Prostitutes Are Better Than Modern Women

Sadly today in the West prostitutes, women who professionally sell their vagina for cash are more virtuous and honest women. She is also more likely to please you in satisfying ways since a john can always simply purchase the services of another.  Since every woman monetizes her sexuality in some way, it is far more honest and fair for men to use the services of prostitutes than prance around like a dancing monkey in hopes that a road worn skank will drunkenly decide it’s your turn too.

Time is the one commodity you can never get back.  Remember that.

Societal Shame

In our diseased culture today nothing it seems is more looked down upon than male sexuality.  Others in the sphere have attributed this phenomenon to our post puritan esque culture which appears to be embedded in the psyche of it’s males.  The west has declared an all out war against men for years now.  It’s time to grab your nuts and shove a middle finger in the faces of regressive weaklings who have the gall to try and feed you a shit sandwich like it’s a fucking filet mignon.

The woman is never shamed for selling her vagina.  She was a victim of course.  The man however is irredeemably evil for simply desiring to bust a load on a willing and handsomely compensated female.

The Pretty Lie Of Modern Love

When you distill male-female interactions to it’s most pure elements there is a simple transaction taking place.  A male’s productivity(cash in this case) in exchange for the use of her vagina.  This is exactly the same formula for marriage in times past.  Except in marriage a man pledges his fidelity AND productivity for exclusive rights to her sexuality and the indefinite Fatherhood of her children.

At some point in the past this was the norm and society was much better for it.  Since the Victorian age and the rise of petty romanticism we have seen the hollywood ideal of “love” sold off to all the ignorant wretches of our lands.  The web spinners and snake oil salesmen have concocted a false idol of feelings and emotions to replace what should be a Patriarch enthroned over his beautiful Family and legacy.

What Is Freedom?


When a man realizes this he is completely free from the false morality which our society and it’s thought programmers have burdened us with.  This they have mercilessly used like a spiked cudgel to beat you down.  To enslave you whilst your spouse and children spend all of your hard earned money on trinkets they saw on tv and corporate advertisement designed for the sheep.   If you object you are greeted with threats from the wife and sometimes the kids even.  They aren’t haaaaappy enough.  With your wallet and your soul empty most males begrudgingly accept the role of house eunuch in their own fucking homes.  Shame!

For a man to be free he must divest himself of his chains.  To do so requires the objective, unemotional assessment of himself and the world around him.  The truth is women are always going to monetize their pussy.  Why?  Because it is their only asset in comparison to a man.

You Hold The Cards And The Cash


Once you have distilled the elements of male-female relationships to their simplest form, a man has no problem purchasing the services of  prostitutes.  As the buyer in a market literally FLOODED with the same product, you hold all the cards.  You make it clear what and how you wish to be pleased.  If she objects you simply take your money elsewhere.  The oldest profession in the world is not going to stop anytime soon!

Keep in mind that you are ultimately paying for her to leave.  Once you have busted a nut(s) she is free to go.  No need for cuddle time and no need for empty pillow talk.

What About Game?

Any regular reader of this website should know that I support males learning not only to game women but also to develop learned charisma in all areas of your lives.  If you do not know or understand what game is, you should most definitely learn and apply it also.  Prostitutes are women too.  They can and should be gamed as well.  Often this results in lower prices for access to the goods and many other benefits.

Once you get used to how you handle a prostitute and have sex whenever and however you want it, your interactions with other women will take on the abundance mentality.  In essence a man will begin to treat all women as if they were a prostitute.  Ironically this will cause the modern independent woman to swoon all over you.  Why?  Because you don’t need her.

You now go into interactions with females projecting the mentality of:

“What are you offering?” or

“You’re wasting my fucking time.”

This will do wonders for your self image and give you the vision of success.

Shatter Your Illusions


Love is transient.  Distill your interactions with females down to it’s most basic elements.  She is just another commodity on the market.  One thing is certain. EVERYONE has a price.

You will begin to receive that which you want by knowing the truth. 

The truth of your desires and how to acquire them in the marketplace.  You don’t have what you want because you’ve never had the balls to ask.  More than asking you should be well aware of your own value while DEMANDING value from others when your time and money is being spent.

This is a dark world that does not give one fuck about your feelings, your pretty lies you try and shove like a square peg through a round hole or your feminized ideals of love and eeeckwallllity.

Shatter your illusions today.  Be proud and unapologetic of who you are…..a fucking man.