Prepare For All The Lovely Hate

In our current society with high levels of technology, infrastructure and centralized government, we live in a dreary collectivist soup of murky sewage all slowly drowning out any attempts for the will to assert itself.  To rise above the grime and the pond scum the savage man must prepare and accept the jealousy, envy and hate of the weak.

When a man barrels down the path of improvement he will leave the vast majority of others around him in a stagnant pool of mediocrity.  Instead of praise for his efforts or recognition of deeds accomplished, he will be harangued with the bitter tears and butthurt squeals of life’s losers.  They will absolutely hate you for reminding them of their failures.  Knowing this fills a man with joy.  When the leering throng of naysayers belch their chant, he knows he’s on the right track.

Defining Self Improvement

Defining self improvement
It’s a bit more than this.

Much of what we see today in terms of self improvement is quite shallow.  Go on x diet and lose x pounds.  Get to x% bodyfat.  While these aren’t bad goals to have, they are sterile if one stops there.  Becoming a savage means a complete renewal and rebirth into a different kind of person.  One who can reach beyond the material portal of our existence and find hidden riches in the outer realms of his mind, spirit and soul.

Do not mistake these words for neglect of the physical side as I believe they are mirrors of each other and complimentary.  Strengthen the body to strengthen the mind and vice versa.

When I speak of self improvement I mean much more than the specifics of what I may be discussing at the time.  It is overwhelmingly larger than the physical or the mental or the spiritual.  Not just a transformation but a transcendence.

Identify Weaklings

identify weaklings

The modern lemming has a universalist, altruistic faux morality which allows him to be easy prey for predators.  The savage man must mark such people in his mind.  He must choose not to associate or enter into agreements with such a person as if they were his equal.  Rather he will regard those with a weak will, mind and constitution as rabbits awaiting the dripping maw of the wolf.

Create boundaries and exclude weaklings from your circles.  Force others to obey your rules.  Where no rules are implicitly stated, make every attempt to impose your own.  Most people have been trained since birth to take the passive role when it comes to thinking and acting.  The prevalence of our technology only aids in the sperged out ADD blob of imcompetents awaiting the next blinking button to mash.  Many will follow your orders simply because you are telling them to do something.

Give no slack or reluctance in your ferocious stampede trampling over those who cannot or will not think for themselves.

Galvanized By Their Hate

When others hate you, allow it to reaffirm your superiority.  To look upon the triggered masses as they foam, snarl and snark their bile is the scrumptious buffet the savage man feasts upon.  He gains power and energy from the hate of the impotent.  Every time he causes the inferior to rage is a moment he absorbs that energy into his own being.

Forward.  Upward.

Rise modern male from the sewer.

Rise from the decrepit and the dying.

With blooded hands and maniacal eyes.

victory rising

Your Boat Awaits

Take the boat down your own heart of darkness.  See the horror with your own eyes.  Confront the demons of your soul and slay them.

Have you ever known what it feels like to break a man down?  To crush his body, his mind, his soul?  Have you faced a dangerous opponent and have you absolutely destroyed him?

These are experiences the modern savage must know and long for.

If your hands have never crushed a man….a worthy man, this is something to aspire to.

Why I highly advocate a large portion of time invested in training and competition in the combat sports.  MMA being the pinnacle of modern combat in the sports arena. The resurrected gladiatorial game of old.

This kind of physical training will change you as a human.  You will be a different kind of person…..seemingly superhuman in comparison to the reptilian brained moron.  When I was training for fights and in fight shape I was like a superman.  You withstand so much punishment that can break you down physically and mentally.  Overcoming your mind gives you power over your body.  Training which will force you to conquer yourself and to smash any of your weaknesses.  You will learn that it is not even necessary to break a man’s body to crush him.  Break his mind, his will.  He cannot stand or fight after that.

Honorable Combat Within The Arena

honorable combat

While the training and the skills will make you dangerous in many ways.  Do not ever think you can dodge bullets or disarm knives and guns, etc.  Do not think you cannot be easily dispatched at any time for popping off at that mouth.

The man who keepeth his mouth keepeth his life.

Inside the ring or cage is where honorable combat takes place.  I respected if not had some form of love for my opponent.  He knew the pain I went through.  He wanted to win with all his heart.  Just like me.

He wanted to destroy me, and I him.

It was beautiful to play a game where the stakes were a little higher.  To separate the weak from the strong.  To display andreia.

A man cannot become a savage if these experiences do not become a part of him.  Combat sports are the best way to achieve this while minimizing the potential risks of aggression and violence.  It is not likely you will ever die or sustain fatal injuries in these sports.  While injuries do happen….it’s not quite as difficult as getting stabbed, shot, clubbed etc.

No Honor In The Streets

Out in the wild expanses of urban jungles there is no honor.

There is no agreement to fight under any rules.

There is only predator and prey. 

The name of this game is survive at all costs.  Win by any and all means.

The savage must know when to apply the rules, when to bend them and when to disregard them completely.

Achieving this he then becomes the Rule.

Final Thoughts

safe space

Today a man must realize that in our world there is a stifling safe space suffocating his creativity, his innovation and his spirit.  He must pop this bubble like an annoying zit and squeeze the puss out all over the drooling slaves of the world.  When they huff and puff, stammer and spray the incomprehensible babble of their envious hate you must smile.

You are on your way.

The journey is long and perilous down this winding river.

Only the strong can endure it.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.