How To Live A Most Savage Lifestyle

My life has been a wild ride of flagrant rule breaking and flippant dismissals of any attempts to control me.  I, like many other males born into western civilization in the last 50-100yrs have been raised up to be like a house dog.  From our waking moments of newborn life to our last pathetic, exasperated breath.  We were born to be subservient.

To the institutions we go to for our “education” and the television we watch for our daily programming.  We get on our knees for our gods and our women.  Everything around us seems to encourage the life of an absolute bitch.  The gods of our age teach us to obey and serve rather than to conquer and dominate.

Born A Savage

I had no choice in the mother I was born to nor the country of origin or the cultural era in which I was born.  Nevertheless from a very young age there was a fire in me fierce and unquenchable.  Every attempt was made to curtail this power and stifle it’s growth.  I was told I was “evil” for trusting my instincts.  Called a sinner for no other reason than the apparent misfortune of birth.

Visions and dreams called out to me in vivid pictures and tangible details.  Indeed the imagination is a very powerful thing and with it can be achieved what they call self fulfilling prophecies.  No one seemed to believe in me except for me.  Society and all within it did not want me to succeed in the way I envisioned.  It wanted me to serve itself.

I would not.

A Locked Door

What is the key to unlock all the power, success and achievement for yourself?  Which key unlocks all doors through which a most Savage Lifestyle is lived?

That key my friends is Vision.

You must be able to see with your mind’s eye.  See the most powerful you, the most vicious.  The most frightening and terrible image of a man whom nothing on this earth is safe from.  You must close your own eyes and see him.  Feel him move and breath.

What do you feel?

Every man has his own Vision of himself and where he ultimately wishes to go.  At first in the haze of youth this vision can be very cloudy.  Yet with each step forward you make in modeling your life after the tenets of TSL, your vision begins to crystallize with profound clarity.  The closer you get to actualizing your own willpower, the more tangible that Vision becomes inside your mind’s eye.

Sight Of The Gods

There is a new spirituality waiting to be understood.  A new way of balance within your mind, body and soul.  Three elements combined in harmony all for the absolute purpose of building your own Empire of Evil.  Make no mistake that today any man who acts in his own interests is considered “evil” by society.  That is why we embrace such notions.  Not only is it so much fun but also because we now give ourselves the license to dominate our lessors.

The divine right of kings you could say.

Truly this spirituality is not new, it is ancient.  You must open up your mind to hearing what your ancestors heard.  To feeling the fire which they felt.  Open your mind and heart to the blood inside of you.   Listen to it within your mind’s eye like it has untold secrets to share with you.  Embrace the visions you have within.  For in it lies your Logos.  Your own “word of God” written on your own heart.

Can you see the beauty and the terror?

This Is Why You Cannot See

Vision comes from within.  In today’s world there are multitudes of distractions which would steal your inner fire and obfuscate your vision.  Chief among these is television.  I have written a detailed article here on how effective the television has been to reprogram someone’s mind and how corporations have invested large sums of money into this propaganda medium for the purpose of controlling and profiting off you.  I’ll say it again.


You sit in front of this thing in alpha brain wave state, where your mind is more malleable.  You watch these disgusting shows with faggots, trannies and what not.  All which are made by design to WEAKEN you.  Then you wonder why you’re a fucking loser?

Throw that shit out NOW.  You simply cannot have the profoundly clear and powerful vision I speak of while consuming that kind of mind pollution on a regular basis.

Treasures On Earth And Heaven

A man’s heaven is the place of his lofty dreams and greatest aspirations.  For it is his heaven that he attempts to materialize on this earth.  Only the strongest of men with the most clarity of Vision and Fire of the will can achieve this god like power.  To manifest your imagination into a tangible reality is truly the power of a god!

First you must be able to see the Vision my friends.

Your wildest dreams and highest goals can not only be achieved, they can be surpassed!  You see I doubt at this time you even dream big enough.   You must learn to see outside the cultural box of our times.  This can only be achieved with the right Vision.  Plans falter and dreams dissipate for lack of clarity in the Vision.

This is why I have been saying for a long time now.   Your path begins by turning inward.  You must have your Vision in the mind’s eye.  The ultimate end of all your dreams.  Do you reign as patriarch and Father over a kingdom you carved with the might of a god?  Does your line echo the fierce power of your own will down through the ages of time?

A New Dedication To A Savage Lifestyle

Here at TSL we are resurrecting a new kind of man.  Not the heroes this faggot world clamors for but the Villains they fucking deserve!  We revel in the destruction of our enemies and all that we hate!  We dedicate our lives not in service to a throng of biologically worthless imbeciles.  No!

We dedicate our lives to ourselves and our eternal names!  We will write that name into the stars themselves and with a rusty blade carve it into the conquered flesh of all who oppose us.

At this very moment dedicate your mind, body and soul to the ultimate purpose of conquering for YOU.  In thine own name dedicate all the power of your will as a promise to yourself.

Live by the strength of your own hand and the fire in your own heart.  Vision is what allowed me to start this blog.  It’s what I see in vivid detail at all times.  It is the fire that burns so hot inside.  Compelling me onward with power and momentum.

During my life I have broken all the rules.  I have been face to face with the Reaper and had no regrets should he take me.  For I know that one day I will die, that is certain.  Yet until that time I will continue to go as hard as absolutely fuckin possible. 

While the slave cuck begs for a few crumbs off the table he built, I will be thriving and conquering. While the weak male disgracefully pleads and panders to live one more day.  I will be stacking my paper and raising my fortress walls.  Arming my soldiers to the god damn teeth.

Building that Empire of Evil higher and more dreadful than anyone could EVER imagine.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.