Enter The Void To Become The Master

Becoming a Savage in today’s world means a tectonic shift in a man’s worldview.  It means embracing an infamous path weaklings and slaves dare not tread.

Master or Slave? 

You must decide every day of your existence.

The path of the Master is both great and terrible.  Only the strong can face the demons lying in wait to feast upon your soul.  Only with Strength and Power does a man lay waste to all who oppose him.

The initiate must cross through the portal and face the dragons inside his Heart of Darkness.

The Horror! The Horror!

I would say that most men across the globe from all the races, nations and such are nothing but slaves who have accepted the Master’s collar with little or no resistance.  Tasted the biting sting from his whip with no opposition.  Whether to the gods you pray to with zealous fervor or the items you covet in rapacious lust.  A life of slavery is par for the course on your agenda.

Our world is a bright display of blinking lights and whirling colors.  An intoxicating facade of basic amusement.  Or the ostentatious parade of equalist piety.  A flimsy facade to corral the weak and geld those who could one day become strong.  It is the Slave morality that permeates the mind and hearts of our modern world.

The Old Gods are dead and in their place is worshiped the Sacrificial Lamb, the Universal Cuck and the New World Faggot.

But there are those like you who read this blog and you are searching for something beyond that facade.  Looking for a path which leads to worlds apart from the disappointment in your surroundings.

There are those of you who, not having accepted the mediocrity of your peers do ravenously hunger to ascend this pathetic rabble. 

Slumbering Beneath Rivers Of Red

There is a whole other world out there.  A world unburdened by the ox’s yoke and untethered from any Master’s leash.  It is a world you can find by turning inwards.  The slave is the person who is enthralled by appearances.  The person who favors form over substance.  A mentality which self reinforces a slave existence.

Turning inwards means unearthing parts which society has tried(and succeeded with most)to kill inside of you.  It means resurrecting the Old Gods inside your heart.  Gods who do not wish you to bow like some weak willed slave.  They stand in the stars and challenge you foolish mortal, to come and reach them!  To besiege their heavenly throne and with bloody hands take it for yourself.

Can you feel the blood inside of you?  Can you hear the echos call from ancestors long gone?

For some of you there is Warrior Blood still running hot inside.  Smoldering embers just waiting to ignite.  Carl Jung had a concept about Racial Memory.  I have read about it and knew what he spoke already when I read it.  Even the concept of reincarnation goes to a whole other level when you understand the power of the blood.

It is the life force of generations.  A river running through you for thousands and thousands of years.  Turn inwards and begin the path of the Master.

The Place Where Dragons Sleep

Deep inside beyond your ego and your pathetic feelings, there is the raw material of an absolute fucking Savage.  The instinctual drive mother nature saw fit to give you.  For most this has been conditioned out of them.  Becoming the Master means no longer fearing this darkness within you.  No longer praying for divine intervention or hoping for realities which do not exist.

It means confronting all the weakness inside of you.  Finding your “inner child” and crushing his fucking skull with your boot.

What the modern world fears the most is men who have become the Master.

Men who live free and bow to no one. 

Indeed all empires tremble when the barbarians come howling at their gates.  The peoples of nations scurry like cockroaches when conquering Kings come to burn their world to the fucking ground.

Deep within that river of red coursing through your flesh there sleeps a Dragon of unspeakable terror.  A Beast and a God trapped inside a gilded cage.  Put to sleep by fairy tales and the magic of witches.  You must travel to the depths of your soul and awaken this Dragon.  You must face down ALL the terror within your heart and soul.  Face this terrible monster and slay him.  In so doing you consume all his power.

YOU become the Awakened Dragon.

Enter The Void And Be Transformed

As above, so below.

Outside of this earth there are seemingly endless galaxies, heavenly bodies and the vastness of space.  Emptiness without end which contains all that is and all that isn’t.  There is also such things inside of your own self.  Space untraveled and endless emptiness.  Demons lurk in those dark corners.  Planes of existence some will never know.

You have this void inside of you.

People fear the unknown.  Their simple minds cannot or will not fathom a world beyond their imagination.  A world outside the pre-programmed ideals drilled into them since childhood.  The Slave Morality.

Indeed a world where you may have no power and no control is cause for great fear.  Most could not handle the thought of completely and utterly giving themselves over to it.

Yet like those fearless men who set sail across dark seas and landed adrift across unknown shores.  You too must face a black unknown.  Entering this Void is the path of the Master.  Few can enter through that portal and travel to such depths.  Yet by doing so the initiate travels to realms the weak never dared cross.  He faces monsters the weak never wished to know.  Because of this great experience the initiate becomes someone who wields ultimate power over himself and others.

What is this power?

Formlessness:The Ultimate Expression Of The Master

Be like water.

Bruce Lee

By entering the deepest darkness of one’s soul and embracing all within it, the initiate is transformed into the Master.  This is manifested by that ultimate expression of power.  Formlessness.

Imagine someone is attacking you.  Harming you in ways you do not see and debilitating you in ways you do not understand.  This is the power of formlessness.  You cannot see your attacker.  They have no name and they belong to no organization.

You have no fucking clue what is being done to you. 

All that you see is the flickering lights all around you.  There is the appearance of a world that makes sense and it stimulates the basic triggers of your brain.

Imagine for a moment you are looking at yourself from this angle and you can expand the vision, zoom out so to speak.  Now you see that the reality is you live in a cage covered by bright distractions.  You are nothing but a fattened pig for the Master to feed upon.  You are the clueless hamster running on the wheel which fuels another man’s vision.

Formlessness is only possible after extensive training and very deep reflection, introspection or meditation.  By accepting all things(even the terrible things)within yourself and without, they no longer have the same control over you.

Your view has changed and your perspective has shifted.

Now it becomes possible that you can embody those things.

In essence to know of a thing is also to become it.

Final Thoughts

The Master knows the reality of the Void.  He can become those things yet they do not define him.  Beyond your ego there is the Void.  That vast emptiness inside which contains all things.  You must train yourself constantly to separate from your ego and be at peace inside the Void.

Remember it is a great and terrible path.

The two seem to go hand in hand you see.

I must give you a warning though.  If you are not a mentally strong person you must never attempt this.  Experiencing the Void can cause irreparable damage.  Some could never return from it.

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.