To Experience Freedom You Must Live Dangerously

In America you hear the chants, the screams, the feel good pablum about how “free” we are.

Every lying politician and every deceiving charlatan exclaims exuberant about our freedom while they fleece your monkey asses.  As the noose of federal power tightens around your necks, fool’s-ball games and poisonous television is there to comfort you.  A country with enough regulations, codes and oversight(extortion) that you and every other citizen in the USA are guilty of a felony every single god damn day.  A country with privatized prisons having the highest incarceration rate of any place on earth and SURPRISE SURPRISE, the highest prison population of any place on this earth.  A majority of offenders whose crimes are non violent and drug related while your “family care physician” prescribes your children meth pills.

When you live in a country which declares it illegal to collect rainwater don’t you ever open that cock sucker and say you are free again.

Thia is a country of cuckolds and slaves who love their chains.


FREEDUM! This is what the soldiers say they fight for.

With an obese portion of our females on drugs for numerous and varying neuroses, the level of constant delusion is strong enough to make the Wizard of Oz seriously fucking jealous.  We see fit to grant upon the weakest most degenerate scum special legal status and preference over the dwindling and unspoken for normal heterosexual majority.  The amount of cognitive dissonance, drugs and distractions to keep the average person from noticing the glaring hypocrisies around them is staggering.

Now Dorothy put on your red slippers.  Tap your toes together three times and repeat after me.

There is no freedom in a feminized hivemind

There is no freedom in a feminized hivemind

There is no freedom in a feminized hivemind

Safety and Comfort, Slavery and Isolation

It is no secret that our society caters to women.  Corporations tickle the female ears with it’s marketing campaigns and everyone in politics panders like a supplicating beta male to them.  As a consumer entity women spend 90% more then what they earn over their lifetimes.  In a materialistic and hedonist culture of course corporations and governments make every attempt to coddle women.  They buy all the useless shit corporations sell them and choke down all the terrible advice self appointed experts feed them.

Having years of studied data on mass psychology has allowed politicians and corporations to appeal to the feminine mind in ways undreamed of in times past.  What the feminized masses fail to realize is that they are paying for the prison walls being built around them.  To be completely safe and secure is to be alienated from everyone and everything that is different from you.  Isn’t that what we see today with all the mindless chants for safe spaces?

We have multiple generations now incapable of functioning in normal life without the paper thin facade of the mainstream narrative to lull them to sleep or spurn them to action for suicidal causes.

Truly the want for safety and security is the desire of the pathetically weak and irredeemably helpless.

Freedom No One Wants

“Yea I live in a cage. At least I get to slut out!”

People may say they want freedom.  They don’t really want it.


Because true freedom is found out in the wilderness.  Not just physical but a wilderness of the soul.  A frontier never tamed.  When a man is free he makes his own rules and does his own thing.  He does not follow the rules, for he has become the ruleThe high king of his own heart, mind and soul. 

To live in this manner is not possible for most as they are completely institutionalized within the safe and secure insane asylum in which they reside.

Another form of slavery which nearly everyone endures is the petty ego salving that comes from approval seeking.  This is something else widely common among a feminized people.  Women being naturally weaker than men are constantly in a state of approval seeking because they are never sure where they stand with people.  Often they project this weakness onto others.  Passive aggression and projection is the modus operandi of the feminized mind.

So much of what people do is solely to protect their own ego’s.  Seeing so many whose lives revolve around a childish ego which is never satisfied is truly a pathetic sight to see.

Can You Take The Boat?


Within every man is his own savage heart of darkness.  The dark and winding river of his deepest and truest self.  It is there in that jungle where a man shall find his purpose and his freedom, or be lost forever.  Weaklings project their fear onto others because they sense in some clouded haze all the savagery and selfishness which lurks within them.  Yet they are too afraid to confront their demons so they must project it on to you.

That is the method of the slave.

The free man journeys down this river because he knows he must conquer himself first.

He must find the demons which lurk in his darkest heart.  He must uncover them and with the strength of his ancestors slay them.

There is no freedom without danger.  To be a free man means to live dangerously.  Not beholden to others.  The opinions of the world mean nothing to a savage man.  When they say “Stop!  Don’t go down that dark river!” it is because they are weaklings.  Too frail and too scared to take risks of their own.  They tremble and cower in crippling fear at the sight of their own shadows.

When a weakling says you can’t do something it is a complete projection. 

THEY cannot do the difficult task or take the hard road themselves.  These sheep have their ego’s highly leveraged within this mindset and to prove them wrong means that “Oh shit!” they actually have to deal with reality.

The sin of the male weakling is never taking risks, never pushing his limits and never challenging others.  He is a slave and slaves are put to work for the lofty dreams of savage freemen.  Put to work or laid low in shallow graves.  With nary a soul to remember their names.

With courage dare to live as a free man.  Take the boat down your heart of darkness.  Where danger lurks in the vast unknown.

Only savage men know freedom.