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So I’m sitting at the house and I get a phone call.  It’s my bro Jack Ronin.  He proceeds to tell me about an article that he wrote on another website. He’s dying laughing and not really going into specifics. He sends me a link and tells me to check it out.

So naturally I go check out the article. The article is titled IS MGTOW FEMINISM FOR MEN? Here’s a link in case you wanna check it out here.  It’s a great article as usual.  It’s got lots of factual intel and plenty of hilarious statements. Jack writes some pretty quality stuff.  I’m never disappointed by his work.

As it turns out the best part wasn’t even the article.  It was the comments.  I’m sitting here reading this absolute shit and I can’t stop laughing.  One guy calling himself Melmoth writes

“I can’t believe the two mindsets would ever be compared in the manosphere. To me, MGTOW is the manosphere.”

MGTOW IS the manospere? Suck a dick son.

The manosphere is about man shit.  Not grown ass men hiding from woman out of fear.  Maybe if this guy wasn’t such a piss weak sperg tard, women might realize they can’t walk all over him. If you’re a legit Barbarian Beast you put off those vibes.  Women know what’s up.  They know when they’re in the presence of a real man.

Melmoth obviously isn’t one.

Could this be melmoth?

Oh, but wait, there’s more.  Melmoth goes on some more lame ass tangents.  Then we get a real keyboard warrior. This guy calls himself “John Smith”.

John Smith? For real bro? Anyhow our resident internet tough guy starts in with the insults. Then he goes into a John Madden like play by play of everything Jack says with his added insults and “witty” rebuttals.

Then he seals his fate.

He accuses Jack of plagiarism.

Plagiarism? For real? It’s an opinion column bro, be serious. So Jack challenges this fag piece to a fight. This douche comes back with

“How do you know that I’m not a 5th degree black belt, or Recon Marine, or MMA instructor?”

EXPOSED! Turns out “John Smith” ain’t about that life and it’s no surprise.

Stick to frappuccinos little buddy.

Through all this hilarity I did learn some things. I learned that “John Smith” is a piss weak bitch. I learned “Melmoth” needs to let his nutts hang and quit being scared of women. I learned some things about the whole MGTOW movement.

I have to say that I agree with many of the things they say and a lot of stuff they are about. Over all it’s not a bad movement. They have a lot of valid points, lots of sound arguments, and are spot on about a lot of the things they write.


It’s not without it’s problems

The first and biggest problem is the fact that they claim to go their own way, essentially giving up on relationships with women. Sounds like that gives you two options, celibacy or faggotry and I’m down with neither.


The pursuit of a worthy woman is honorable, to give up on that is weak as hell. Yeah, you gotta sort through a lot of worthless THOT’s and gutter sluts and yeah our society is against men.

Worthy women do exist and your job is to find one. Until you find one don’t settle, but as well, don’t cop out like a little bitch. Do your job as a man and procreate if and when you find a suitable partner.

The second problem is that this movement is a magnet for piss weak wimps. This movement screams teen angst.

“I’m sick of being rejected and humiliated by women.”

Stop crying and do something about it! Call these THOT’s out for the whores that they are.  Name them and shame them.  Be relentless in your verbal assaults against these sluts.  Don’t curl up in a corner talking about

“Please just go away and leave me alone.”

That’s bitch talk. Get up, get out, and bust some heads!

Stop letting these whores walk all over you and call them out for what they are.
In the end it’s your life. You can either get on board this train with us and be god damn Beast Men or you can go be “left alone” to be a life long virgin that jacks off in his mom’s basement.

It’s your call, but know this, if you don’t do your job and find a worthy woman to procreate with then I guess we’re all better off without your piss weak gene’s in the gene pool anyway.

Don’t think you can find a worthy woman? You’re dead wrong. They exist.  Trust me.  I know first hand.  I’ve been married 11 years.  I do whatever I want.  I got children and I run shit in my house.

It’s all because I’m a hardcore Barbarian Bad Ass.

In closing I wish all our MGTOW bro’s the best and I hope you find success in life.  Remember one thing.  Don’t close yourself off to the possibility of finding a woman in this world that is worth loving and having children with.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.

19 thoughts on “MGTOW? WTF?

  1. First off, what do you define a worthy women as because honestly I’m starting to think they only exist for the rich. When I meet a woman it’s great, she’s lovely the sex is good, and I’m learning about her. But 2 weeks in the bitch starts talking about her nonsensical problems “I don’t think the girls at work like me” (FYI I don’t like you either bitch) and I’m just like dear god what have I gotten myself into and my “relationships” usually fall apart their. I’m sure rich guys just pick a bit up,ch dump her and pick her back up whenever they desire no emotional conversation necessary. And Johns definitely some frail bitch who just signed up for the Marines because no one talks about Recon like that but wannabe Pooles.

    1. I’ll let Josh answer for himself but I’m sure he will agree with everything I’m saying.

      The bottom line on what makes a woman worthy is one simple thing.

      Is she TRAINABLE?

      If not its fuck butt status at best.

      You must dominate her so thoroughly that you are the bright sun she revolves around. My last girl was like this. I was the most important thing to her.

      Now the vast majority are shit. But if you find one like this. Even if she’s just a 7. She’s worth far more than you could ever imagine.

      1. Noted, my barber told me never even to marry a woman above a 6 or 7 because they’re likely to cheat. I don’t know how I feel though about spending the rest of my life coming home to a Julia Dreyfus.

        1. @Nigerian Prince that is both a complex and relative question. To know what defines a worthy woman you must first KNOW what YOU are looking for in a suitable partner. I can tell you this, if you’re having sex with her within the first two weeks then she’s probably not marriage material. In fact I’m not really trying to wed a woman that’s been with multiple guys, but that’s just me. I’ll be writing an article soon about what defines a worthy woman and some key character traits that they all have in common. Basically take what you define as a THOT and look for the opposite lol. The world is full of sluts my friend, you gotta sort through the trash to find a treasure. Happy hunting.

          1. Fair point, I definitely have no interest in having a baby with a woman who isn’t a virgin, but never gave much thought into the fact they were letting me sleep with them so quickly. Though at this young in life, I’m only concerned with getting to a shredded 200 pounds, and making as much money as possible.

        2. Lmao Julia Dreyfus. Eh she’s not bad. I personally like blond or maybe even red haired broads.

          Lemme tell ya brother. I’d hit absolute gold with a pretty blond mute chick.

          Fuckin A the stuff dreams are made of right?

        1. Hey WarriorHammer…what place(s) would you say to start looking for quality women ?….I’ve just recently started to get into going out/picking up but one thing that I’ve found out I know for sure: I have absolutely no interest in bar/night-club sluts and the women that go to those places so bars and night-clubs are obviously out of the question…but then again society doesn’t really say any other options for pick up. It’s like the pick up/game industry just automatically assumes that every guy will do their pick up in bars/night-clubs, but what about those of guys who can’t stand those contrived and fake social places ? Thanks for any advice, appreciate it.

          1. Damn bro, that’s kind of a tough question, but hopefully this will help you some what. First of all FUCK what society has to say about men and their roll in a relationship. Social engineering has made us men a second rate joke. You’re on the right track. At least you know to stay away from the THOT patrol at the local night clubs. You’re basically asking me what part of this haystack will I most likely find the needle lol. bars/night-clubs are a slut magnet as you already know. Can you find a worthy woman there? I’m gonna say 99% no. I met my wife at a gym that I was training at. I would have never guessed I would meet my wife in a gym all though a lot of good woman are into fitness. Life is full of surprises like that lol. The first thing you need to do is make a list of qualities you want in a suitable partner. Basically write out what you want in a wife. You have to have a target before you take a shot. It can be one thing, it can be a hundred, but write it out. That way if you happen upon a woman that matches those criteria you will know exactly what you have found and what you are dealing with. It eliminates a lot of the “is she what I’m looking for” guess work.The list is also a great source of intel for your search. From that list you can start to narrow down places that woman with some of those particular traits would hang out at like churches, family get together’s, libraries, grocery stores, etc. Just depending on what you are looking for. It will require a lot of hunting and detective work. It’s a game of chance and looking in places where woman might go that meet what you are looking for will put the probability of finding one more in your favor. Another good place to look is, surprisingly enough, on line. We live in the information age where at the click of a button you can go to a website, punch in some criteria, and find someone that meets it. I don’t know what you are looking for in a woman, but I can promise you this, she’s out there. In fact their are a bunch of them that meet the qualifications. You might have to go outside of where you live to find her, but when you find her it will be worth it. You might have to dig through a lot of trash. It’s a hunt, but just remember, stick to the list and don’t settle or you will regret it. You’re better off never having a woman than to settle for one that is worthless. A good relationship takes work, but then again anything worth having requires hard work. As I stated earlier finding the right woman is a matter of chance. I hope this helps to send you in the right direction brother and I wish you well in your search. Stay strong in your search and don’t let the whores discourage you.

          2. Alright thanks for the lengthy response brother. Yeah I used to think online dating is for weird creeps, but I might actually try it because you’re right it’s normal now….. “don’t let the whores discourage you” hahah that was hilariously savage!, they’re sure as hell too many around as it is…but you’re right: must stay strong and never take any shit !!

          3. You’re welcome Steve. If you’re ever in doubt about something or have a question feel free to ask me bro. If I can help at all I’m more than glad to. We as men have to help each other out in any way we can these days. That essentially is the only way we can affect positive change in society. What we are dealing with here Steve is a culture war and we have to win it at any cost. The more we back each other up as men the better we will become.

          4. Yep for sure man, thanks again…i’ll admit it’s hard sometimes to reach out to get advice because us guys want to be perceived as being tough and having-it-all-together

  2. Hypergamy is female nature.Even the “good women” cannot go against their nature. When she finds someone better than you she’ll move on.And no you DON’T run shit . She can leave whenever she wants and LEGALLY get half of everything you have , have you enslaved paying alimony and child support for the rest of your life. And also say bye to your children… Tell me again how you run shit . You have everything to lose and she has nothing to lose actually she has everything to win. The moment she doesn’t need you no more you are fucked…

    1. Benjamin L if you only knew lol. When it comes to me, my wife, my marriage, or my life for that matter I can guarantee you haven’t got a clue, not even a little bit lmfao. The life I lead is outside of the realm of most peoples comprehension bud. It’s the kind of shit they right movies about. Call it bragging, call it what you want, and say what you will about me, but the fact is it’s true. I’m sure in your world the only chicks that you encounter on the reg are brainwashed Marxists or the average materialist THOT. If that’s the case then yeah, your comment is 100 percent correct and I agree with you totally, but that’s not how the Warhammer has it bro. I don’t commit to whores like that. My wife was a virgin when we got married if that tells you anything about her character. I don’t marry whores and my list of criteria and my expectations for a woman to be wife material are extremely stringent. My wife met them all. I have to be honest Ben when I tell you I never thought I would meet a woman that would meet those criteria that wasn’t already married, but I did. That’s the only reason I married her bro. I found a needle in a haystack. Don’t get me wrong I get where you are coming from and I agree with you for the most part. My situation isn’t normal though bro so it doesn’t apply here. If I write something about myself you can take it to the bank, it’s the truth. I’m not a man that I should lie. My advice to you is to set your standers high, never settle for less, and keep reading what I write bro, you might learn something lol.

    2. I am confirming everything the Warhammer is saying as I’ve known his wife since they’ve been married, There truly are exceptions to the rule and those exceptions are definitely out there.

      1. Yeah but I mean when there are such a few exceptions out there you can’t really blame men for GTOW . I’m happy that you guys found what you wanted but marriage is not what it used to be . Real marriage was about the man taking full responsibility and owning the woman almost as his property . Yeah ofc people would call it oppressive today but thats what a real marriage was about. So IMO real marriage doesnt exist anymore so there’s no point in playing into that game . Also that guy on the pictures looks more like a male feminist who has a “strong” and “independent” girlfriend , not a MGTOW. Anyway I still hope the best for you guys because the blog is awesome . I really liked the post about punching white knights in the face , there are a lot to blame for where we are today

  3. Right on, brother!

    If I did not want women in my life and bed, I need not even “go my own way”. I might as well remained the incel beta smack addict I was during most of my years as a young man…

    MGTOW: what’s the fucking point? They think women will come after them, begging them to come back, promising to reform their evil hypergamous ways and become their special submissive sex toys? Surely that will happen…

    Better learn some Game.

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