How To Develop The Killer Instinct

What is this Killer Instinct?  Is it something one is born with or something which can be learned?

Perhaps some are indeed born with a mind suited for killing while others are acutely averse to it.  Regardless and according to the laws of Nature, the latter person would seldom survive if only protected by those who would kill.  In a modern world people are disconnected from the act of killing.  However the average chump still indulges in a macabre orgy of media violence served up at his fingertips.  All of this while ensconced within his safe space.

Alleviated from the real consequences of violence, modern lemmings have a very unrealistic perception of reality. 

Killing is an essential part of our existence.  Still we have chosen to hide the grim reality of it behind dark closed doors and bury it deep under layers of cognitive dissonance.  The food that we eat must be slaughtered and gutted to provide us with nourishment.  Even the plants which vegetarians eat thinking they are doing the earth some kind of favor fail to understand they are consuming the life force of something else in order to survive.  The fruit is there and so they TAKE it.

That is what life is all about.  Taking.

While some might argue that simply taking the fruit is no big deal because the plant or tree survives still.  Yet the tree you would also need wood for shelter and other things so that bitch gets the axe.

No fruit tastes sweeter, no treasure shines brighter than the fruit pulled from that unsuspecting tree and the plunder ripped from your conquered enemies hands.

The Killer Instinct You Must Have

As the modern world devolves further and various elements arise in their stultifying diversity.  It is of paramount importance that the modern male develops a killer instinct and hones it within himself along the razor’s edge of master crafted blade.  There are several avenues to pursue which will cultivate this instinct within the individual.


Learning to and participating in hunting animals is probably the most important aspect since it will involve you actually killing a living creature and field dressing it.  Getting involved in the gory details disemboweling an animal and pulling it’s guts out allows one to become intimately associated with how to handle lots of blood, bone and internal organs.

Hunting is a vital task that every man should know how to do.

Law Enforcement/Military

For aspiring psychopaths, joining Big Daddy Gov is an avenue one can certainly find opportunities in to get blooded.  This however is not something we here at TSL recommend, as it can involve being a traitor to one’s own people and carrying out the bloody plans of your masters.  Who will not hesitate to leave you high and dry the instant you can no longer be a kow-towing Johnny Fuckboy.

Another issue with joining the Leviathan is that you will not learn how to act on your own.  There will be no training you receive which shall teach you how to act like a man who has become the Rule.  In fact all you will learn how to do is act when you have PERMISSION.  In that sense you are just a lowly servant paid in scraps who never had any power himself.  You were just allowed to fight on behalf of the Beast for a time.  When that time is over you will revert back to the powerless fuck tard you were before.

Combat Sports

While outside the realm of actual killing.  Combat sports can be a great way to develop a killer instinct.  In my mind unarmed combat sports was no different than fighting like a gladiator in the arena.   Though it is ultimately for entertainment, I enjoyed the fight.  Beating the complete shit of someone and attempting to beat their brains out of their skulls.  Destroying other dangerous men gave me such a rush that very few of life’s joys could ever compare.

Nothing forces a man to either run and hide or plant his feet and fight than a dangerous foe staring you down with menace in his eyes.  A man who would love nothing more than to beat the fucking life out of you.  Fighting forces a man to deal with his problems using only himself.  He must be trained and ruthless.  After a certain level of experience in combat when there is no longer the exploding adrenaline rushes from new experiences, a cold calm settles over the fighter.

This is when detachment is possible and the power of a Master can emerge.

The goal for me was to end my opponent and I only expected the same.  The quality of training you receive is essential and you need to train as much as possible.  Get some experience in these sports(Boxing,Kickboxing,MMA) and have a few fights.  All men should at least have a base level of proficiency in fighting.

The Dark Ways

There is a whole other world out there.  A world where violence is very real and imminent.  The west has been sheltered from the thought of such a world while it lay there under the surface.  Behind the snarky smirks and witless sarcasm of modern death cultists,  there is only bottomless fear.

Fear of a dark world and the dark things inside of them.

When one becomes a criminal he is simply asserting his will to power in a world that cares not for him.  Going down this path is best when starting young and barriers to entry become stronger through age.  Nevertheless we here at TSL look up to the criminal, the barbarian, savage and outlaw.  The modern world and it’s system of rules, it’s levers of control and punishment do not offer anything which a free man cares for.

Developing the killer instinct in this realm is not only key to survive but is the most dangerous thing to do and only dangerous men do such things.

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.