Master Yourself To Become A Master Of Others

Becoming a savage in today’s world requires complete dedication and commitment to become a master over oneself.  This means first and foremost to control one’s emotions and to guide the passions into productive means of achieving your goals.

To control emotions does not mean suppressing them all the time.  Often it means to experience the extremities of your looming fears, your creeping anxieties.  You must face the demons within yourself instead of run and hide.

You must stand amidst the inner turmoil and smile.

Rise Above The Rabble

rise above

The vast majority of the complacent masses are low level consciousness creatures stumbling about eyes wide and stupid looking for an anchor to lean upon.  Since they cannot think for themselves they look to whomever or whatever they may attach to which gives them purpose and direction.

For most this means empty consumerism.

Is it any wonder everyone seems to be on some kind of prescription medication for depression or anxiety?

As I state over and over, the great ability of a man and the core substance emanating from the masculine principle is this: to bring order into the chaotic and tumultuous reality of our lives.

Most people are simply ignorant fools cast under the spell of modern technology and propaganda.

They have no purpose in their lives.

Being divorced from their natural instincts they grope around vainly in the dark for meaning but they find only the unending cacophony of electronic devices blaring a narrative into their skulls night and day.

These wandering husks of humanity are aching to be filled with something greater than the cheap thrills of our nihilistic world.

You can be the one to offer this if you are strong enough.

You can be the bright sun which they revolve around and attach all their meaning, hope and purpose to.  But first you must master the weakness within yourself before you can reach outward.

Be Brutal With Yourself

In order to rise above you must be able to look objectively within and assess your weakest points without emotion.  For many their ego’s simply cannot accept that they possess any flaw or imperfection.  They cannot ever imagine the world they have been led to believe is a frail illusion, a paper thin facade which cracks and crumbles under the slightest opposing wind.

The modern savage knows the score.

He is in a constant battle to root out and exterminate those weaknesses and those lies which have been screeched at him over the world’s bullhorns.

We realize that most people love their lies and their illusions.  Therefore we do not seek to rip the veil from their eyes but only to drape our own over their soft faces.  What we seek is to wed the savage will which we have cultivated to the malleable ego of the weak.

In so doing the weakling becomes a conduit for our own will.

There should be no thought for the savage as to the morality of this.

For what does the wolf need explain to the lamb?

Nothing but his sharp fangs and rending claws.

There is no rule and no law save only what the strong decide to impose upon the weak.  This is the truth of our history and nothing has changed, nor will it for ever and ever.  There is only to accept and to become either the Master or the slave.

Seduce Them

seduce them

When you embody the role of the Master you become the overriding force of truth and existence within the mind of the weak.  To achieve this one must view your lessors as those to be seduced.

For those who have studied and applied Game we know this within the male/female dynamic.  Moreover it happens on a larger scale when you deal with the “public” or a large group of assembled peoples.  We understand fully in regards to women.

What they truly want is…a master.

As a creator and purveyor of reality you are the masculine principle, stout, forceful, penetrating. 

Thus the receiving side is the Feminine principle, chaotic, fickle, in need of direction and conclusion.

Become The Master

The weak long for guidance.

Shouldn’t you give it to them?

If you become stronger than the masses, it is your right to become their master.

Knowing this truth can light a white hot flame within your belly.  This fire can utterly devour you or it can be channeled to produce the riches of your hardened will.

Practically speaking, the commitment of a few short hours a week can result in metric tons of power conjured from the depths of within.



I am a huge proponent of meditative practices involving visualization of one’s highest aspirations.  This practice on a regular basis WILL CHANGE YOU fundamentally.

It all starts from the center of how you view yourself. 

Cognitively or not most people have accepted the role of slave and they embody the feminine principle.  They are always getting fucked in life and pathetically hope for the moment they will be rewarded for following the rules.

This is not the destiny of the savage.

If you can conceive of it in your mind then you can form it into the tangible matter of reality.

This begins with deep visualization.

Upon seeing this vision from within yourself, the savage man is then confirmed upon every experience in life thus following that destiny calls out from the void to crown a king.

You must grab a hold of this crown with all your might and strength.

Viciously clubbing any grubby hands attempting to take what is yours.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.