Learn To Think Like A Conqueror

Whether it’s from baby boomer cucks to millenial butt-pussy boys.  Today our world is exploding with faggotry.  Does anyone ever stop and think

Jesus christ I’m surrounded by a lot of gay shit.


I am certain it has not escaped your view.  Have you ever asked why?  Ever objectively considered the amount of fagged out sperg cucks around you?

The reason for this is both biological and psychological.  There is a massive dearth of testosterone in the modern world.  As I noted here, testosterone levels can also strongly influence our ideas of morality and ethics.  So with this massive lack of man juice in our safe space vaginas, the morality and ethos of the people are drastically different.  The Romans carved their imperial might from the dead bones of conquered foes.  Today the modern world asks for a group hug after it’s enemies pillage their anus.

Every difference and every unique quality between the sexes, the races, the nations and so forth must coalesce into the androgynous form of gray matter known to readers of TSL as the New World Faggot.

The Conqueror

The entire purpose for a man on this earth is to SUCCEED.  To win at all costs and leave everyone else in the dust.  Life on this earth is a survival of the fittest.  This planet is nothing but a brutal proving grounds and a blood soaked battlefield.  The Conqueror is the man who takes and doesn’t ask permission.  He is the man with an unstoppable drive and fearless soul.  Who will not hesitate to take ruthless action to achieve his goals. 

The modern male having been raised and trained like a house dog since birth must tear away the bonds which restrain him.  He must rip apart the shackles which hinder his ability to succeed.  This means completely abandoning the mindset of the modern moron.  Every step you take and every move you make must bring you closer to winning.  Remember this, no one gives a furry rat fuck about a man who isn’t winning.

The Conqueror is not here to make friends and play nice.

He is here to TAKE OVER.

Learning to think like a Conqueror is key for the modern male.  First he must recognize that anyone or anything which would argue against this mindset is a ploy to weaken him.  This is a call to all men.  The Conqueror reaches out from the mists of the past and his triumphant glories echo still.  He stands proud etched in stone across the nations of this earth.  Remembered forever as a beacon of light and inspiration.

A Divine Calling

There is a spiritual side to conquering. If there is one man who fully embodies the archetype of heroic Conqueror, it is none other than Alexander The Great.  Every man should know his story and be inspired.  Men like this should be whom you look up to and emulate.  What made Alexander such a flaming star and powerful man?

It is this author’s opinion that it was the spirituality which he believed in.  You see the Greeks had a high reverence for the gods.  Their gods were the manifestation of the collective consciousness of the Greek people.  Who above all else worshiped this divinity in the cosmos as a means of striving ever upward.  This upward ascension for a man was a Greek’s highest aim.

To be heroic.

Many of the Greeks traced their lineage from the gods themselves.  The Spartans believed they descended from Herakles and Alexander believed he was descended from Zeus.  What power do you think this gives a man when his calling is divine and he hails from godhood?  Of course weaklings might use that to rest on laurels which they never earned.  However this will not be so for you.

On The Path To Glory

As a boy Alexander and his mates knew word for word the tales of Homer and his Illiad.  He saw Achilles as a great warrior and conqueror whom he chose to emulate.  When a man believes he comes from divinity and his heroes are demi-gods who love battle and triumph.

What inner flame do you think this sparks within?

The modern male has no contemporary heroes to look towards for guidance.  If indeed there are heroic men in this day, they will be thrown down the memory hole.  Instead you must look to the past.  To eras where men quite literally had balls.

Our world today is a degenerate cesspool of weaklings, useless eaters and culture void consumers.  They smirk at their past and snark away about the products they consume.  A man is defined in this age by the corporate items he purchases.  Truly everything promoted, admired and adored by most people today is crass, filthy and perverted.  The opposite of heroic men in our past.

Learning to think like a Conqueror means looking with absolute disgust at the modern world.  To look upon this wasteland and righteously hate it.  The masses in their great degradation have chased the carrot which corporations and governments have dangled in front of their listless eyes.

The conqueror sees people like this not as countrymen, equals or friends.  They are the sheeple in need of fleecing and domination.

What The World Needs

Heroic Conquerors need to rise again.  Men who constantly push themselves to go higher and farther than anyone else.  The man who sees the great obstacles in his way or the monster whom blocks his path and is filled with the fire to annihilate them all.  The Conqueror sees adversity and he rushes towards it.  For all the trials and fearsome adversaries of this world are here for you to prove yourself. A fucking winner.

The weak cower and run when adversity strikes.  They make excuses, claim victim hood and pathetically plead to authorities.  While the Conqueror sharpens his sword and prepares for glory.

For this man there is no authority he need squeal to.  No powers and no laws which constrain him.  For he is the living embodiment of the gods.  He IS the authority.

In his early twenties Alexander conquered the known world.  He did what others couldn’t even dream of.  All because of that divine inner flame which drove him onward and upward.  The Sacred Fire of your ancestors.  You must ignite this flame inside your soul.  Indeed not everyone has the material to kindle such a flame.  Yet it is there for any man who wills it.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.