The Expendable Man-How Society Views Males

A cold hard truth must be internalized if you want to embody savage power.

The truth is you are expendable. This is a fact in nature and also with humanity. Nothing you do or say will ever change this heartlessly indifferent law. There is only to accept and with vicious intent grab the next rung of the ladder pulling yourself and your tribe up one bloody step closer to the top of the pack.

Biologically speaking there are few eggs and much sperm.  This is why women will always be the more valuable sex in reproductive terms.

In saner times this dynamic was known and women were valued as they should be, as wives and mothers who gave birth to the next generation.  Patriarchal cultures of old built western civilization on this premise and women were very much protected but more limited sexually for the benefit of society as a whole.  This is primarily due to the fact that female sexuality unchecked is much more disastrous to society than male sexuality(read here).

This was basic common knowledge for the majority of our written history.  Only since the past hundred years or so and the abusive power of the military/industrial/state/corporate-complex has through it’s use of science and technology indulged in a near total effort to propagandize and control us.

For that reason dangerous truths like this have become a hidden tome of secrets buried deep within a jeweled sarcophagus lost under the shifting sands of time.

sands of time
It’s out there. Somewhere.

Males are told by seemingly endless barrages of moral posturing that it is our duty to be an unthinking, unquestioning drone, tasked with the spine crushing burden of lugging around the ever increasing weight of someone else’s piss poor decisions. When the hunch-backed male is about to collapse under the weight he is told by his job, his women, his church, his school and even his family to


When men aren’t dying at a rate of 93% of all work place deaths, we are shipped off to some other country to be cannon fodder for corporations and governments so they can become unashamedly fatter and unscrupulously richer while they outsource employment to other nations. Then with a fake smile give you a pat on the back for watching your friends die in battle and a few prescriptions for the numerous medications you will need after becoming permanently damaged with PTSD.

If you survive at all.

war is a racket that makes men expendable

After your ungrateful country spits in your face and your morbidly obese wife becomes too lazy to hide all the random dicks beating up that sloppy stink hole while you dodged bullets(like this), time to MAN UP and foot the bill for your ex whore and all your forcibly bastardized sprogs who with the help of state run public schools will raise your children up to


Is it any surprise that modern males are killing themselves en masse? Looking at suicide statistics here. We can see that..

  1. Men die by suicide 3.5x more often than women.
  2. White males accounted for 7 out of 10 suicides in 2014
  3. The rate is highest among middle aged white men in particular. 

Here we do not preach a quiet and feeble end to a life of bitter mediocrity and servitude.  We go back to the savage heart of our ancestors and call it forth once again.

Not to save a world of weaklings and thankless shit stains but to watch it fucking burn to the ground with the knowing look of an infamous Villain.

The perverted and dying west hates a real man
The perverted and decaying west hates a real man

In this howling den of reeking machismo we are focused on one thing only.  Constant improvement of oneself for the purpose of complete and total DOMINATION.  From the most important aspects of your life down to the tiny crevices and shadowy corners, we are all about becoming a savage.

There is a bloodthirsty and ruthless war going on western male.  You are the fucking target and no mercy will be given to you.  It’s about time you stopped giving back to the system that hates you and started living for you and yours.

It’s time you grabbed your fucking nuts with one hand and with the other belligerently shove a middle finger into the tubby, glossy eyed, delusional faces of every piece of rat shit that supports your enslavement.

Clinch those fucking fists up and get ready to fight like a wild man.

Realize this very moment you are on Death Ground.  No one is coming to save you and no one gives a fuck about you.  Your salvation in this life is entirely up to you and the fire that burns inside is the flammable fuel that can ignite your latent masculine soul into a massive personal upheaval.


Commit yourself today to a life changing realignment of what’s important to you.  Do you know what your most basic and savage desire is?

The will to live.  The will to power.

Growing up in the modern world you have likely had this stolen from you. This powerful and primal drive has been systematically and pitilessly removed without a hint of remorse.  Feel the flames of your righteous fury inside and allow it to grow into a white-hot cauldron of boiling rage.

angry man
Embrace your anger.

Your masters have whipped you into a shameful caricature of what a man should be.  All so you can mindlessly exist as a timid little slave living the impish life of a cog monotonously rotating in circles within a monstrous WHEEL OF SHIT.  

Get off the turd cycle and start living your life for YOU.

I am Jack Ronin.  Join this tribe of shameless savages.  We will light a match and with a maniacal laugh watch as all the pretty lies burn to the motherfucking ground.