Portrait Of A Savage: Ghengis Khan

I have been wanting to start this series for awhile now.  To showcase some of history’s most savage conquerors who all displayed some key characteristics which I am going to enumerate upon here.  Without further ado, lets get started.

The quintessential man who embodies all aspects of a Savage would be the one, the only Ghengis Khan.  History will likely never forget the effect of this one man.  A conqueror whose people’s genes have spread into virtually all of Europa.  A fierce leader who came from humble beginnings.  He managed to unite the clans of his people and form an unstoppable horde of maniacs.  They ruthlessly laid waste to all their enemies and conquered most of the known world.  This man through the strength of his will which he decreed was by the mandate of Heaven, forged the largest empire in recorded history.

In The Beginning

Born Temujin in Mongolia around 1162.  He was said to have a blood clot in his right hand which according to Mongolian legend was a sign he would become a great leader.  Before even reaching the age of 10 his father was poisoned to death by a rival clan causing his own clan to abandon him.  Leaving himself, his mother and siblings to fend for themselves.

At 9 years old Temujin and his family were cast down into the grim hands of poverty.  Take note as this is a common thread among Conquerors.  Early in their lives due to calamity or misfortune they were exposed to the harshest realities for anyone to endure.  Though many would crumble or give up helplessly, these savage men burned with fire.  The all consuming flames of a man’s will to power.

Those times must have been dauntlessly challenging for Temujin and his kin.  Quickly there arose struggles for power within the family and he found himself at odds with his half brother Bekhter.  Upon a hunting expedition the brothers quarreled over the spoils and with tensions running hot it quickly escalated to bloody violence.  Both and he and Bekhter were vying for leadership of the clan.  It was inevitable this would lead to blood.  When the dust settled Temujin arose after slaying his half brother, assuming sole leadership of his family’s destiny.

Victory however could not be savored for long.  As the relentlessly turbulent life on the barren steppes continued, he was captured by the clan whom originally abandoned him.  He was even thrown into slavery for a time.  Temujin was not content that chains would hold him.  Soon he made a daring escape with the aid of a fellow captive.

At 16 He married Borte which cemented the alliance of the Konkirat tribe and his own.  Yet as constant struggle and enduring strife mark the life of a savage, his newlywed wife was soon captured by the Merkit tribe and offered to a chieftain in marriage.  Even this could not stop Temujin.  Soon he rescued her and brought her home.  Not long after, Borte gave birth to their first son, Jochi.  Even with the looming doubt of Jochi’s paternity due to Borte’s captivity, Temujin accepted the child as his own.

Beast God Rising

At this point Temujin would begin a slow ascent building his forces, forming alliances and establishing pacts with other clans.  In his heart there was a vision.  A frighteningly powerful idea which he was set to achieve.  The unification of all the Mongol tribes under one banner…….his banner.

He began appointing positions through merit and not blood ties.  This was entirely against the grain of tribal customs but none the less a very pragmatic move.  The harsh trials of his youth baptized Temujin through flames early in life.  Through a deadly combination of stunning military tactics and merciless brutality Temujin avenged his father’s death.  He destroyed the Tatar army and ordered every male slaughtered above 3 feet tall.  The world  begins to feel the weight of a mother fucking Savage.

Temujin’s Mongols went on to lay absolute waste to the Taichi’ut through coordinated massive cavalry attacks.  The resulting victory ended in the Tachi’ut chiefs boiled alive for Temujin’s amusement.  Not only was he a brilliant military strategist on the field, he knew the hearts and minds of his enemies with the employment of a large spy network.

With the resulting victories over rival tribes, Temujin united Mongolia and rival tribe leaders agreed to peace, bestowing upon Temujin the name of Ghengis Khan, universal ruler of Mongolia and the destiny of an entire people manifested in one man.  As a ruler it is necessary to attain the perception of a spiritual destiny by occupying the throne.  The Khan’s leading shaman declared him the living representative of the Eternal Blue Sky, in other words he became the living god of the Mongols.

The Will Of Heaven

The Savage man who ascends the throne of the Beast God knows the importance of spirituality for humanity.  He knows that his destiny must be asserted with strength.  When his will becomes such a destructive/creative force in the world, the Savage man knows that he now manifests the Will of Heaven.  Now with Ghengis and his declaration of divine status, his people see him as destined to rule the world.

Indeed it is recorded that the Khan once told an enemy

“I am the flail of God.  If you had not committed great sins God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”

It is of great interest to note that Ghengis Khan practiced religious tolerance within his court and empire.  However to defy the Khan was tantamount to defying the will of God himself.  The spiritual aspect of a becoming a conqueror is something found among all the great savage men of the past.  If one man finds that his will is so powerful, no other force on this earth can stop him, then by default he must have the mandate of Heaven.

The great Khan no doubt capitalized on his divine status by filling the spiritual desires of his people with great inspiration.

The Wrath Of A Khan

in 1207 Ghengis led his armies into China forcing the kingdom of Xi Xia to surrender.  He then went on to attack the Jin dynasty in northern China.  An engagement that lasted some 20 years.  The Khan’s armies also advanced westward into Muslim lands.  At first he attempted diplomacy to establish relations with the Khwarizm dynasty, a Turkish empire.  However the Mongol diplomatic mission was attacked by the governor of Otrar.  This affront caused Ghengis to demand the ruler be extradited to him.  A diplomat was sent to retrieve him but Shah Mohammed, leader of the Khwarzim dynasty refused him, even sending back the head of the Mongol diplomat in clear defiance.

Now the Beast God unleashed a torrent of fury that would send shocks of terror throughout the Muslim world.  Ghengis personally took control of a massive 200,000 man army and led them on a fiery trail of merciless slaughter.  The army swept through the Khwarzim empire city by city with unstoppable savagery.  The Mongol’s used civilians as human shields when they would advance upon the next city.  They piled corpses up to the sky wherever they went, slaughtering EVERYONE.  The skulls of men, women and children piled high in pyramidal forms.  City after city fell in ashes to the horde of Mongols.  Even Shah Mohammed himself was captured, then his son.  Both were put to death ingloriously.

So came the brutal end of an empire.

Written In Blood

Make no mistake.  Ghengis Khan was the epitome of an absolute Savage.  His story is written in blood splattered wild across the tattered pages of history.  He rose from pools of blood with mounds of skulls reaching up to the sky.  The harsh life of a people living wild and free tested him and found him hungering to live.  So close to death at any moment and yet so alive.  The earth spared him no mercy from day one.  So he gave no mercy and no fucking apologies back to it.  In fact he declared himself divine by the sole fire of his will to manifest thought into reality.  This is powerful and everyone should learn a great deal from the story of Ghengis Khan.

I will be doing other stories in the future of historical men who were conquerors, leaders, doers.  Men who knew the score.  From early on they knew the world owed them nothing and that the Reaper could take them at any moment.  So they gave NOTHING back and smiled a dark grin at the black face of death.

Live my friends, furiously.

I leave you with my favorite quote from the Khan

“The Greatest Happiness is to scatter your enemy and drive him before you.  To see his cities reduced to ashes.  To see those who love him shrouded in tears.  And to gather to your bosom his wives and daughters.”


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.