Punch A White Knight In The Face

When it comes to the types of disgusting scum that empower fickle females the most, one need look no further than the sex starved white knight. That so many pussy worshiping and scrotal lacking males exist these days is proof positive that all of the modern world is an incubator of weakness and deformity.  A diseased vagina pushing out the malformed wastes of humanity.

A rosemary’s baby nursery of twisted genes allowed to propagate without the pitiless slice of mother nature’s heartless claws that cull the weak from the earth. Today a man, a real fucking man stands alone amidst the cacophony of inferior genetic dead ends all screaming, crying, and farting out something cringe worthy from all orifices.

What Is Chivalry?


Though the term “white knight” may find its origins from medieval times. Today it has absolutely nothing to do with the chivalric code which existed in that era.  First and foremost this was a code of conduct between men.  It was not explicitly for women.  This code was about living and dying for glory.  It was not about hoisting an unworthy female upon a pedestal of unearned virtue and worship.  Between two knights, when one was on crusade or some other task commanded by his liege lord, he could count on his fellow knight to keep his women safe(wife, children, siblings) and be confident knowing that he was a man of his word.  Because the code was all important to a knight.

Modern Chivalry

Today chivalry is dead.  Some women will even be upset should you attempt to hold doors open for them or other such displays of courtesy.  There no longer exists knights and maidens.  Most males are genetic refuse begging, pleading, and whining just for one whiff of those panties.

Females are unashamed whores carrying more baggage than a commercial airliner and more diseases than a hospital in Africa.  That any male would stand by with a straight face and defend these types of vermin is cause to beat them without mercy.  The righteous anger of savage men is beginning to boil over the civilized world and set this motherfucker on fire.

Burn it to the ground I say. 

Every biological dead end and every weak bitch must know their place.  At the very bottom of the pecking order.  If they don’t know this it is because no man has had the balls yet to show them.

Shouldn’t they be reminded?

Psychology Of The White Knight

Pretty please let me sniff your panties.

The prevailing mentality of the modern fuckboy is very basic.  He will do ANYTHING for the pussy.  When I say anything I don’t mean storming the gates of his enemies, burning down their walls and forcefully taking every last fuckable female for his harem.

What I mean by “anything” is stabbing his friends in the back to score points with the whore of his affection.  Demeaning himself and other males in wanton displays of thirst and lack of self control.  Footing the bill for sluts and trashy women all so he can remain in their good graces.

THIS is the psychology of the white knight.  He is an absolute slave and should be treated as such.

When Spartan boys were training to kill and become soldiers, they would hunt members of their slave class the helots for fun and sport.  The savage man must do this to our modern slave class the white knight.

Smash The Gates Of The Civilized


Females can only act in ways that the prevailing society allow them.  When said society is one of pussy begging eunuchs raised by single mothers, it is well past the time to act with force.  To violently smash the faces of weakness and spit on the corpses of suicidal degeneracy.  To maniacally laugh at those who sing and dance for their own destruction.

The savage man is the force of reckoning for the modern world.  He is the bright light of vengeance come now to send every demon rat faggot to the hell of condemnation.

The savage few were born into a world they did not belong.  Yanked out of that steaming whore’s vagina and forced to endure the sickly faces of cosmopolitan drones who buzz like flies jabbing needles into you, shoving pills down your throat and constantly controlling you.

From the cradle to the grave you were meant to be some fucking bitch like the rest.  Some feminized bag of gray fucktard matter.  But fate had it thus arranged a more beautifully violent path for you.  The bloody trail of smashed bones, torn apart limbs and broken dreams.

All that could not break you.

Lions And Wolves

We were forced to live in this world and witness its perversions.  It’s grotesque throng of entropic organisms whom we’re told to “be nice” to.   Treating them with that wretched name of equality.

They just wanted you to stay in your little fuckboy playpen.

We were never equal and never meant to treat the weak with anything but DISGUST and CONTEMPT!

No matter what was forced upon us, some otherwordly fire did burn inside.  The growing flames of a furious anger that could no longer tolerate a pathetic world where deformed mutants have the right to exist because of productive men.

The time is nigh to embrace our true nature.

A nature that does not bow to weaklings.

It beats their fucking brains in.

Punch A Motherfucker


When you see a white knight faggot defending a woman for no other reason than she owns a vagina, it’s time to do what’s right.

Punch that motherfucker in the face.

When you see a cognitively impaired female get aggressive with a male and then other males come to her defense.

Punch them until your hands are soaked in their blood and flesh.

Run up on them with the bright glee of fury giving out merciless beatings.

You want your world to change this is how you do it.  Become the BEAST you were meant to be.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.