Embrace The Villain Archetype

The post modern male is now told by virtually all the media he consumes that he is a condemned villain. If he comes from the storied soil of western civilization he is lambasted with guilt in constant belches of incessant noise and verbal diarrhea of slandering crimes he never committed in times his weak ass was never born.

Still the modern male sucks down the grotesque concoction of media poison chock full of malignant parasites until the will to power is slowly leeched out of his veins as if hooked to the tubes of a mad man’s deranged experiments.

He just wants to live with no issues. He wants to get along.

The chump marking predilection for safety is what leads him forgetfully down the piss weak path of a life that falls for anything, consumes everything and dies for nothing.

Not until every drop of vigorous testosterone is enervated from his frumpy body and every stirring desire of proud dissent is systematically eliminated is he allowed to die a disgusting, androgynous, absolute bitch.

Tarred, feathered and pathetically humiliated he scampers away like a headless chicken from any looming confrontation while the hordes of violent tribes and murderous death cults are spitting on him, hurling venomous indictments at his pallid face.

His final day is coming shortly.

The bone chillingly heartless reality of a savage world with hateful spears arrayed against him is beating down his motherfucking door.

You gonna let this shit go down?

It’s time you stop trying to be friends with everyone and start preparing for the enemies at the gates.

Do not wish to become famous.  Your true destiny is INFAMY.

By embracing the villain archetype you become immune to slander.

Racist, bigot, homophobe, blah blah ad nauseam have no meaning anymore. You are the fucking bad guy, this is to be expected.

With open arms welcome into your mind the profound realization that no matter how eager your pitiful pandering and wretched the despicable self abasement you proudly squeal, your enemies and loved ones revile you all the more.  Though they hypocritically profess with boundless enthusiasm this is not true, everyone despises a weak man.

Stop chasing validation and start living like a savage.

If you want to survive you must retrain your mind to gain the psychopathic insight of a new worldview. Simply put this is the detached, unemotional acceptance of truth.

That you are not a special fucking snowflake and dark rivers course inexorably wild down the winding human heart.

Survival is the most powerful desire that beats in your heart. Harness it with the superior aura of an infamous villain. Engage in relentless improvement so that all can see the insolent character you project is not the tedious act of a convincing clown but the unconscious emanation of a man who has become frighteningly dangerous.

bad guy

To become powerful in today’s moral sewer means a complete rejection of everything consumed which is poisoning your masculine soul.

This is tantamount to nearly everything in the culture of the U.S.A. and Western Europe at this moment.  When you finally spit out the filth a new man will be born.

A man that know’s who his enemies are.

When you look around and all you fucking see are disgusting iron rings protruding from the trailer wide snouts of glutted piglets shamelessly sporting neon hair with body parts resembling the vandalized walls of some inner city shit hole. Sickly turds appearing like the twisted spawn of justin bieber and caitlyn jenner, wearing spandex tight, ball inverting jeans glued to some teeny weeny legs, prancing around with flabby arms,  and emotional problems.

Seriously folks, you gotta ask yourself one god damn thing.

Is this shit really worth saving?

You can decide for yourself but if you aren’t on board then it’s time to run along. In this glorious bastion of enduring masculine essence we hold the Sword of Truth.

We are gonna cleave that bitch right through your motherfucking skulls.

So shape up or SHIP THE FUCK OUT.  

We do not suffer fools here and we are not nice people.  We are villains.

villain poster

 The Hunger drives us forward on hellish wheels of flame guided by the wild eyes of maniacal capability.  With nothing to lose and zero fucks to give we will not stop until every piece of shit weakling is excised by our holy fire.

Like a resurrected Inquisitor of Old we will burn away all the noxious lies and leave the heretics of Truth and Beauty to the hideously deformed and pathetically crippled world they’ve been gushing for.  

We will smile as their garbage pale of a home quickly burns down and we can begin a better more righteous life possessed by illustrious strength and breathtaking beauty.

Until that time embrace the power of being the most infamous Shit Lord Villain this defective cadre of evolutionary dead ends has ever seen.  Train your mind with visualization.

 Train your body to LUST for combat. 

Make your churning rage the brooding menace of a sleeping dragon that no one dares wake.

Terrifyingly punish transgressors of your laws with such rigorous and endless commitment that every living creature reverently hold it’s head to the floor and feet tread desperately soft in your penetratingly dreadful presence.

evil emperor
Bow the FUCK down.

Through this dark and hidden training you will become like a force of nature, a law unto yourself.  That will be the divine moment when you manifest the Will of Heaven.

Don’t be the hero everyone says they need.


Join this tribe of treacherous savages.  It is going to be one hell of a ride.




15 thoughts on “Embrace The Villain Archetype

  1. We’re going to start seeing many otherwise good/innocent men don the mantle of the villain out of sheer necessity. Society has vilified us for simply not supporting their war machine. They falsely label us rapists, misogynists, and scum. They want to paint us as the villains and ironically, they’re creating the very monsters they have been wanting to snuff out. If they want villians, they’ll have their villains and see what true power looks like. It won’t look like they envisioned it though.
    We have no need to roam the streets raping and stealing like common thugs. A proper villain shapes the world to suit him.

  2. Each day that passes I see effeminate men and confused women and become more emboldened in my transformation into a cut-throat villain.

    Excellent piece once again @ The Savage Lifestyle!

  3. “everyone despises a weak man.” You would think by now men would understand this yet they still bow to social pressure and to women then wonder why they are treated like doormats. Everyone respects strength, strength doesn’t give you the option of not respecting it, strength is. No one will show mercy to a weak man and no one can not feel reverence for a strong man. It is the way of God and nature. Something men need to embrace. Another great article. Really hope you plan on writing a book someday, would buy it in a second and give it to the all the men I know who desperately need it.

  4. There is a tide of Real MAsculinity rising.. and you are part of it. All us Men together, we will salvage western civ, bring back justice and love where there is corruption and blind hatred. And all will be saved ! even the deranged feminazis will say “what were we thinking ?” its so much safer, richer with strong men around…

  5. How do you embrace the villain when someone calls you homophobe, -phobe, -ist. All of the sjw words.

    How do you deal differently if it was a friend vs a stranger.

    1. You laugh in their face.

      Personally if it was a “friend” who called me something like that I would make sure that said person would no longer be my friend effective immediately. I would get super aggressive, in their face. Challenging them to fight me or do something to this ________ which they supposedly hate.

      When they didn’t swing at me or do anything, then I call them out for being the pathetic fucking coward that they are. I might even spit in their face.

      The key is to get them to lose control emotionally. While you say and do all these things you keep your cool and have a smirk on your face or laugh at them. When they lose control then you make fun of them even harder for being a childish little BITCH.

      1. Lol You truly are A Savage Man , Jack. I headbutt a White Knight in the face in Costa coffee after reading your article based on that. I truly feel the roar, masculine, savage power growing in me day by day, article by article, through introspection and deep meditation. I used to be such a nice bitch. Now I couldn’t give one fuck about anyone , especially women. Unlike before, I now do not hesitate to call fuckers out on there bullshit. I’ve begun to make a public display of their transgression against me and God. Demonising and condemning them to hell. It feels fucking wonderful I tell you. To just totally rip them to shreds through words something I could never do before. The rush feels terrifyingly incredible! and Ijust keep embracing it wholeheartedly which umps it even more. I allow all the hate and anger to consume me and feel immense destructive power that could rip the earth apart. Death Ground Principle with all my past negative emotion experiences. Wow. It’s indescribable. I see everyone I engage with affected by it, submitting to my will and doing my bidding, threatening every cunt who fucks with me through my sheer dominating presence and merciless eyes. . On Death Ground brutal in destroying crushing and beating whatever threatens my right to live. My mindset is now “I am not to be fucked with” “No retreat, no surrender”. Going to begin my training in Mixed Martial and the feral hunger Unbridled ferocity, fasting. Bought a copy of Heart Of Darkness, The Daily Stoic and Sun Tsu’z Art Of War. I see so clearly now, trying to master myself. The changes in my life. fucking Excellent. Keep this Savage Shit coming Jack. Savage Lifestyle all the way! Your an absolute fucking legend, a true Savage genius who I’ve been blessed in discovering.

        Cabdi Jimacale

  6. I was referred to as “The Lord of Mordor, Sauron” Today at work, due to my attitude and political leanings. The chap who said it was genuinely baffled as to why he had made me really happy.

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