The Hunger Of The Savage

No matter what a man accomplishes in life, he can never afford to lose his savage hunger.

Every time he conquers one obstacle the opportunity to slip and get comfortable is there.  To rest on his laurels and think too highly of himself.  To enjoy the spoils of his temporary gains.

The Savage And The Civilized

When a man loses his hunger he begins to slip into the comfy zone of the “civilized”.  There is a direct correlation between hunger and the savage man vs the civilized man.

The worst sin for a man today is to become civilized. 

This is tantamount to castration and the willful sacrifice of your raw energy which ironically is the source which created all this shit in the first place.

Societies stagnate and decline because they collectively become too comfortable.  They no longer strive for the things which motivated them before.  They have some basic needs met so they lose their fire.  Content to consume and no longer to strive they become fat, freakish and degenerate.  This is western civilization.  Now an evil poison for every man and his future.

You were born into a society which handed you a silver platter with free shit and you filled your fat mouth with it.  Rather than a blessing this was actually chains to enslave you.  Now you NEED this system to keep working and the spigot to keep flowing with ease and comfort so you can continue to be a pig.

What You Have Lost

what youve lost

Your society has engaged in a transaction which you are now a part of whether you meant it or not.  This exchange is freedom for comfort and safety.  Loving all this comfort and all this safety has made you ridiculously soft and complacent.  This is why foreign hordes come aggressively into your lands and demand things from you.

Without any balls left you cede their demands every fucking time.

Because you are a eunuch and you have no hunger.

Every wild creature has the fierce and savage will to live and perpetuate itself.  You’ve been stripped of this jet fuel motivation and your wings have been clipped by your government and your women.

You gained some morsels on your table but you lost EVERYTHING that makes you a fucking man.  By agreeing to peacefully participate in the modern social contract you have offered up your soul to satan.

Reject Materialism

The modern male must gain his hunger again.  One of the best ways to starve the system and find his hunger is to completely reject materialism and embrace minimalism.  Most people are walking advertisements for some other persons brand.  You wear this weak shit and compete with other morons.  To show who has the best brand and is the loudest advert.  Truly faggot shit and reserved for women.

To find your true hunger you must change the way you think.  Stop seeing everyone around you as your fellow countrymen or people with the same goals as you.  They most definitely do not.  With the rise of multiculturalism often the man next to you has goals which are destructive for you and yours.  Only a cuck would stand by and let his enemies TAKE everything from him.

You must starve yourself of the modern.  You must find the raw and authentic nature of your true self.

Burn away the dross to reveal the sparkling gold in your masculine soul.

You don’t need half the shit you own.

You don’t need half the gay ass friends you have.

Your women don’t need commitment from you. 

Stop giving your shit away for free.

A Most Savage Hunger

Hunger to DOMINATE.
Hunger to DOMINATE.

If you have never experienced true hunger before then you must do one thing.

Starve yourself.

A hungry man will do WHATEVER he has to.  He will rip through his enemies like a buzzsaw.  He will overcome every obstacle in his way because if he doesn’t, he dies.

This is the mind set that the modern male must engrave into his heart with a knife.  Even if the situation won’t physically kill you, it should be in your head as if it will.

When you achieve and conquer you must never rest.

Remember the Hunger. 

Look at the weak and utterly despise them.  It should feel insulting to you that weaklings think they are “equal”.

Take The Boat

Inside every man is his own winding heart of darkness.  You have lived in fear and self righteous ideals that you are better than that.  You have falsely thought to yourself that you are above the savage nature.  That is only the excuse and hamster rationalization you have given to avoid living dangerously.

Now is the time to take that boat and begin your journey.  The only journey that matters.

The sun is setting on the west and soon the demons are coming out.  All the weak and the frail are going to inherit the earth that was promised to them.

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

In the shallow and unmarked grave of a no name faggot that no one will ever remember.

You must stop taking such care for your “safety” .  Not only are the demons lurking outside your homes hiding in the dark places ready to strike.  But there lives inside your own soul demons which you have never had the balls to face like a man.

It’s time to stop being a god damn bitch.

Take the boat down this river and become a savage.

Find Your Hunger

New man rising
Hunger to live free.

You must identify what you are most hungry for.  For nearly every man on the earth probably the largest object of their hunger is pussy.  Wars have been fought.  Civilizations raised to the sky.  Glittering homes and endless shiny objects all to please that pussy.

Stop pleasing and start taking

Stop asking for permission.

For me the hunger is something I am reminded of every day.  I will never put myself in a position where I am completely reliant on any one person.

At all times, in every moment I want to fucking dominate.

To crush my enemies.

To force the weak to do my bidding.

I see a weak man and I have no respect for him.  He should be put to work for my ends or he needs to stay far away from me.

Women are beneath me.

I know the score. 

Society sees me as just another expendable male.

If you have something I want, I am going to smash down your fucking doors and take that shit.

I have nothing to lose and I’m HUNGRY.



Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.