A New Man Is Rising: A Man Of War

This generation will see a new man rise from the ashes of a depraved civilization. 

A man who has thoroughly witnessed and heavily experienced the choices of a society in a moral free fall.  He will look upon his lands and his people with great lament.

Yet more powerful than lament will be his anger and his hatred towards those evils heaped upon him.  The society which raised him and even perhaps his weak family members will all have contributed to this rise.

The rise of a new man who does not give ONE FUCK about the “oppressed” and insufferable any longer.

His culture has gone to great lengths to prove to him that he is expendable.

That he can not look to any government authorities for an equitable legal system.  That all the major institutions of his world have existed to weaken and enslave him.  He has been betrayed by weaklings and they have pushed him into the cold realm of total indifference to their plight.

Having been raised in difficult times he will be hardened and resolute in his mind.

He will be merciless because no mercy was ever shown to him.

He will not skip a breath smacking down the weak.  When the bleating cries of the porcine masses look to a man for sustenance he will not be there.

This new man with whom the piss weak world of Western Civilization has created is going to be an absolute Savage.


New man

The sons of this age have not been given much in the correct training for their survival.  Most males are crybabies and disgusting wimps.

Those who manage to survive and thrive against the currents of this age will possess a strength that no one can take from them.

When he rises from those ashes of a dying world do you think he will look with concern upon those who suffer for their choices in life?

No.  He will not. 

He has suffered and he has risen above and beyond mediocrity.

He looks upon the weak with indifference.

Indifference that many of you have when you look upon the wasteland of our societies.  We see the average woman and with frightening candor realize that she has very little if anything to offer us.  They have screeched and screamed at the top of their lungs how they are no longer our wives.  No longer our mothers.

They are simply competitors.

These competitors are much weaker.  Yet they have proven their eagerness to lie and cheat and swindle.  All to step over your heads and into your wallets.  To ruin your lives if necessary.  The rancid bureaucracy which they have colluded with is beginning to teeter under all the useless weight.  These competitors and betrayers will cut the act at that time and try again to weasel their way back into your lives.

Will you let them?

Perhaps that is a question every Savage man must ask of his own self.  What value does she bring? 

Personally all I see is someone whose empty opinions I am no longer willing to suffer.

Even now the modern woman knows her time is running out.  Which is why in many ways we see them doubling down on their insanity.

She senses it within her own body as the wild years of youth and fertility blaze by.  Leaving a bitter, immature and ugly wretch yammering away at nothing. 

She sees the look of men who no longer lust for her. 

Men who no longer want anything from her.

Having nothing but complaints to offer she was only somewhat tolerated when she was attractive.  Now she’s not.

We accurately see the truthful and sobering picture of an ugly creature with no loyalties and no faithfulness.

A creature not worth saving.

The new and savage man will no longer help her.  He will leave her by the wayside where every defective organism belongs.

Without mercy and without a tinge of remorse the new man walks away from what is willfully dying.

Forward And Upward

forward and upward

The new man has been exposed to trials and the increasing violence of a fractured and multicultural world.

He has risen above it through battle.

He has become colder, harder and meaner than all the rest.

He thinks clearly and can see his enemies for who they are.

Instead of wasting away amidst the death culture he was born into, he looks upward to the Sky.  By the fire in his heart it compels him to action.

When the world around him begins to break down others will look to him and men like him for strength and guidance.

But he will smile.


When the whining cries of the pathetic masses come clamoring for help with tearful appeals,

“Save us!  Save us from this doom!”

The Savage man will look upon them with contempt and say:




The World You Asked For



I wish nothing more than for people to get the world they have asked for. 

The liberated “people” have asked for a new world.

A savage, cold and indifferent world. 

Whether they meant for this or even knew what they were asking for does not matter to me.  That they asked for it and were given the political and economic power to do so is enough.

The modern woman will be shocked to see in the faces of her sons a savage man who is now pointing his finger at her with the eyes of righteous fury.

What is dying must be left to die.

Like a terminally ill patient on life support we have been tasked with keeping the dead alive.

To break our fucking backs to lift up those who have DONE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in their power to destroy any future we could have.

They are fading away.

You must pull the plug on these worthless parasites.

Smile at the suicidal. 

Spit in the faces of the modern death cultist.

Rise Up A New Man

Transcend the septic tank of the modern world.  Rise above this filthy mediocrity.

Rise up and break those soft chains.  This weak oppression.

Choose the hard road.  The road of trials.

Choose to see everything as a test.

Whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger.

Grow the fire inside.

Rise Up

I am Jack Ronin.

Prophet of Doom for weaklings.

Blowing the horns of battle for every Savage.

Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.