The Hunger: Achieving Unbridled Ferocity

What is the the Hunger?

As I have stated earlier  . The white hot flame simmering at the core of the Savage is his frantic and unrelenting Hunger. This primal force has the power to transform one into a mindless beast or a hyper focused killing machine.

The only difference in achieving the two outcomes is one of training and mindset.

Right now in the glittering west strewn about a couch there dissipates an out of shape male watching some faggot show on tv which contains predictive programming while stuffing his mouth sphincter with barely digestible food garbage which lowers his testosterone and aids in him being an Absolute Bitch .

If he is married, his wife has the power to cheat on him then divorce with no fault divorce laws and have him subsidize her infidelity through alimony and child support.

He lounges around consuming corporate turds with shiny ribbons in every sensory input he possess’.

You could say he is getting fucked by the corporate cock, the government cock AND the wife/gf’s strap-on.

There is no Hunger in him.  He is fat and content.  He snarks off about injustices he has never suffered.  His hands are soft and his resolve non existent.

His destiny is weakness and his end is fast approaching.

Dark clouds hover ominously over the surface of the modern world.  Like the sonic boom of a massive thunderclap, your little bubbles of safety and comfort are going to violently collapse and a visceral bone shattering reality is going to smash your fucking faces in.

As demographics rapidly change and cultures clash, the weak males of the West will soon have nowhere to hide their little bums from being brutally ass raped(not just metaphorically like right now).

You have only one answer.  Become a Savage or die a slave.

vicious wolf
Get Hungry

To find your savage hunger you must do one thing.  Starve yourself.

First you must be starved of all the products you consume which make you weaker.  This means tv, junk food, video games, pornography must all be extremely limited if not completely expelled from your lives.

Also mainstream media sources must only be used to check up on the methods and narratives with which the sheep are controlled.

Second, initiate periods of fasting for training the will to accept less and also to experience the effect of true Hunger on the mind.  Start small with no food for 24hrs.

As you get stronger you can lengthen the times.  Fasting is spiritual and will cause you to reflect on what is really important in your life.

Hunger will reveal that the most important thing in life is survival.  The unbending will to live.

This is the pure fire of brutal necessity.  By training yourself to do without you will become immensely stronger than all the pathetic weaklings surrounding you.

You will leverage this for gain in the accumulation of savage power.  When all the lights go out or some other natural disaster hits you will want to be in a position for you and your tribe to come out on top.

By limiting what you consume your faculties will become much sharper and leaner.

A keen eye and razor focus will manifest.  This is the fruit of the Hunger.

You will realign your values to those which really matter.  Like how you can fucking dominate and assert your will in the environment.

Harness the Hunger of the Savage and feel the warm blood of your prey spill at the feet of the mother earth as a sacrifice for your sustenance.

Use this force to propel your will into furious action.  The tremendously powerful essence of the Hunger can cause a man to do unspeakable things.  The kind of things he would never do because he is trained to be civilized.  

He is trained to be weak.

By utilizing the training of fasting one can allow themselves to experience differing levels of Hunger and incrementally gain the positive benefits while limiting any negative consequences.  Obviously you aren’t really going to starve but your body doesn’t know that.

This exercise strengthens the will and fortifies the mind.  The weak cannot do this sort of thing, only the strong. Only those who possess the will to power.

Savage training must be undertaken to break the chains of agonizing servitude.  You have been brought up as a slave and the slave mentality is all you know.

Time to break free

Most males of the dying west are pissing their most productive years away making someone else rich, wifing up a former whore whose dwindling looks have caused her to be jackbooted off the cock carousel she has gleefully straddled the last 10 years or more.

You are expected to provide for her in every imaginable way and provide for the children she chooses to give birth to and not assassinate(abort).

When she tires of you and no longer feels attraction she will leave you and the burden of provision will still be attributed to you.  Weak ass dude.

This is the preferred outcome that those in power have chosen for their unwitting serfs.  Billions of dollars have been spent in the institutions of education, law and entertainment in order that you be indoctrinated your entire pathetic lives to aspire a life of soul killing drudgery, infantile ideas of romance and female nature and high levels of submissiveness towards any “authority” or “expert” figures.

A key to remember for every western male reading who no longer wants to be a slave is this:

You must travel to the black abyss at the nethermost realm of your soul.  Launch a boat and float down the dark river of your own heart.

It is there you will die.  The weak man in you must be slaughtered and burned to ash.

From those ashes you will rise a Savage with the lacerating scars of battle, the penetrating eyes of inexplicable commitment and the absolute brutal ferocity of the Hunger.

savage roar
Become fucking Savage.

I am Jack Ronin.  I offer training that you will unequivocally need to survive the culling of the weak that is furiously speeding to a comfortable place near you.

Don’t be caught out in the cold like a frightened bitch.  Start your ascent today.  

Join me in this timeless and ultimate fight.  The vicious and unmerciful combat for your masculine soul.


12 thoughts on “The Hunger: Achieving Unbridled Ferocity

  1. I like the connection you made between physical hunger and ambition. The longest I have fasted was for 72 hours. The first day was the worst. You get past the point of superficial hunger and reach a deep, instinctual level of hunger where every fiber in your body is screaming for you to eat. If you have the willpower to make it past that, then it goes away and you reach a near euphoric state. Days 2 and 3 my body felt like it was crackling with electricity. My mind was the sharpest it has ever been and I felt amazingly strong. I might have to try an extended fast again sometime soon.

    1. I have experienced the same while fasting.

      Also the times in my life when I have possessed soaring ambition and penetrating intensity were times I was barely getting by or had mentally just hit rock bottom.

      The principle is the same. I was starved and the Hunger kicked in to remind me life’s true purpose.

      1. Hi, congrats on the most fantastic blog ever. One question: How do you apply fasting and physcial training? Let’s say you decide to fast for three days. Do you cut out any physcial movement not required for daily functioning?

        1. Ideally you want those days to involve low physical stress while you are in a meditative/introspective state.

          Now when it comes to activities like combat sports(which I highly advocate some experience in) where you have to cut weight, that is a form of fasting. It will make you extremely mean and hungry.

          1. No. If you are bulking up wait until you do a cut phase and you can start a fast then.

            Generally fasting for a few days won’t hurt your gains if you chow down on some food afterwards.

            The purpose is to test yourself and to contemplate on what truly matters in life. It is good to be by yourself when you do a fast. Have nothing you can escape to for comfort but face your demons and find your hunger.

  2. If you stay out of some situations not relating to you is that cowardice? Cause I definitely cause trouble with non sense ideas and such. When ever I feel something is wrong or dumb I fight it. I make fun of people who are pawns of the society, yet I avoid situations which don’t really directly affect me. Can you tell me if this cowardice or not?

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