Expel Girly Males And Warpig Females

For males looking to experience an environment conducive to brotherhood and masculine virtues, it is vital that you expel the garbage from your lives. Feminine males are disgusting mutants who deserve only the non lubed rubber of their master’s purple dildo.  Masculine females are biological refuse who deserve only their dogs slurping away at their peanut butter smeared clams.

No Time For Pissants

Get the fuck outta here.

The aspiring savage must always be looking for ways to assert himself.  There is much work to be done in order to build your own tribe and maintain an ethos or working strategy to strive beyond the scum littered like aimless street trash around us.  First and foremost is expulsion of the weak, the passive aggressive and the sickly.  By sickly I mean those who have been socially engineered out of their witless minds.

A girly, effeminate and weak male is one that inspires nothing but contempt and revulsion.  That some of you are forced through employment, schooling or whatever to be around them is shame unto yourselves.

The brash and macho female is nothing if not a cheap caricature of what she perceives a man should behave like.  Like the unoriginal posers and herd loving sycophants that they are, butch females are in a constant state of make believe.  With levels of penis envy that dwarf Mt. Everest the TankGrrl is seriously angry.  She intrinsically knows she doesn’t measure up, so the warpig is on a rampage.  She must prove to the world she can grab her imaginary nuts too.

Stop That Shit!

To allow these kinds of insects even a trifling moment to poison the air around you is one in which you are irredeemably slipping into bitch mode.  With force, with aggression expel the freaks from your midst and make a public display of it.  You have heard it belched from the bullhorns of all the evolutionary dead ends  how it is praiseworthy to be “tolerant”.  When the neon haired, cellulite laden pig sty of human entropy has farted out another noise why in the FUCK did you even listen?

There remains absolutely zero excuses for you today.

Zero reasons why you have allowed yourself to wallow among peanut filled turds.  Stop making excuses and become men of action.  Men who say

“No more.  Not here.  Not EVER.”

For young men, would you ever dare have your future children spend one fleeting instant beside some cock sucking faggot or tubular death cult acolyte yammering on about some degenerate filth tv episode?  Smack these fucking clowns so hard they retreat to a dark corner and cry themselves to sleep or commit the suicide they feverishly masturbate to.

Courage Of The Few

When only a few of you begin to act in this manner, other fence sitters will be enlivened to take up their own fight as well.  It does not take many to light this bitch on fire.  Only a few, strong, brave and stone cold warriors to stand up to the zeitgeist eyes aflame with fury.

If you see  males who may have agreed with these sentiments in private but hypocritically change tune when around a cadre of New World Faggots, it is on YOU to dispense punishment.

Stand up.  Clench your fists and be ready to bury them into the flabby faces of every snarky fag-o-tron.

You will find that for every loud mouthed, shrieking cunt of a male there is a fist waiting to be launched through his motherfucking dome piece.  What will they say then?  Whom shall they cry to on their knees hyperventilating while laughter and mockery condemn them to hell?

Get At Them Any Way Possible


You may not realize this yet but you have at your disposal an extremely powerful weapon to be leveled at the weak.

That weapon is you.

Your mind and your own imagination can become the infernal power of retribution set against the much deserving turd pile of human trash.  Remember this,  the first to act has the power and the initiative.  Everyone else will recoil in fear.

It’s all up to you.

Become the leader.  Become the bloodthirsty lion salivating at the thought of ripping your enemies apart and feasting upon their pig flesh while their friends watch paralyzed and impotent.

There are innumerable ways to get at your foes.  Simply identify what they love most and fucking destroy it.  Attack their religious symbols wherever you may find them.  Piss on their idols of equality.  Defecate on their most precious ideals in front of them.  Goad them.  Taunt them to do something.

There is only one rule.  ATTACK!

Single Them Out



The New World Faggot has no personal strength, no will to power, no survival instinct.

Their only strength lies in the manufactured globule they coagulate into for whichever noxious cause they have decided to protest in that instant.  Five minutes later their drug addled brains will have completely forgotten and move to the next outrage their media handlers have given them.

Single these freaks out.  Separate them from their odious hordes and mock them.  Utterly humiliate, castigate and spit upon such disgusting vermin.

When they get in your face or otherwise cause you and yours any verifiable threat, punch them until their faces resemble meatloaf.  Kick them until their ribs collapse.

Crush them completely.

Embrace The War

Whether you want to believe.  Whether you want to accept or not.

We are at war.


Your parents and maybe even yourselves have tried to reason, to parlay, to pretty please ask nicely that these fucking inferiors don’t pervert us and our children too too much.

You have been raised to plead, beg and pander to every gnawing rodent taking bites out of your heels.  Now you are surrounded by rats and cockroaches.

What the fuck are you gonna do about it?

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.