What is a hero?

Today in the modern world we live in a cesspool of suffocating degeneracy that will not stop until it sucks every last ounce of masculine energy from your soul and leaves you beaten, broken and lusting for the sword of real men to bring down on your heads all the wrath  that has been stored up for a society that offends the God of Natural Law.  What does it mean to be a hero?

A man is called a hero today for no other reason than he likes to have sex with other men,

A man is called a hero for wanting to chop his penis off and prance around in high heels.

An obese monstrosity of a female is called a hero for unashamedly flaunting her gluttony.

The word hero today means you are a fucking DEGENERATE.


Here we are about becoming savages in a world of weakness because no matter which era you live in or what place on this earth you find yourself


We proudly embrace the label of Villain with a wild joy.  We accustom ourselves to violence on two levels, inner and outer.


With vicious intent we allow violence on ourselves internally for the purposes of destroying weakness and cultural programming.  We engage in constant personal improvement to become an absolute savage who exudes Power and the undeniable threat of real consequences for any transgressors.  A true friend does not tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you NEED to hear.  We don’t give a fuck about your feelings and no one else does either, despite their obnoxious protestations to the contrary.

Often those who you think are your friends are really just poisonous snakes locking their fangs around your neck and sucking the life out of you.  They placate you and tell you stupid shit to neuter any semblance of authenticity out of your mind.  This is a fight for your life and your soul and there will be no survivors.  There is only predator and prey.



We make our minds strong first and then we train our bodies to become dishearteningly lethal,  insurmountably resilient and ravenously hungry to conquer.  We do not advocate needless and purposeless violence.  Nor do we advocate using any masculine power to cruelly hurt others who cannot defend themselves.  Our purpose as men is to bring ORDER to a chaotic and unforgiving world.  We hold our allegiance first and foremost to our tribe and endlessly push each other to violently blow away the stifling walls of mediocrity.  This means viewing your life as a never ending war.  There is inestimable riches of glory in the fires of battle and we train ourselves to LUST for this combat on both inner and outer levels.


There are two kinds of people in life.  Those who are trained and those who are not. 

Do you want to be the kind of man male who if mugged would cower in fear while your girlfriend was raped?  Do you want to watch your mouth around everyone and tip toe softly around those who push you around?

As I write this Western Civilization is changing with the shock of a violent thunderclap and the spark of deadly lightning bolts.  Before you know it you will be surrounded by enemies who hate you and there will be no one to save your bitch ass.

Choose to become a savage today and under go constant training.  Cut out EVERYONE in your life who is weak and useless with ZERO mercy.

Your brothers will thank you.  Your women will swoon.  Your tribe will flourish.