUCK YOU to the modern world by elevating their testosterone levels beyond their natural limits.  You see, our faggot loving cosmopolitan world would be delighted for you to become old and weak.

It will grind you through it’s systems designed to fleece your wallet and your soul.  Even your children will send you off to a pre funeral jail cell where you can have strangers change your fucking diapers and you’re allowed to play cards with other dying flesh bags.

The savage man looks with utter contempt at our modern concepts of “compassion”  and “mercy”.  For why would we ever wish to be like these disgusting vermin?  Why would we ever curse our ancestors and their gods with such disrespect so as to become old and frail?

Well I bring good news. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We can still be strong and virile in our 60’s.  Maybe even longer these days.  A man has ZERO excuse to be a fucking weakling.  I have said this before.  Exogenous testosterone use may be the only way to make men…….MEN again.  Search this out for yourselves.  Find the answers you seek.  It surely is not inside your flashing programming devices or in the prescription medication all those legal drug pushers get to cram down your fucking throats.

Answers are out there.

Take it from me.  A kid who went from a scrawny punk to a hardened warrior built by blood and sweat and a few synthetic substances.  We have much freedom to direct our fate.  Only if we become an active participant in the story of our lives.

In Closing

Furthermore there is a definite link between the morality a man has and his testosterone levels.  When society at large is filled with low t males, we have our modern dystopia.  A culture where the average male fights for nothing, stands for nothing and will die for nothing.

When men have the right biochemistry.  That is to say, testosterone levels MUCH higher than they are now.  We have nations of warriors, conquerors and scholars.

I swear by the fact that by altering my biochemistry for so long, it has literally made me a different person.  Taking note of my thought patterns on cycle.  I trained myself to internalize the way I thought, felt and acted with high levels of test in me.  Something that I should be feeling, thinking and acting without the supplementation.  However the cold reality was that my test levels were likely low(like most young males in the piss weak west) and supplementation was the only way for me to change this.

A society of low t manlets is like a warren of r-selected rabbits.  All running from the slightest whiff of confrontation and masturbating into every open hole in sight.  Remember that when you become a wolf, there will be so much prey to feast upon.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.