The Modern Male Is Now A Ronin

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During the chaotic and tumultuous periods of feudal Japan, the samurai were the established class of warriors dedicated to serving their Lords. The meaning of the word samurai is “to serve.” If a samurai’s lord died he was expected to ritually disembowel himself in the act of seppuku to maintain his honor.

However, in times of constant war and uncertainty the samurai could easily find himself serving another lord.

Around 1598 the Tokugawa shogunate conquered the fractured nation and unified the land. With pacification and a lack of conflict there became less and less need for warriors. Samurai who chose not to commit seppuku instead became the wandering and disgraced class of ronin.

Due to the feudal hierarchy a samurai was not legally permitted to find work in other fields such as artisan, merchant, or farmer. Even so he would likely scoff because money was regarded as something for women and beneath him. This emerging group of “wave men” or rootless wanderers found employment as mercenaries to the wealthy. Still many chose a life of crime and banditry, operating protection rackets for illegal businesses.

For many the negative side effect of living for higher principles infected their psyche with shame. This was enforced culturally as well. No longer owing his duty and allegiance to his lord, the ronin found himself in unfamiliar territory.

He was trained to serve but never to be a Master himself.

The Modern Male

modern male kills himself

Killing himself for the system.

A similar situation does the modern male of the West find himself in. He has been trained his whole life to serve.

To serve women.

 To serve his country.

To serve his corporation.

When he is no longer useful or unwilling to be a doormat for everyone else he is easily replaced by another more willing slave.

Males of this age unwilling to live a life of servitude for an increasingly hostile system choose to become a modern ronin. Much like the strange social and economic territory the ronin of feudal Japan found themselves in, so too does the modern male when he unplugs from the matrix. We have been propagandized, programmed, and indoctrinated ruthlessly into denying our most savage and masculine nature.

Every male is a target for the privileged victim classes to socially smear and shame without consequence. For most this has just become an accepted part of life. Many even cuck themselves and join the screeching howls of petulant poodles clamoring for their own extinction.

The mistake many of the ronin made before are the same ones a man makes when he realizes he can no longer be a lapdog for the system. He fears to be outcast. He allows shame and other people’s words to forcefully shove him off solid ground. He doesn’t even realize the great power and freedom he has now been given. So this gift goes to waste.

A Most Dangerous Freedom

time to stand up

The new class of modern ronin are completely masterless. They no longer serve the system or feed it’s hideous tentacles. Instead of shame and despair they should delight in this blessing. Having no master to serve, no ungrateful lord to fight and die for, you now have the greatest opportunity.

To become the Master.

The modern ronin has nothing to lose. The undeniable power of this rule can make him extremely dangerous. Having been pushed to the fringes by our society, and told we are no longer needed, we are free to live as we please and exert our will to power as we see fit. This is true freedom. The inescapable choice the modern male must make.

Find your fulfillment from external sources of ego validation and compete with the rest of the weak to become the loudest crybaby. Or find contentment from within and become self reliant through outcome independence.  This is the Master-Slave dichotomy.

Every male has the savage heart of his ancestors beating furiously inside. Ancestors who hacked their way out of the jungle and forced this bitch Mother Earth to open her fucking legs and give us what we want. We didn’t ask her permission. We took it.

Master Or Slave

I have found that in nature and in human relationships as well there exists no such thing as the wispy phantom called equality. There is only the master and the slave. You have a choice in this life. To be the master requires great effort, training, courage and sacrifice. To be the slave just means you continue dropping trou and take it like a good little boy.

What do you think most people choose?

Indeed greater men in the ages past have noted that the natural state of man is one of slavery. You must expel from your mind any former notions of equitable treatment from the world you live in. You must accept the truth. The strong survive. The weak perish. For the modern ronin we can achieve the shape of formlessness. We can embody the ultimate power of mushin no shin.

Mind Of No Mind

Achieve mastery

This is the mental frame of mind whereby the practitioner has assumed formlessness. Dropping fear, anger, shame, and ego his mind becomes the essence of a fluid motion. This is most readily experienced through combat. Where in battle there is no time to think or even to feel, only to act.

For the modern man who has become a ronin he is in the perfect position to surpass everyone else. He can become his own Master. Leaving the death culture of a post modern world behind and forging ahead to a greater and grander form of living.

One of the greatest examples of a ronin achieving ultimate power is Miyamoto Musashi, who is considered by many to be the greatest swordsman who ever lived. His Book Of Five Rings is necessary reading on how the modern ronin should think and act. He obeyed none of the rules and therefore became a rule unto himself.

Upon a feud with a rival clan Musashi agreed to a duel with a ranking member. Instead of showing up on time he made them wait. He let them question and wonder. Then at some point seemingly out of nowhere he appeared out of some bushes and immediately started attacking. This is the power of formlessness.

Achieve Mastery

Become a Master

Now there is no better time than ever to be exactly where you are right now. There is much you can do and become. If only you learn to trust your instincts and accept reality for what it is. Not what it should be. You are a man with only YOURSELF to rely on. Never let yourself get comfortable and never forget.

No one is going to help you.

No one is going to save you.

No one gives a fuck about you.

Choose to continue living a life of bitch boy submission for a hateful and poisonous system maliciously aligned against you. Or choose to transcend the modern cesspool of suicidal degeneracy.

That pounding fury in your heart? Listen to it. Trust it. Become the master of your reality. Become a Ronin.

5 thoughts on “The Modern Male Is Now A Ronin

  1. Fantastic piece mate. It’s the best time to be alive, we have thousands of ways to go, opportunities are everywhere and it’s easier than ever to become and live as a free man. Good work, keep it up.

  2. Miyamoto Musashi – The Book of 5 Rings…now you’re speaking my language. I have had that book by my bedside for over 5 years now and I continue to re-read it. He is the quintessential warrior in my estimation. What makes his work so valuable is that he gives us insight into the philosophy and attitude of a pre-modern warrior. Instead of preaching ‘berserker rage’ as a means of overcoming your opponent Miyamoto stresses that “calmness is perfection”. This statement has a profound effect on my martial pursuits and in my life in general. When I first began training in mma, my coaches described me as “ferocious” and a “psychopath”. Although I liked these descriptions initially, I soon recognized that Miyamoto’s way was superior and I have since adopted a much calmer demeanor.

    Miyamoto’s life was so much different from our own modern experience. He was engaging in mortal duels by the time he was 13 years of age! Most of us are just discovering that it’s pretty fun to play with our dicks at this time. He knew death on an intimate level very early in his life. Not even our own Western soldiers who have seen the worst of combat can enjoy such preparation and initiation into the ways of the warrior. When modern men can truly know life on this level, I believe we can ascend to a new plane (physically and metaphysically).

    1. Agree completely. I see my personal hatred, rage and anger as a steady fire that powers me. In combat I learned the best state is the mind of no mind. The unfettered mind I believe Musashi called it.

      Strong emotions must be channeled like a battery. The techniques and concepts you have trained your body to understand are to be let loose without the draining effects of too much emotional release.

      Truly Zen. It’s tranquil to me in a way. Unarmed combat. I can finally just let go. The fire burns hot in my belly but the mind is cold as ice.

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