Happy Birthday to The Savage Lifestyle!

 Folks it is with great pleasure that we here at TSL celebrate one year of bringing you the rawest, realest, most savage truth in a way that only we here at The Savage Lifestyle can bring to you!!!

    Well it’s official everyone. We here at TheSavageLifeStyle.com couldn’t be more happy or proud of the fact that we have been telling it like it is and helping men all across the planet reach the peak of their potential as men now for a year!!! This past year has been big folks. Jack Ronin founded this website last year with an idea, a singular vision of greatness, ELEVATE AND INSPIRE MEN AROUND THE WORLD TO BE GREAT WITH THE TRUTH!!!

     The fact is men are lied to on a daily basis. We are told that men and women are the same. We are told that the pinnacle of humanity for all men is to be piss weak, sensitive, and nice to everyone no matter what. That somehow will make us better as men. Jack knew early on that this was all just a crock of shit and guess what, HE’S RIGHT!!! His ideas were confirmed and reinforced later on in life by myself, as well as some other alpha types that were in the know. 


     When Jack first came to me and told me what he was going to do I was all about it. I spent hours on the phone with him giving him advice on articles and brain storming ideas to help him further the website. He put forward a lot of hard work and dedication to get this project up and running. I finally got into a position to become a contributor and write copy for TSL and I can honestly say that it has been a great honor. I speak for Jack when I say that you men, the viewership of this site, have inspired us and made us proud. Many of you have taken the time to interact with us through emails, direct messages on social media, and posts on the site. Your words give us strength and motivation to carry on this great project.

     This year has been fantastic savages, but we have so much more in store for you all in the future. We will be expanding our writing staff with new talent this year. We will be adding a store where you all can purchase the most bad ass TSL merchandise to let everybody know you’re about that savage lifestyle. My youtube channel will be launching soon. We will be doing some different merchandise give aways too. My advice to you all is to join our email list and stick around cause it’s only going to get better. I promise you guys you don’t want to miss out. 

     With all that said check out some of this youtube footage and have a laugh lol.

First up is some hilarious footage of the man himself, Jack Ronin. Jack and I spent years working bars and night clubs beating up wanna be tough guys that were asking for trouble. Here is one instance, watch and laugh at this leg kick by our man Jack.

          (Jack here.  It may look like I’m being a dick for kicking this dude but you know what?  I don’t fucking care.  Trust me when I tell you this guy deserved it.)

This next clip is of yours truly lol. A little back story for you all, I was driving down the street and I got a phone call. My buddy that I used to own a gym with calls me and says “Hey I got this guy that says he can knock out any heavyweight in our gym and wants to spar.” He then tells me that the guy is some kind of Nigerian boxing champion. I was like “Okay, what time you want me there?” He said 4:30 so I said “Okay, see you at 4:30.” This video is a little of what happened. At the end of the vid I hit him with a body shot. He’s lucky it wasn’t a liver shot lol. The moral of the story is don’t talk shit if you can’t fight.

     This next video is, well, just out right hilarious and everyone needs to see it lmfao!!!!

20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Savage Lifestyle!

  1. Congratulations to the both of you. Looking forward to the growth of this site and others like it. Keep up the great work brothers. Every day we do our part to fight the war on weakness.

    1. I didn’t come all this way to stop now brother. I intend to do nothing, but succeed and spread this gospel of truth to empower men all over the world. Thanks for all your help Charles.

  2. Warhammer that fight was over after that first knock down, everything after that was a father mercilessly disciplining his child. And Jack scared the hell outta me with that leg kick I thought he broke the guys ankle.

      1. Nahhhh the biggest surprise had to be when you announced Im gonna leg sweep this asshole, to everyone there and he proceeded to just stand there and fucking ponder the choices that got him to this point as he got dropped. He had to be on more than just alcohol.

    1. @disqus_1vlOhJUYiv:disqus I’m about that life bro, it’s that simple. I’m not just writing content that I don’t believe in, I live it and breath it. I believe in leading by example. I am here to lift people up with the truth and if I don’t practice what I preach then I am nothing. The video is hilarious, but it set’s a tone and is a testimony to what I’m about. If someone is talking shit they better be able to back it up. As a man we must be ready to put it all on the line. We must always be willing to test ourselves. I didn’t know if that guy was legit or not and it didn’t matter. I showed up to fight and I did just that. Win or lose you have to respect a man that is willing to put it on the line and I am that man.

      1. I feel you, the biggest problem is that these days there’s nothing to put on the line. I’m not up against mobsters, or gangsters my only opposition is a bunch of fruitcakes who dye their hair. Last summer when I first discovered Jack’s page I took things to the extreme and did stuff like asking girls for threesomes with their mothers (which to this day still kills me), hit the gym harder, etc… But to cut a long story short, my favorite activity was getting drunk with my boys and just doing dumb shit. We would buy bottles of the hardest liquor we could find, take a couple shots and go into huge department stores and call every guy we saw a faggot (this was an upper class neighborhood) and the worst thing we would get was dirty a look (the best time though would have to be when we went to an anti Trump rally in front of Trump tower because my boy thought it would be funny if I waved a Trump flag around. And some old decrepit white bitch tried telling me Trump hates blacks but Hillary loves them, and i told her well Hillary could suck this black dick cause there was no way and hell I was voting for that gummy old hag). No one’s trying to fight anymore, the game is way to easy for me to even consider myself a man. I’m thinking of picking up gambling.

        1. Maybe you need to do things where more risk is involved. Up to you how to go about this. I’ve gambled before. I used to play poker online for money. It’s the same rush as fighting….taking someone’s money when you have nothing.

          It’s all about taking calculated risks.

          1. I was thinking of saving a years military pay and heading to Vegas after studying poker theory to see if I could make a couple 100 g’s. Should I come out on top I’d see if there was a way to end my enlistment early, and get straight to boxing.

          2. Poker will test your nerves and self control like you’ve never known. I think it’s a great skill(s) to have. I’ve even thought about doing that myself but up until this point, my poker has been strictly online.

  3. Congratulations Jack – you’ve done a great job and I can’t wait to see where you go from here. This site and you have the potential to be a force of nature so keep up with it.

    And welcome aboard Warhammer – good articles and advice you are giving – I can see the direction this site is going in with your addition. my best to both of you.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and words of encouragement. I will do everything in my power to keep bringing top notch, Alpha articles.

  4. I like Warhammer’s articles just as well, but I miss Jack Ronin’s lately. Can we expect something from him in the near future?

    1. This is Jack. I just penned the Ghengis Khan article which I put up a few days ago. Ill have another one this week too. I’ve just been busy lately but I miss layin down some hard hitting articles too.

      1. Sorry, my fault. Indeed it is good to see the new Ghengis Khan article from your pen.
        BTW what is TNMM? I did a Google-search on it, but the results were not very enlightening…

  5. Yo yo yoo! Happy be-lated fucking birthday Savage Lifestyle, ya dunno we duz this. I fucking missed y’all. I feel the greatest. And it’s cause of y’all who made this, of all the people that talk real..Warhammer and Jack u my favourite! I’m a dragon now! a motherfucking maniac savage clown haha I’m getting carried away with my rhyming but yh check my timing 1.46 haha word tho seriously, Jack u’ve enlightened me and u kno this. I step on cockroaches lol i hope every things Kushty. Keep up the real shit and rain a Godly fucking firestorm upon weakness. Forever Savage Cabdi.

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