Mercy Is For Women And Weaklings

There is much to be said these days about the pathological altruism and faux mercy exhibited by the cultures of western civilization. Undulating masses of porcine females hem and haw over peoples they share no relation to and have never once met in their lives.
Feminized males join the enfeebled chorus of cry babies hoping to dump the world’s problems onto the backs of the productive class.  Their peculiar ability to posture as merciful is the shallow veneer strewn across their perspiring pig flesh.  They have such wonderful mercy!  Which they expect you to believe with the wide eyed fervor of a retrograde sinner who just found baby jesus in a backwoods revival tent.

Nature’s Rejects


These kinds of creatures who profess mercy for every stranger, foreigner and invading interloper must be seen for the disgraceful abominations which they truly are.  In the state of nature without the massive accomplishments of the productive, there is only survival of the fittest.  Those unfit and unable to fend for themselves find very early departures in life.

What nature bequeathed to the world was a crucible for the strong.  Ensuring only that the strongest, smartest and most adaptable will live on to gift the earth with the genetic code of a winner.

In today’s world we are now heavily encumbered with hordes and hordes of nature’s rejects all swarming upon the shores of an advanced civilization to take from it whatever they can grab in this post modern fire sale of virtue and beauty.  The irony of our forebears slogging through the indifferent expanses of the earth to build a “better place” only served ultimately to clamp the iron shackles of dependency and vice down upon their children for generations.

Our fathers and their father’s died on battlefields for wars they were all but lied to about in purpose.  Wars which had the net effect of creeping doom for their children.  They foolishly gave all and did so with a smile on their faces thinking…for God and for country!

All that sacrifice.  All that blood spilled in fratricidal wars which served only to prop up internationalists and their globalist agenda to give birth to a new order.  You were told your past was evil.  The old, antiquated and archaic forms of life in our not so distant past were made to be wiped from our malleable memories.  All their toil and all their struggle was for not.

For the end result of our ancestor’s battles were to make a soft and pathetic environment capable of nurturing such heinous ideas as equality.  Lo and behold!  Then arrived in sickly premature birth.  The androgynous death cultist we now know as the New World Faggot.

Here A Faggot, Everywhere A Faggot

IT'S PAT, Julia Sweeney, 1994


One can spit in any direction these days and find exemplary specimens of the aforementioned faggotry.  Discerning the actual sex of these types can be excruciatingly tedious in a world where everyone looks like Pat.

Formerly attractive females deface their bodies with protruding metal objects and vile attitudes.  Males seemingly trapped in a state of permanent prepubescence cry in their cubicles and seek escape from the big bad wolves of the world.

When their programming device tells them to do something, it would seem to such imbeciles that an original thought actually came farting out of their barely functioning brains.  A sickening conformity where all individuality and all things unique must evaporate into the New World Faggot Hivemind.  No tolerance for unique expression and absolutely no displays of will to power are allowed.

In a society where everyone’s basic needs are met there remains only the idle time of meaningless lives.  To pontificate about our useless feelings and the consequences of living a life with no battles to fight and no enemies destroy.  In such a world where the law’s of nature have been temporarily relinquished, the defining characteristics of reality for the New World Faggot are based upon how it makes them feel.  Logic, reason, and uncomfortable truths are not enough to be simply swept under the rugs.  They must be shouted down in a never ending chant of self annihilation from the hand holding throngs of dopamine addicts.

A Healthy Visible Disgust

Young man making a face

For those who naturally feel the rising geyser of green bile form in their stomach’s, I would encourage them to cease from hiding such disgust from the world.  Instead you must open your mouth and puke all over these disgusting insects.  Make your repugnance an unavoidable force of nature which righteously builds into an industrial grade hose spray splattering wild across the faces of every punk bitch.

When the New World Faggot cries for mercy we shall venomously spit in their face.  When the whiny tears of the butthurt death cultist careen down their frumpy, fetid faces, you will smile.

While the suicidal squeal with all their pigsty faith, we will laugh.  When the whimpering genetic dead ends of life beg and plead for mercy from the savage we shall leave them to the shit pen they’ve been wallowing in.

Mercy is for life’s losers.

Give Unto Others Everything They Deserve

knife to throat

What this world needs is not mercy.  For too long have we suffered under the tyranny of the merciful and mediocre with the hands behind the curtain promulgating it all.  For too long have we lingered among this filth.  Doing nothing.  Saying nothing.  Our fear of retribution from the Hivemind and our own complacency have been the noose tightening around our necks.

The time for indifference is over.  The time for concealed disgust is over.  Now we must cause the shrieking hordes of evolutionary dead ends to absolutely implode.  We can do this by bravely displaying our disgust and spitting all over their triggered faces.  Pissing in their already poisoned mouths.

The era of mercy has been long, painful and entirely unnecessary.  We have seen it cast a gray shadow of conformist degeneracy over the savage rays of light from the sun.  We fear this light and we fear it’s searing truth.  Having run under ground like Morlocks, we live and work there for fear to see the light of day uncover our ugliness.

Now has come the day for the savage few to open their mouths and cast heart seeking spears of words directly into the souls of the feeble.  To openly and proudly show a palpable disgust for the collectivist hordes of weakling scum.

When you see a New World Faggot open their cock sucker you must forcibly smack it shut so fucking hard that the thought of their lips parting gives them PTSD.

Eyes Without Mercy

eyes without mercy

Look upon the world you bloodthirsty savages with merciless eyes.

Cold eyes of the predator scanning his horizon for prey.  Never sleeping.  Never relenting until your quarry is spit roasted over a night fire and songs of bravery are sung by your tribe.

Look upon the New World Faggot and do not contain your righteous disgust.

Love deeply.

Hate fiercely.

Fight like a fucking beast on Death Ground.

No false hope in tomorrow but every last drop of belief in the broad swing of your axe cleaving through the skulls of your enemies.



Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.