Don’t Obey The Rules Become The Rule

Every where you go from your job, your schools, the public places you frequent and even your god damn homes there are always some other persons or entities rules you must follow.  You are told that you do not know what is best for your lives nor are you capable of establishing your own rules within your own households. 

Whether it be the governments you allow to oppress you or the females you give ALL the power over your pathetic lives, someone else is calling the shots for you and you had better play ball you little bitch, or guess what?

Time to go to anger management.

Time to get sensitivity training.

Time to go to jail on trumped up charges the empowered cunt you married has leveled at you.

Time to have your kids taken from you.

In virtually every area of the modern male’s life he is an absolute BITCH.

dont obey the rules become the rule
The modern world destroys the soul



Rules and laws are not a bad thing.  Quite the contrary they are good when said ordinances exist to maintain and uphold the following

Homogeneous societies

Nuclear families

Masculinity for males

Femininity for females

When the rules and laws of a given place exist to hamper these things then it is a duty for every male to aggressively destroy them with the utmost prejudice.

To mock, shame and belittle anyone or anything who dares to foist upon you the hideous image of idols who pervert the Laws of Nature.

For thousands and thousands of years our ancestors learned through trials, starvation, war, pestilence and early death that certain laws were needed to maintain themselves, their families and their way of life.  If these laws were not upheld everything would slowly crumble to the ground and the mother earth would indifferently cover the memory of their ignorance perhaps forever. 

The cycles of history seem to confirm this phenomenon among humans.  That in their ignorance they are destined to repeat the mistakes of those before them.  Most people today snark their effeminate lips off about how progressive and sophisticated they are.  They naively think that the state they exist in now is some exalted form never before seen on the earth.  With doughy bodies and smug smirks they trample over thousands of years of history and knowledge buried underneath their dragging feet.

The rules and laws which got them there are now spit upon by witless slaves whose chains clank and clang around everywhere they go.  Yet the sounds of their bonds seem to them as the ringing bells of freedom from their soul shattering prisons.

chains for you
You’d better wear those chains and like it boy


One thing that a man learns when he achieves mastery in a given discipline is that when he began his training there was a foundation of rules which he must adhere to.  This foundation allows him to build successively layers upon layers of expertise and knowledge.  After many years of training and experience the practitioner comes to the realization that the rules were simply guidelines he needed to follow so that he would stick to the given path. 

Once he has achieved a basic level of mastery he begins to see that these rules can be bent if not completely broken.  That in essence he now embodies the perfect rule within the given field.  He has melded within the knowledge and experience and tailored it to work in the most powerful and efficient way for himself.

The practitioner now attains embodiment of his discipline.  He in essence becomes the Rule.


This is the path of strength through constant training and discipline.  Not to lift up the weak and cowardly but to destroy and vanquish everything in your lives, your families and your communities which do not support the most righteous Order of Nature which we have learned.

One must first seek to become a Master of oneself.

Then emanating this powerful masculine energy he can transform the world around him and bend it to his will.  Others having no direction and no power themselves will instantly be attracted to the order you bring to their reality.

As I have noted previously here, it has been noted by much wiser men long before that the natural state of most men is one of slavery.

This is because the vast majority are simply lazy fucks unwilling to put the effort in to master themselves.  Their hierarchy of needs has been artificially raised by the power of technology and the increasing intrusiveness of the all powerful State.

All day long they chirp like little birds with slobbering tongues hanging wide hoping for the handouts of those who are stronger and more benevolent than themselves.  They are disgustingly weak and undeserving of neither life nor liberty.

The time is fast approaching that these useless eaters and decrepit vagabonds will no longer be able to turn to the almighty State to save them from the doom of their horrible choices.

For any man who becomes a Master he can decide who is worth saving and allow them into his sphere of power and provision.

Or he can choose to withhold his hand of provident care and allow them to die the miserable deaths they deserve.

In the state of nature any species which does not adapt sufficiently to their environment soon becomes extinct.  This is what Nature has decided and your infantile ideas of right and wrong do not factor into this equation.

What is Right is whatever allows for the survival of your tribe.

What is Wrong is whatever impedes it.

No pussy tears or online petitions will do a fucking thing to change this.

The way to self mastery is the way of Stoicism.

Achieve and lift your eyes always upward.  Constant striving and toiling to conserve your emotions and channel them into productive means is the way to bring Order to your world.

Become the ruler

You are the only one who can change your world.

Cast the weak and unwilling out from your midst.  Welcome those with ears to hear and hands willing to labor for these ends.

Heed these words and become the man you were meant to be. 

Heed them not and no one will ever remember your name. 


No one cares except YOU.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.



17 thoughts on “Don’t Obey The Rules Become The Rule

  1. Another terrific essay.
    The writings of the Stoics are required reading for masculine development.
    I notice that the primary theme of this blog also has a lot in common with Nietzsche’s ideas regarding expression of the Will to Power, and the life’s purpose of becoming the Ubermensch. These principles are the closest things I’ve found to objective truths in this world.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading it.

    1. You are correct. That is a common theme I explore here and I hope to impart this to other men as well. If we do not exercise our will to power then surely we will go the way of the dodo bird. The time is ripe for men to regain their strength and become Conquerors again.

  2. I’ve read all of your work and as expected it’s been phenomenal. But what I have started to ponder lately is if the fall of civilization is avoidable. I wonder whether the world and time is simply moving in cycles where things stay the same because they’re meant to or whether it is because the nature of man is just too lazy or too fearful to ever bring about any change. So from today forth I think I’ll find the answer for myself by being the most “racist, bigoted, and sexist” (hilarious terms of the left wing) person there is. If I die doing so, things were simply meant to be but if one day you hear on the news a faggot killed themself because Nigerian Prince told them to suck a dick and die, then we’ll be on the brink of a beautiful revolution.

    1. You are on the right path. Really at the bottom of this its very simple. It’s about being HONEST. Honest with yourself and honest with others. The truth is kryptonite for egos and they must salvage it by all means because they are weak and pitiful.
      Every time you work to master yourself you become that much better than these disgusting weaklings controlled by every little fickle emotion except for their own hearts. They have no fire of their ancestors and they are already dead inside.

      The world and history definitely move in cycles. We are in a modern dark age, the Kali Yuga. Always in a given age there are the few who possess some substance inside which compels them to seek but never satiate some deep longing our current world cannot offer. This is the fire that motivates me.

      Do you have the fire?

      As a student of history I can peer beyond and see that many many a great culture before us were more proud, more regal and more aligned to the truth than the current multicultural toilet we live in now. There will be some among this age who have the fire and they will resist and they will stand firm and their word will have the weight of life and death come out of their mouths. This world is in me and I will labor for that which in this savage heart.

      1. Yes I’ve long since had the fire which you speak of, in search of pushing past the boundaries of not only our time but of the human body I’ve discovered websites like yours and ancient forms of martial arts such as Qi Gong that seem to defy the laws of science. And you have presented me with a very interesting perspective to this situation, I wish to take the Savage you speak of and bring it to a whole other level. Since my free time permits it I will spend day and night either training or reading the works of men who’ve conquered our world before. I will go on 24hr fasts twice a week, and acquire as many females as possible and see how easy it is to turn them into submissive slaves. I’ll let you know how it goes.

        1. On females that sort of thing may prove useful if you’ve never done it before. Otherwise you will find they are all very lackluster prizes for your effort.

          The great many a shiny facade with nothing underneath. They possess no innocence, no allure, no elegance. Just a copy of a copy of a copy.

          Your time is better spent on mastering your emotions, training your body and preparing to walk the path a man that stands alone in strength and resolve while the slobbering masses shout from the sidelines because a clear example of their failures in life they do not want to see.

          Yet there you stand a rock of defiance that will smash through every weak bitch in your way.

          1. I’ve gotten more than my fair share of women in life but was under the impression my boredom was only caused by not constantly being surrounded by new ones. Far be it from me though to ignore the suggestion of someone wiser than mine, so I’ll follow your lead and spend my time only progressing myself.

          2. Women are like any other perishable commodity. Overstimulation leads to apathy.

            Working on yourself makes you rise above it all and enjoy the cleaner air and broader vision.

            There will never be a shortage of women for a self reliant man.

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