Find Your Hustle And Fleece The Flock

Finding your hustle in today’s piss weak world is of key importance.  A casual overview of the world today and one quickly will find a multitude of scenarios where people around you behave like herd animals.  The idealistic sort and their forever wounded bleeding hearts ache to save the crude and crass.  Even I young and stupid thought I might by way of reason appeal to others.  To my shock most of my peers were not to be persuaded by the clear and forthright explanation of inevitable consequences.  It was not long until my shock channeled itself into an electrified disgust.

Instead the “people” were bewitched by a spell of madness.  Captivated by bright lights and flickering beams their whims would follow a direction wherever the puppet master plucked.  The masses.  As long as a fancy wool was draped over their drugged out eyes, you could fuck them every which way to Sunday.  You’d get a thank you and likes on social media.

Every Sheep Gets Shorn

Only a blind fool would waste his effort in an attempt to redeem the irredeemable.  Much wiser is it for you to churn the swell of emotion lifting their lusts and basest urges into a swirling dervish full of frenzy.  Then like a mad composer drop the hammer of emotion down hard into the ground.  Ever so gently rising back up while melodic harmonies converge into orgasmic delight.

That is the concert which the masses rush to hear.  The ticket they camp out in the streets to purchase.  The roller coaster ride of their mother fucking lives.  Mediocre souls and mediocre hearts living listlessly they long for something, anything to feel.  The pain of harsh realities still echo in their bones.  The mental anguish of subconscious awareness that they are a reprogrammed waste of life.  A failure of biology.  Useless eaters drooling like Pavlov’s dogs.  At some point you must realize.  The sheep will be shorn regardless if you do it or not.

Why fight against the tide?

Why not be the one who controls the tide?  A Storm caller.

I learned this lesson once I stopped thinking like a child.  You see that is all that our modern world wishes for us to be.  A silly little child chasing unreality.  Once you understand this paradigm you may start to realize that REALITY for many many people is the meticulously manufactured result of some other man’s design.

Knowing this you gives you power. 

Power over anyone who does not know.  You can create the reality that others choose to live in.  By providing outlets for their conjured emotions you become the reason and meaning for their existence.  The drug they live for.

Get Your Mind Right

If you can’t identify the suckers and the sheep, you most certainly are one.  The first step for the wolf is identifying your prey.  You must study your quarry with a hungered passion.

What is it they long for the most? 

In what areas are they particularly vulnerable? 

Visualize yourself in their shoes.  Learn to imitate their trite mannerisms and lower level consciousness living.  Become a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

These questions must be definitively answered before you can devise how to go about fleecing the flock.  Any remorse or sentiment is a no no.  Those are the kind of things to get a man killed or worse.  Leave the sentiment and the plastic “love” to the sheep.  In the game of life there are clear winners and losers.  Being a winner means realizing opportunities and not letting them slip away due to “love” or some other stupid shit.

Everything you do must have a plan.  Leave nothing to chance.

Most people are sheep.  Sheep get shorn.  Therein lies endless opportunities for you to profit.

Finding That Hustle

With your mind right then you move on to actually hustling.  This is very simple.  First you recognize the need or the market.  Then you find a way to meet that need at a reasonable profit.  Easier said than done I know but the point is you must go out and experiment.  Immerse yourself into different social scenes and begin to study where the money goes.  To whom does it go to?

There are endless ways to hustle others and I would say it is limited only by the boundaries of human greed and fear.  If you know anything about humanity you would know those boundaries are fucking limitless.  There’s fake homeless people on every corner hustling you every day.

Areas that you possess specific expertise in is a good place to start but don’t limit yourself to exclusionary thinking due to lack of skill and experience.  Always remember that the sheep are there to be shorn.  Truly chomping at the bit to fork over cash for that dopamine release.  Hell if someone would like to kill themselves I’d like to be the one to sell them the gun and bullets.  You mean I’d get to profit off of one less useless eater in the world?

I’d say I’m a god damn humanitarian.

Emerging Markets

I may harp on the effect of pop culture and the “modern” world to a large degree here.  That is not to say it is completely worthless.  We do live in this world and must adapt to present circumstances.  Today there are emerging markets in which money is aggressively flooding into.  An unregulated market where millionaires and more have been made over night.  There is still in fact time for much profit to be made with knowledge and balls.  This would be the market of Cryptocurrency.

In January of this year Cryptocurrencies had a market capitalization of around 12 billion dollars.  Today just 9 months later we are seeing a total market cap of over 160 billion dollars.  This trend is likely to continue in the short term and even possibly long term.  You owe it to yourself to get some knowledge of these markets.  To understand even if only on a basic level what block chain technology can do for you.  In fact I will leave this link here as a solid introduction to the topic.

New Cryptocurrencies are coming out every day and like the dot com bubble of the 90’s, many of them will likely not survive.  However the solid projects which do survive will likely command staggering market share in the not so distant future.  I will be writing an article soon dedicated to discussion of Cryptocurrency and some of my experiences.

Bitcoin was released in 2009 and for a time was only a few dollars per bitcoin.  Today bitcoin is a behemoth and stands tall at new highs around 5000$ per bitcoin.  Imagine if you were to get in on that?  Yet to have gotten in, believed in the project and held out throughout it’s turbulent and volatile swings would take some serious knowledge and balls of steel.  I will be speaking more on this market in the future.


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