Embrace A Merciless Fate With Courage

It would seem the human mind in our current world is intimately invested in denying the brutal reality of our existence.  We assume that happiness is found in comfort and ease of living.  We live a life of leisure, sports and hobbies which attempt to fill the empty void in our souls.  Virtues like honor, integrity,  courage, heroism and the love of battle are non existent in the modern fuckboy.  These sorts of inferior genetic specimens have been allowed to circumvent the process of natural selection by the attendant luxuries of the modern world.  Their ancestors tamed the ravages of an unforgiving earth and managed to survive against all the odds.  Their struggle and sacrifices are lost on the millenial rat who has never had to fight for anything and never had to struggle in life.

Apathy And Indifference

Says the New World Faggot.
Says the New World Faggot.

When I hear people talk about how they want a “better life” for their children, many times I laugh inside.  What that means to them is an endless shower of material garbage, stuffing their mouths with terrible food and exposing them to the welcoming and flabby arms of a degenerate culture.  Foolishly parents induct their kids into the cult of death known as atomized corporate consumerism.  It baffles me that so many who toiled long and suffered hard to arrive with more than enough fail to grasp the simple fact that the toil itself and the struggle to survive was what gave them the hunger and drive to succeed.

They cut their children off at that knees by pampering them.  Hovering over their precious little turds like buzzing flies.  Which only serves to guarantee their children do not grow up with the qualities their parents gained through hardship.  This type of parent raises up children devoid of all courage and virtue.  Shoveled into their portly pie holes every vice and poisonous substance imaginable.

The result is a generation of completely worthless freaks who cannot function without a torrent of lies, obfuscations and petty distractions to allay their feminized and poorly developed minds.

Confront Reality Instead Of Hide

People these days are offended by facts and truth.  They get uncomfortable if any bit of their meaningless banter is injected with ego destroying real talk.  Any forms of conversation where a profane sarcasm is not involved seem to be avoided by the young and worthless.  A mentality promising failure for their blood and future.  Parents would do well to expose their children to harsh truths.  Teaching them to deal with adversity and conflict instead of hiding them from it.  The over protective nesting instinct of the mother hen is prevalent in a society where single motherhood is venerated.  On a macro level we see this take place as Big Brother(should be Big Mother) is given all the power to keep us little serfs safe.  Locked away in our wretched bubbles.

With no real masculine influence the child cannot prepare or even accept reality for what it is.

That only the strong and resilient will survive.

The weak will perish.

Not one fuck will be given.

Conflict Is Purpose

Embrace a merciless fate with courage

A vacuous existence is one in which there is nothing to fight for.

If your life is easy and your troubles few, you would benefit immeasurably from conflict.  Becoming a savage means developing the brilliant and frightening luster which emanates from the warrior soul.

The beast god who relishes in battle and lusts for combat.

With conflict a man has a clearly defined goal.  A rejuvenating purpose which stokes the red flames of his heart.  There is no escape from the brutal whirlwind of bloodshed and suffering which is in this world.  Running only assures it’s eventuality.  With courage he can overcome all.

But bury your head in the sand.  Keep your tv’s on.  Close your eyes only to have the butcher’s knife at your throat once violently awoken from that cowardly slumber.

Without conflict there is no compelling force to mold a man into a force of vicious power.  There is only complacency, gluttony and death.

Fear Of Death

What is fear of death?  Surely it is natural not to wish harm upon oneself.  However the fear of death is more accurately described as the fear of life.  Afraid to die the weak never truly live.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

When one is afraid to risk his body, he has already been defeated.  When a man hesitates to take action he becomes a second guessing twerp.

The only fear a savage man shall have is the fear of a quiet and comfortable life.

No glory to be had.

No enemies to lay low.

Courage Of The Bold And Daring

bold and daring

Write this with a knife.  Inscribe it on the heart and sanctify it with the will.

Fortune favors the bold.

Dare to reach beyond your grasp.

With boldness take what you want.  When someone knocks you down, return with horrifying fury.  Take heart.  With courage rise again and strike harder!  Never stop and never relent until all that your heart desires has been taken by FORCE.  Ripped from the earth or with bloody hands lifted from the pitiless corpses of your foes.

The motto of the savage is this: Conquer or Perish!

At the moment you have achieved victory you must immediately find the next battlefield.  Objects in motion stay in motion.  To pause, ponder, lay down and relax, the wolf becomes the domesticated lap dog.  He starts by enjoying his spoils.  He ends fat and lazy as the new generation of ravenous brutes come now to plunge a blade into his gut and carry off all he owned.

Everything in life is battle.  The want for peace is the helpless cry of the female, the cripple, the beggar, the weakling.

Never forgive.  Never forget.

Give your enemy nothing.  Take from him everything.

Blood for blood

Eye for eye

Tooth for tooth

Blow for blow and woe for woe

Hope Not For Paradise

hope not in paradise
Your destiny is this.

No one knows what lay beyond this life.  One thing we do know.

All will die and all will be lost.

Above all else do not hope for a better life in another world.  Be assured only in yourself and the abilities you have right here and right now.

Have faith only in you.

To live in freedom is to despise the outstretched hand with gifts you did not win by your own strength.  The hand that offers a free meal conceals the other gripping a knife from behind.

The free lunch is for the dogs, the domesticated, the frail and fragile.

It is of no benefit to wish for the shores of a world you cannot reach.  Not when the blades of your enemies or the indifference of the earth could snatch you up at any moment.

There is only the will which is in you.  Does it have the fire of a savage that breathes and lives?

Today we live.  Today we fight.

There is no chorus of singing angels.  No welcoming rays of light.

There are no Elysian Fields.  No heavenly arms to hold us tight.

Only this ruthless earth.  Struggle and strife.

Unending rivers of blood splattered across the pages of time.

Embrace a merciless destiny with courage.

With fierce eyes and clenched fists laugh in the face of the Reaper.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.

10 thoughts on “Embrace A Merciless Fate With Courage

  1. Great article. The words of my high school football coach still echo. “Every day, you’re either becoming weaker or stronger, there’s no middle ground, you decide.” He yelled it in our faces. And I liked it. I treated it as a matter of life or death.

  2. I love it man.

    If there is one thing we have learned from this shitshow called The West, it’s that affluence breeds complacence. Complacence breeds weakness. Weakness leads to collapse.
    Growing up, it was safe for me to assume I would live in an ascendant empire for my entire life. It felt good, knowing that my future was somewhat secure. The only conceivable threat was a nuclear Soviet Union. Now I realize what a cynical lie that was. The enemy was moving among us the entire time, disguised as one of us. The enemy realized that it’s easier to destroy a civilization from the inside out, rather than attacking it with force. And now, I look around, and I barely know my countrymen. They are lost – dead to me. They are as zombies, controlled by the enemy, doing the bidding of the enemy. They made their choice and I made mine, and we are set on the inevitable path to warfare.

    I never thought my golden years would be spent fighting a brutal civil war, but it’s increasingly looking like that will be the case. Turns out America wasn’t exempt after all.

    These are the years of training, learning, building, preparing. Something big is on the horizon. And it will make fearsome men out of all of us who survive it.

    1. You are trying to pigeonhole a name through your racial lens which is skewed at best. In fact the etymology of the word savage is latin. It comes from the latin word salvaticus which is an alteration of silvaticus. This literally means a people of the woods. Which I’m sure you know could be used by the Romans to describe Vandals, Gauls etc…whom were white. That phrase ” a people of the woods” would hardly qualify as referring to sub saharan blacks or middle eastern semites.

      You are just seeing things through the lens of pop culture and your own bias.

      1. The term “barbarian” is one that conjures up images of aggressive competent intelligent White warrior MEN. It is often associated with Vikings. Being a barbarian or barbarian-like does not mean lacking in organization or civilization. There are a minority of White men that are realizing that most White men today are wimpy, feminized & that this civilization is too feminized or overly civilized. So because “our” civilization is too wimpy some think of it as overly civilized & want some of the Natural law barbarian elements of old reintroduced.

        Romans referred to the Germans as barbarians in a derogatory manner just because they were enemies. Near the end, the Roman Empire became so weak & unable to produce competent warriors (due to the weakening or drowning out of the original stock because of destructive multiracial/multicult policies) that warriors from other Nations (Nation=people/blood) were utilized. That included many Germans. Eventually, the Germans conquered them.

        The term “savage” conjures up images of negroids. Ruthless, brutal but without intelligence, proper organization or discipline. This is basic stuff.

        I like the way the term “barbarian” is referred to in “Might Is Right” contrasted with the manner in which the term “savage” is utilized. Spot on. My concern/interest has nothing to do with the origins of the term nor the root word.

        One can find a lot of good advice & info From the Jew Ronin & the same for the Jewish run sites linked here. However, Ronin & his Jewish associates are doing what Jews do. They are getting involved in a Natural healthy trend & doing their best to lead it & the Whites involved astray. They sneak in just enough poison to harm while not too much so as to be noticed by most people involved. One goal is to deracinate. Another is to divide White men from their women. Another is to insert sexual perversion. Look into the links & the Jews involved like the homosexual Mike Cernovich. http://thesavagelifestyle.com/keys-to-power/

        1. Man you must have some extreme paranoia to throw around childish name calling of “Jew Jew!” to everyone who does not perfectly align with your belief system at the very exact moment in time as you.

          Some people are at differing stages of awakening and your childish accusations do nothing but to alienate potential allies.

          For the record I’m not jewish and I had no idea cernovich was. Just that I learned a lot about blogging from his website as well as victor pride’s.

          Regardless you demonstrate an inability to assess with logic my previous reply.

          1. I do not refer to”everyone” as a Jew. I refer to those who identify as a Jew as such or those who’s biographical info (Jewish mother/father) identifies them as Jewish. That is the case for some of those you linked to. I did not find any such info on you (Ronin). I unintentionally identified you as a Jew in the above comment. I apologise. I initially wrote the comment elsewhere & copy & pasted it to here. It got screwed up in wording somehow. I corrected the above comment with an edit.

            I did/do understand what you said in your previous comment. I am actually rather logical. It is something I am into. I did 6 podcasts on the subject. They were the least listened to podcasts I ever did. I like your site.

          2. Thanks. I want the knowledge I have to give able to be understood by those who are in dire need of rekindling the instincts which their ancestors possessed. Instincts which have been engineered out of us.

            I know this because it is the process I went through as a suburbanite white kid growing up in america. Every part of my culture just seemed to make me weak.

            Anyway I don’t necessarily disagree with your distinction of terms between barbarian and savage. I freely admit the name is just a part of my own branding for this website.

            I personally don’t immediately think machete wielding cannibal from Africa when I hear the term “savage”. I use it as a contrast to what I believe the progressive world calls “civilized”, faggotry, low birth rates and degeneracy. I’ve tried to elucidate this fact and you can see that on several articles as well as the “what is a hero?” tab.

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