A Lack Of Enemies Make You Piss Weak

Weak people want to be friends with everyone. They are trembling in fear to be ostracized socially.  Fumbling around life hoping and praying no one takes aim at their feeble hearts they attempt to win as many friends as possible through obnoxious flattery, pathetic self abasement and pitiful niceness.

At best they use passive aggression to handle any conflicts while formerly posturing as non-confrontational in order to preen like a bitch with their toddler like conception of the moral high ground. 

The truth is that they are immensely afraid of highly aggressive confrontation and lack the will to endure any kind of sustained attack.

whiny piss weak bitch bitch

For women this is a more natural trait since being the weaker sex, they cannot get their way through brute force.  They must be clever and deceitful to truly obtain the objects of their trifling desires.  Consider the great effort by women to alter their appearance using all manner of clown paint, plastic objects inserted into their bodies, fake hair and high heels to give off the maximized illusion of youth and fertility.  A highly doctored image meticulously manufactured to appear the most attractive to potential fuckboys and the most envied from competing women.

A woman’s value in her eyes only comes from this illusion of herself.  Since women are obsessed with form over substance. 

It would only take a moment of proper inspection to reveal the noxious puss straining out of the fault lines in her tedious facade.

Since western civilization has now become the place where masculinity goes to die,  a feminized culture of victimology and entitlement have taken hold among the slobbering majority of society’s witless fools.  A repugnant weakness lurks around the group think circle jerks of nearly every limp dick space in our society.

Males as a whole are now behaving in ways that resemble a female in every possible distinction except their malfunctioning genitalia.  Submissiveness and high pitched up-talk mark the faggy utterances of the modern gay boy.  He wants to get along with everyone and never offend anyone. 

The thought of big bad(white) men hurting someone’s pwetty wittle feewings is just the most fucking evil thing in this care bear culture of non intended satire.

For them redemption is found in the quick dopamine release of cheap feels dispensed in tears from the chubbed out face of the New World Faggot hive-mind when they all join hands and sing in unison a fragile melody of strength in weakness and unity in diversity after their fucking countrymen have been SLAUGHTERED.

A suicidal sonnet to the god of death and frailty.

Thanks you for killing us. THANK YOU!
Thank you for killing us. THANK YOU!

This is nothing more than an overpopulated herd of r-selected retards attacked by a virile k-selected culture.

(Info on what r/k-selection is can be found here)




The masculine right hand path is one of BOLD and DIRECT action.  Enemies are not to be fled from in tuck tailed fear but met on the fields of war with gleeful enthusiasm.  Open conflict is the fire you need to refine the raw unused materials you were given into the weapons of devastating power, lethal experience and commanding presence.  There has never been a more pressing time to become Extremely Dangerous.

Without enemies you stay weak and untested. 

It could be said that the worth of a man is defined by the enemies he has defeated and the ones that fight him still.

A man with no enemies is a man who threatens no one.

A man who threatens no one is just another weak woman.

Without true enemies a male can never be a man. 

Here on this holy ground of bloody salvation we name our enemies and go to war.

holy ground

The first one that we call out is any weakness inside of us.

Any weakness oozing out from the pores of our friends or family must be cut off next. 

The reality is that we are living in a dark and cruel world.  It has always been this way but State approved spectacles have been set astride your piss weak noses.

Throw that shit away and become the Bad Guy. 

The modern savage is always on the hunt looking for new ways to get at his enemies.  He stalks the outer edges of the mindless hordes and picks them off one by one with cold precision.  He leads them down a back alley thoroughfare while his tribesmen close the nets around their quarry.

When the moment is right they fatally strike.



You have a problem.

You don’t really know who your enemies are. 

All day long a programming device is put in front of your face that delivers a narrative driven message to you.  After repeated doses you accept this reality as unquestionable truth while the vampires slowly drain the blood from your body. 

If you have found this place then you have already begun to remove the parasites attached to you.

This is good.

Now pull out your blade and carve away all the infectious leeches and poisonous people in your life.

Don't stop until rot is cut away.
Don’t stop until the rot is cut away

As males we are hard wired with the strength of our ancestors.  This was a crucial trait of perseverance and the will to live which is the very reason you are here today.  They knew through bitter experience that the only way to survive and maintain themselves through the ages were through traditional gender roles and in-group vs out-group identity.

There has been no end to the attempts to remove this from you.

Now is the time to realize who your real enemies are.

The vested interests of the bloated leviathan State-Corp and the mob mentality of the bitch made victims it coddles. 

These sheep are all around you.

The screeching noise of whiny girlfriends and co-dependent friends.

The blind loyalty to already dead notions of faux morality from your piss weak parents.

Every single ethnic and identity group’s open hatred and calls for extermination upon your pasty heads.


Realize with objective insight that right now the people who may be in your life that claim to love you or want to be around you, just want to mold you into the miserable, impotent and highly emotional children that they are.

Call these fucking losers out for what they truly are.



Spit on them.  Revile them with palpable contempt.


piss weak fag



Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.

10 thoughts on “A Lack Of Enemies Make You Piss Weak

  1. Great article. Most guys out there are just living in a dream world, where everything will always be soft and cushy like it is today. They will not allow themselves to believe that we could be heading for the fight of our lives.

    Anyone who is wise enough to recognize and analyze the larger geopolitical and social patterns, understands that we stand at the precipice of war and destruction. It may be one year, or it may be ten, but it won’t be twenty. Every man will have to stand up and fight like a warrior, or lay down and die.

    Best to be prepare for that eventuality, every single day.

    1. Yes. Every man needs to start his training now and enter the mindset of a man who lives in occupied territory.

      I can overwhelmingly promise that it is only going to get worse. Only the strong and savage will survive. We will continue on and split up the spoils amongst ourselves.

      For the weak many, no one will ever remember your name.

  2. Freakin’ A! Dealt with correctly, adversity caused by other scum sucking faggots builds self-reliance, will-power, and creativity. I can’t believe today’s kids are coddled the way they are.

  3. Please give practical examples in your articles. For example , how you one time called out some faggot snake, or what one can do to acquire enemies etc etc.

    Good articles though , definitely pumps me up. Thanks.

  4. Goddamn brilliant that’s what it is! My erection concurs with every syllable in this fine piece of man-thinking, keep saying words motherfucker!

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