The Modern Woman Is A Witch Under A Spell

In today’s degenerate slime bucket called the west, we have coteries of differing weirdos, freaks, scumbags and skanks.  The one gender that straddles all of those deranged groups like the mother whore of Babylon is, you guessed it.  Females.  As the most easily manipulated and emotionally twisted group of humans.  Their minds were most efficiently funneled into directed paths which are dysgenic and colossally destructive for society as a whole.  As modern technology reached further and further into humanity.  We see through the use of globalized social media and widespread use of online streaming video that women now have limitless supplies of thirsty men at their disposal.

In such an environment where there is next to zero consequences for the actions of a female.  Their natural predatory instincts are on full display, fleecing and cucking the weak bitch boys of the west.  Though our modern strains of noxious feminism are unprecedented in many ways.  The feminine desire to usurp the man and beguile him under her thumb is nothing new.

The Witchcraft Connection

In 2014 Return of Kings featured an article authored by an Oscar Zach called The Disturbing Relationship Between Feminism and the Occult.

The article is golden and should be read before you go any further with this one.  Now in it, what he discusses parallels exactly with many things I’ve learned and experienced.  I used to attend this fire and brimstone Calvinist preacher and he would say this too.

The modern woman is a witch cast under a spell.

When I first heard it I thought that’s a strange thing to say.  Then it stuck with me and I started seeing the connections all around me.

I wrote recently about the biblical story of Adam and Eve.  How according to the story Adam was made to be a cuck,  the first cuck!  Now in the ROK article he mentions Lilith as well being the first feminist..  I believe she comes from the kaballah.

Anyway we can see throughout many cultures and histories how the use of witchcraft was basically the deification of the feminine principle.  The principle of chaos.  Remember that movie The Craft?  Witch shitflick in the 90’s.  How do those chicks use their spells?  To make the evil white male jock suffer for his treatment of a skank.

Isn’t that what it’s all about for them?

I’m not sure if the earlier pagan forms of witchcraft were different or not.  So for the purpose of this discussion I’m referring to what I’ve seen represented by it today.

So women light some candles or stab a little doll and trip out on some shrooms.  Then they imagine they are psychologically inflicting some kind of torment on their hated and envied penis owners.

The Real Spell Is On The Witch

Unbeknownst to their dreamy, drugged out eyes.  The most toxic lies have been poured down their eager throats.  Crammed down their gullets like so many cocks and twinkies.

They love their poison don’t they? 

Pitted as competitors in a match of survival of the fittest with the skank witches and big daddy government, the ultimate white knight on one side.  Then every deracinated, atomized and single mother raised man child on the other.  This is the plan for total destruction.

The death of the founding stock of western civilization.

As the cock count rises and the technological filth is mass shoveled down the piglet snouts of the modern witch.  She takes her medicine like a good fucking pig and fixes her poisonous gaze on the next sucker to squeeze.

She has no past and no future. 

Only the here and now filled with seething envy and gluttonous greed.  The wayward witch’s words are a snare and between her legs is a black womb of misery and death.  For sacrificing her children is the spilled innocent blood which fuels the demonic life of a human parasite.  Do not tell the witch she is cast under a vast spell.  She will hate you for it and think you her enemy.  You don’t converse with a witch.

You BURN them all away with a righteous fire.

Burn The White Knights Too

Wherever you find a wicked witch of the west, you shall likely find a white knight or more which she has been feasting on.  Now think about this.  If there were no more white knights, the witch would have no marks to seduce.  Savage men would smack that skank for looking at them funny and turn her little coven(echo chamber) into a bordello.

So burn the white knights too.  Cast them down from your places of influence.  Humiliate them and condemn them to hell!  All of them! 

Every last fuck tard, useless eater and borg mind insect should be squashed like bugs by the boots of savage men who have ancient blood running hot within them.  Fuck mercy.  Fuck compassion. 

Destroy the virus at all costs.

It’s time to listen again to that low growl inside.  The rising flames of instinct and the furious will to execute.  The time is nigh to let go of all the lies and all the weak. 

To give hard goodbyes with the despairing terror of a long, black night.  Dark skies made bright with fires of all the witches and all the transgressors.  The flames rising in fury to spite the moon goddess.  Rising fires and charred corpses piled high.  Smells of singed flesh inside burning nostrils.

May the darkest night fall on all of them.  The blackest hole consume them.  Call forth the flames of fury for savage hearts just now come alive.  Call down the thunder and the dark rain.  Force this cruel bitch mother earth to take back all her putrid refuse.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.