Did A Hollywood Skank Make A False Rape Claim?

In today’s noxious bubble of feminized sperglings it is pertinent for a man to be coldly discerning regarding the weaker sex.  One drunken night of fun can lead to problems which could potentially ruin your life.  Many voices in the manosphere have been documenting the increasing number of false rape accusations proliferating the western world.

On a planet of gigantic international corporations all pandering to the demographic which spends 90% more than what they earn, men exist as expendable worker drones to not only build and maintain everything but also to be the fall guy and scapegoat whenever this shit bred society enables another massive fuck up.

Offending our pretty pretty princesses these days can destroy a man and his future.  Even the actors which are worshiped like kings and heroes are not safe from false accusations and divorce anal rape.

For a woman’s solipsism also has a more naturally cunning and pragmatic mind in comparison to a man’s.  The modern woman now rightly sees how she can benefit greatly by lying and virtue signaling at the expense of the men in her life.

The following is by reader Lew Thurston.  You can reach him at freelewthurston@gmail.com

What is Rose McGowan’s end game?


Rose McGowan has gone on a PR stunt for the ages. She has decided to join
the ranks of many potential false accusers and use social media (instead of
police) to seek justice attention. Rose McGowan and Twitter took a two
second break away from “grab shaming” Trump to highlight Rose’s accusations
through a few poorly descriptive *Tweets
<https://twitter.com/rosemcgowan?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw>* with the
hashtag *#WhyWomenDontReport
<https://twitter.com/hashtag/WhyWomenDontReport?src=hash>*. Observing these
tweets and accusations bring forth many tired questions that should be
asked again.

*Why did it take so long for a report to me made?*

Sam Seau, through his *Return of Kings
article in 2013, mentions that many false accusations are alerted to
authorities after large amounts of time after the actual events have
happened. It is worth noting that Ms. McGowan had never verbalized that
this was ever reported to the police or any law enforcement entity. Without
excuses, she did note in a *Tweet
<https://twitter.com/rosemcgowan?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw>* that a “criminal
defense attorney said because I did a sex scene in a film I would never win
against a studio head”. Rose McGowan seems to have made a windfall from
this accuser previously. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wouldn’t be a
great PR stunt.

*Why the accusations?*

Emma Sulkowicz ,aka Mattress Girl, seemed to capitalize from the
accusations that she levied against against Paul Nungesser. She received
the *National Organization for Women’s 2016 Woman of Courage Award
*a three week exhibition in Los Angeles
*a starring role in an art sex film <http://www.cecinestpasunviol.com/>*,
and a myriad of praises from influential public figures. Is this not
evidence of a benefit from false rape accusations? If we do a basic search
of Rose McGowan’s Twitter accusations, she made some type of monetary
windfall from when her “ex sold a movie to her rapist for distribution”. It
would be beyond food for thought to assume that their continued business
and subsequent cashing of a check would be grounds for questioning said
rape accusations.


Rose is really reaching these days. She is starting to follow a pattern
that a few nutjob Hollywood types have followed before. Rose McGowan has *bad
mouthed her agent
*bad mouthed popular movies
and bad mouthed *20**th** Century Fox movie advertisements*
She had already proven her SJW credentials complaining about supposed *sexist
casting notes
making nonsensical short films, and *shaving her head for some moronic
She has finished it off with one of the ultimate cries for attention:
“Foghorning” false rape accusations.

Ms. McGowan can no longer wonder where her career has gone. No one with
money will want to hire her now for huge roles now that she swallowed the
feminist pill and destroyed her looks too. Tis’ a shame that such a beautiful rose wilts!