Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

When people think of the devil or demons they imagine some horrible, ghoulish image with horns and claws hiding in the shadows. Savoring the moment it may fall upon the ripe flesh of the innocent.  From old folk tales to the horror movies of today.  People are obsessed with experiencing fright while ensconced within the safe walls of their homes.

This is the candy coated turd of hollow experiences the modern world relishes in.  People want to experience these intense emotions yet they don’t want them in an authentic way.  Real consequences are not acceptable for the stagnant masses.  They must be allowed to feel all the victorious highs, the tragic lows and the dramatic swoops of uncertainty without ever having risked a thing.  This is why most everyone these days is detestably weak and unable to improve themselves in any meaningful way.

Today we are going to go through the etymology of the word demon and understand what it truly means.

What Is A Demon?

The Christian concept of demons is complete nonsense when one understands the meaning of the word.  Demon or daimon comes from the Greek base word daio.  It means to distribute fortunes.  So a daemon(daimon) is a distributor of fortunes (or misfortunes).  Hercules the mythological hero was called a daemon.  When he came back from his labors he gave gifts to men.

The Roman emperor Octavian Augustus was called a Eudaemon (good demon).  So we see plainly that a daemon is a person.  Not some imaginary creature or fallen angel.

The daemon is you!

It is your own self.  The darkest parts of yourself which you hide from the world and quiver in fear at the thought of confronting.

Every “civilized” person is only about a week without food from becoming a cannibalistic abomination.  Only a few days of solitary confinement away from losing their fragile minds.  Most do not realize that the thin veneer of polite society is just that.  A shallow projection covering our darkest desires and most primal urges.  The man who rises above his most base self is a man who has traveled to the absolute bottom of his soul.  He has faced down his paralyzing fears and is acutely aware of his own limitations.  With these experiences he is then able to dominate the weaklings surrounding him who have never faced such dauntless challenges or ever risked a god damn thing.

A man must know himself first before he can know anything else.

Dance With The Devil

You must take charge of your life and responsibility for all the great and terrible things you can become.  You must dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.  That devil is all that is within you which holds you back from greatness.  All the weakness.  The lies you believe.  The ego you serve like a slave.

When everyone in a culture is told they are perfect constantly, they remain a whiny bitch child.  Never challenging themselves or others they stagnate and become the real demons.  Blind and selfish parasites who would not live if productive men signed off from the system.  Pathetic morons with no initiative, no drive and no power.  They exist only to complain, consume and die.

These people are always victims you see.  Never can they come to the realization that THEY are the cause and the reason for all their unhappiness in life.  Yes the world is full of demons and devils.  They stir and crawl and hide inside every one of us.  You are the only one that can fix yourself.  Waiting for outside circumstances to change is the want of the weakling.

Conquer Your Demons

When I was younger, total fear gripped me in social situations.  I seemed paralyzed.  Unable to think or express myself I froze up and withdrew into my own shell.  The thought of confrontation seemed weird to me.  I did not know how to handle outside stress.  Every time I withdrew into myself I felt completely disgusted at how weak I was.  Even as a child other children could naturally sense weakness in me and tried to take advantage of it.  Without the ability or confidence to express myself I was a sitting duck for the predatory.

When others confronted me I wasn’t afraid of the pain of them hurting me really.  I was afraid of other people seeing it then laughing and mocking me.  Just the thought of such scenarios caused me to tremble in fear.

I spent long nights alone in my room battling those demons in my soul.  The leeching force within myself that delighted in my weakness.  Terrible thoughts tumbled and turned over in my never ending labyrinth of emotions.  At some point I started to get very angry with myself.

Why was I doing this?  Why was I allowing my mind and emotions to control me?

The thought of my own inability to overcome these things filled me with a rage that was burning me up inside.  I spent a few years of my youth absolutely torturing myself with these phantoms.  Finally I decided the only way forward, the only way to overcome was to jump head first into my deepest fears and face them down like a man should.

I was so afraid of that confrontation.  Then I realized that my path was going to be a violent one.  I asked myself.

What do I fear the most?

My deepest fear was confrontation and the act of laying it all the line in a public setting.  I knew that my path was going to be the red path.  The path of blood.  I wrote about that here.

If those demons of fear gnawed at me the most I would face them all down through the hardest thing I could think of.  Combat.

Victory For The Brave

Through putting myself in the fire and courageously spilling my blood in the arena I smashed all the demons that haunted me.

I realized that I was no weakling at all.

In fact I was stronger and stouter than most everyone.  I mentally put myself on Death Ground every single god damn day.  I became a hardened warrior and a ruthless combatant.  The fire inside me grew into white hot flames of fury.  I surpassed nearly everyone in my gym and was taken under my coach’s wing as a prodigy.  In 6 straight wins in MMA, I finished all but one opponent in the first round.  Often in the first few minutes.  Some of my fights were against opponents who had much more experience than me and expected an easy win.  They got destroyed by a man who had become the daemon.

When a man puts himself out there in harm’s way.  When he has danced long and weary with his devils in the pale moonlight.  He becomes the fucking daemon.

The fearsome visage of a self actualized man who will stop at NOTHING to conquer everything and everyone in his way.

Do not try and stop this man.  Do not try to talk your way down from his menacing presence.  Just get the fuck out of the way.  Go and dive into the deepest pits of yourself.  The darkest corners where so many demons lurk.

Go and slay them ALL.

For the modern male, the way forward is going to take a lot of work.  But every bit of it will carve you out of stone.  Every drop of blood that you spill paints a red path in the footsteps of a god damn BEAST.


6 thoughts on “Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

  1. I don’t think most kids are given the hard facts and are protected
    at home. I think as a dad, at least me teaching my kids to stand and
    fight, don’t fear confrontation. The mental beating is always worse
    then the physical beating. Staying strong physically and mentally
    should start in the home. If not, the real world will abuse you, just
    look at today’s weak society.

    Good Article.

    1. It’s about reinforcing your boundaries and being strong enough to enforce it. Physically I’m strong, I’m above average and on my way to athletic. I know how to fight, and I’ve enough finances to survive a year without work. Like a nation, my boundaries are the borders. I police my borders. My boss treats me with disrespect, I call him out on it. Disagreements with friends/family are talked about openly, candidly and resolved. Enemies threaten me, they are brought down with a show of confidence, I’m not particularly intimidating. When I’m physically attacked, I meet violence with violence.

      My role is to lay the foundations of the new nobility. Physical Strength, Mental Prowess, financial freedom, intelligence and Justice will be passed to my children.

      I have many weaknesses and vices. I fight my demons every fucking day, lest they infect my future children. The future nobility of the West.

      My sons, grandsons and great grandsons are to be thegns!

      1. So are you disagreeing? I just talk from my experience having raised 4 kids who are now grown, they have kids and families of their own.

        I raised my kids very strict
        and physical conditioning was a must in our home.

        I know about demons almost 49 and am always
        at war with them.

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