Demonize And Condemn Your Enemies To Hell

In warfare it is of prime importance for the public to see your enemies as monsters who threaten them.  A common strategy is to demonize those enemies and label their actions as worthy of condemnation.  The public must see your enemies as a threat to their own security.  Placing a spiritual condemnation upon them will accelerate this feeling, especially among highly religious peoples.  Now anyone with more than a few brain cells will know that the masses have been and will always be religious.

The War of Words


Many aspects of warfare today are engaged through words online, memes and culture vilification.  Memes have been widely successful in appealing to the ADD generation.  Consequently you must expend much effort in this arena shaping public opinion against your foes.  Your enemies must be dehumanized in the public’s eyes and likened to unrepentant sinners deserving of eternal hell fire.

The key to success with this strategy lies in constant attacks.  Never play defense by apologizing for accusations thrown your way.  Never pause and give thought to anything they say.

Attack!  Attack!

Your enemies are not even human.  They are demons from the pits of hell.

It is your divine duty to send them back. 

When you refuse to acknowledge their words, you are showing how more dignified you are.

Use mockery and contempt to furiously portray these as deserving of derision.

The war of words is a very important battlefield.  Utilize this arena and spill much blood by destroying the images of your fated foe’s.  Construct intricate mental pictures of your enemies as destined for destruction.  Use natural disasters and current events to associate judgement, devastation, and divine condemnation heaped upon the heads of any within your cross hairs.

God Says You’re A Demon


In this war you must constantly portray those against you as some perverted evil force hell bent on twisted ends who must be stopped at all costs.  Any group of peoples in any given time on this earth are highly religious and faithful to the prevailing orthodoxy.  Ironic that those who flatly deny being religious and give themselves labels such as “atheist” happen to be the most religious and orthodox of them all.

You must work within this paradigm and use it to your advantage.  Become outward paragons of the prevailing zeitgeist and condemn your enemies as if you received prophetic visions from the god(s) they believe in.  Like today one of the primary gods(goddess in this case) foisted upon the unwitting masses is the goddess of equality.  That filthy and wretched whore lady liberty.

We see politicians and assorted con artists pay homage to this god when manipulating the weak.  You must be ready and willing to use this for your own ends.

With incessant aggression and verbal judgements the public will begin to believe your enemies are truly damned to hell.  Today the mainstream media is crumbling.  The average idiot has less and less trust in their advice.  Likewise the pathway for subversion is hanging open like an Instagram whore’s meat flaps in a Dubai porta-potty show.

God told me you’re a demon.  We will put you down like a rabid dog.

Maintain A Faithful Core


With any movement the support of the majority is often unnecessary.  The masses only need to perceive strength emanating from a highly devout core of adherents.  An extremely aggressive and verbal throng of believers who never cease attacking the enemy on public grounds can give the impression you have innumerable soldiers ready for war.

Since most people lack initiative and will always wait to act based on who they believe is strongest, it is always a good tactic to never let up on the verbal assault against your enemies.  Some may think that too much aggression will turn moderates off to your cause.  Let me assure you that too much aggression in this arena is never a bad thing.  The war of words is a never ending battle for the attention of weak minded and weak willed cowards who will only act when they are certain the majority is behind them.

Knowing this, the best defense is a good offense.

Gather Your Wolves

Coordinate attacks with your wolves and hit them where it hurts the most.  From the shadows watch and observe your prey for weakness.  When you have encircled their camp and see them frolicking like brain dead fairies singing Kumbaya, unleash the gates of hell upon them.

Fall upon the weak with the fury of mad men, laying waste to every care bear, every degenerate and every New World Faggot in the way.  Launch yourselves into the heart of their circle jerks and cause terror, confusion and utter helplessness.

Demoralize and destroy.

Unleash Your Rage


Logic, reason, and appeals to civility, none of these matter in an all out assault against the character of your foes.  You must attack them with every ounce of vicious rage that throbs in your savage hearts.  Hurl insults like poison tipped spears aimed directly at the center of their frail egos.  Bring down with force a massive axe of condemnation upon these vessels of wrath.  Execute their id like a heartless death dealer and make a public spectacle of it.

Hell awaits your enemies.  You are just the messenger perhaps even offering a chance to repent.  A chance which you know they will not take.

Attack your enemies character and insecurities wherever you may find them.  Full of malicious intent and ravenous hunger to destroy, cast your enemies as filthy swine deserving to be put down this very day.  Make known their transgressions against God(the gods) and the resulting righteous anger about to be poured out like boiling oil upon their much deserving heads.

Divinity On Your Side


Constantly attack your enemies character.  When you tirelessly assault their weaknesses others will begin to take notice.  While casting this spotlight upon your oppressors and associating with them judgement and loss, the public will begin to make this connection as well.

Never show mercy in these attacks.  With human nature it is natural for others to assume that such vicious attacks on people, such scathing indictments must only reveal they have done something to deserve it.

Therefore you must realize that the gods are very angry and they are on your side.  Your enemies have offended them and they are going to pay dearly.  It is your divine calling to let the world know.

Judgement is coming.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.



10 thoughts on “Demonize And Condemn Your Enemies To Hell

  1. when civilizations become weak God sends the the conqueror. He does this not only to collect the debt of mass sin but, also in this, he allows the people to redeem themselves, think reconquista. War and combat are a divine tool and divine sport. Modern people have become entirely to humanist. I don’t believe God has any such view.

    Oh yeah, I also think Jesus really meant the sword and not some methaphorical bull shit you hear people today speak of.

    Good stuff, brother

    A little off topic but, I thought you could appreciate this perspective .

  2. Harsh reality and common enemy: JEWS and WHITE GENOCIDE for installing a JEW WORLD FAGGOT!
    – Islamic Lives Matter – Let Rahami’s Ten Mommies Make Commie Jihadis

    – Modern Education Is Pavlovian Conditioning.

    – Wake Up Whitey, Your Saviours Will Not Save You!

    – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union

    – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items.

    Racial “equality”:
    – Race differences in intelligence

    – Race Differences in Intelligence

    – Jared Taylor – Wake Up Whites

    – Woman Blows into Cow Anus to Help Boost Milk Yield

    – African culture for everyone

    The Root of All Evil:
    Jews and (ALL) Abrahamic filth = (cradle of) communism/socialism, crony capitalism, immigration. multiculturalism, diversity. promiscuity, degeneration, mongrelization and genocide.

    1. I don’t exactly understand your argument, for starters if Judaism and all Abrahamic faiths are simply fiction than as above so must be below, making all notions of good and evil nothing but meaningless social constructs. I don’t believe the problem is the Jewish faith but a few filthy Jews who corrupted the minds of billions for the sake of profits, and im regards to the New Testament that whole bool just baffles me seeing as how violent and unforgiving God was in the Old Testament.

      1. You are right to question these things. Shows your desire for the truth. On the jewish faith I would recommend you read or find excerpts from the Babylonian Talmud. That will give quite a clear picture as to the true aims of the religion. Also of note is that the Talmud is viewed by practicing jews as the chief source of doctrine for their religion and not the torah. There is much to be discovered going down this rabbit hole.

        On the notions of good and evil I would also recommend “Beyond Good and Evil” by Nietzsche. I define good in terms of how Natural Law would have it. Good is whatever aids the survival of the species. Bad is whatever impedes it.

  3. Powerful article. I might have disagreed with it in the past, but times have changed. We’re in the middle of a war. There can be no doubting it now.
    It’s a quiet war, a spiritual war, and a war by deception. But it could turn hot at any flashpoint. The more we demoralize the enemy today, the better.

  4. It’s an important point that all the talking and debating in endless circles is exactly what the enemy wants. As long as we are playing their word games and dancing around in a rhetorical playground, we are not attacking, we are playing defense in their frame. We need to use some of the enemy’s favorite weapons back on them. Mockery, scorn, ridicule, condemnation, disgust. And after the enemy becomes accustomed to constant attacks, we amp it up.

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