Hatred Is The Greatest Motivator

The modern world and it’s host of defective mutants has begged, pleaded, and pathetically gone prostrate at the feet of cruel and crude men.  Indeed the thought of welcoming savage foreigners into the gaping hole of their own lives and homes fills them with the same penetrating joy received from their lover’s strap ons.  They’ve screeched.  They’ve screamed and comically protested.  That the puss sopping vagina of the west stays forever wide.  Welcoming the most illiterate and barbaric men into their cheering arms.  Gleefully collecting into their self hating hearts all of earth’s putrid refuse.

It is time now modern male that you show them the real savages were right here all along.  It’s time you give to those vermin all the wrath and judgement which they’ve been asking for.

When sleeping dragons rise from pools of boiling red blood, RIPPING this mother fucker apart.

Fill Your Hearts With Hate

Some may say it is time to love.  To this I agree.  But what value is your love if you do not HATE also it’s antithesis?  To that which you love,  what ends would you go in protecting it?  What vast stretches of terrain would you cross and what number of menacing tormentors would you slaughter to secure your love’s safety?  How many would you kill modern male?  If I say that I love someone, would I not hate anything attempting to harm them?  If I did not furiously hate and viciously attack anything which threatens the object of my love, what value then is my love?

Love is important and it can be very powerful.  But what we need more of is not love, but HATE.  Hatred is one of the most powerful motivators that any man can ever possess.  Love may fill you with warm fuzzies and cause the sunset to seem all pretty and shit.  Yet hatred will bear you across the darkest waters, scale you over the most treacherous peaks and like a demon out of hell propel you into the farthest corners of the earth.  Just to find the last mother fucker who ever wronged you and yours.

To savor that final moment, watching helpless eyes go dead when you triumphantly choke the fucking life out of them.

Yes modern male.  Embrace your HATRED!  If you feel disgust towards the weak and you are repulsed by the crude.  Do not try and smother the flames of a beautiful hatred.  No.  You must hate so ferociously!  Hatred is like rocket fuel for motivation.  You need enemies.  Show me a man with no enemies and I will show you a weak man.  Only the strong have enemies.  Only the strong have the right to hate.

Is there blood in you that boils so hot?  Are there flames of the purest hatred kindled in your smoldering heart?  Feel it’s power my friends.  Experience the rush of anger enliven your entire body with incomprehensible energy.   A quickening that surges through your being limitless and electric.

There is a dragon in there you see.  That ancient terror your ancestors knew.

Do you know exactly what fills you up with the most powerful hate?  If not I would say that you also don’t know what it means to love deeply.

By embracing your hatred, you galvanize yourself against anything that would oppose or harm that which you love most deeply.

Give Them The World They’ve Asked For

What is going on these days in the hearts of the crass if not the abject clamor for ultimate judgement to be brought down on their deserving heads?  They know somewhere in that infected brain they only exist because of the productivity and misguided benevolence of others.  They must project their self hatred and inner loathing onto you.  Allow this to fuel your hatred for the weak.

Welcome the flames that rise in a heart longing for Beauty, Truth and Justice. 

Likewise when the repugnant and degenerate hate you it is surely a glorious victory.  When the seething masses point their piss weak fingers, do not hide.  With fury, with hatred, allow the boiling blood of your ancestors to rise like fire and rain hell on all of your fated foes.

While the Dragon sleeps, feed him slowly in boiling blood and swirling Hatred.  Never forgetting.  Dreaming deep and slumbering furious under crimson lakes.  Awaiting the day he will sleep no longer.  When terror and horror grip the feeble hearts of the doomed and stupid.  When you shall give to a pathetic world, every last fucking wish it begged for.  Indeed the modern world has asked for Savage Men.  We will give it to them!

The righteous breath of fire to incinerate for once and all entitled rats nipping away at your heels.

Yes!  May all the Sleeping Dragons rise. 

May the weak tremble and the earth shake. 

For Judgement is surely coming!

Woe Unto The Weak

The Sun has set upon the west.  The night is creeping in.  Let the howling at the moon begin.

Close your eyes and look inside.  Gaze into the dark within.  Peer into the murky mists where demons lurk and phantoms hide.

Can you, can you see?  Into the darkest side of thee?

A river of blood rushes proud through time.  Running hot inside your flesh.  Red pools surge with vitality.  Carrying on it’s wake all the sorrows and triumphs of your ancestors.  Feel their blood inside of you.  Hear them call out from the depths.  You have been terribly wronged modern male.  Hear the cries of thousands of years rage within you.  Endless tears of anguish and fretful sorrows carried through time and flesh.  The hopes and dreams of the honored dead.  Longing for a hero to rise with your blood and name.  All their desperate pleas for retribution.  Their voices rise like heat waves within your boiling rivers.  Lighting a fire so terribly hot inside.

Vengeance is yours to take!

Sense the Dragon stir so restless.  The collected rage of a thousand years and ten thousand sorrows.

Fumes are spitting through nostrils heated.

Crown yourself atop the vanquished seated.

Avenger of the blood so needed.

That blood that runs inside of you is the vigorous life of your entire line.  Never forget.

How hard is your hate? 

How deep is your love? 

How far are you wiling to go?


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.