Reader Feedback And A Savage Salute

As a note to my readers. Some of you have made comments which are not through Disqus. As a result they do not show up on the article page. Please post comments through Disqus so they can be viewed by all.

I’m going to share two such comments from my readership.  The first is from TS on my 7 reasons your an absolute bitch article here.

Great article…. I love how you write so blunt but yet so funny at the same time. It’s sad though knowing many men are like that today.

Yes TS.  It is indeed a damn shame.  Break out the mockery and let’s start pointin fingers!  Name and shame.

Next is from Cabdi Jimacale, who vividly explains what reading The Savage Lifestyle has helped awaken in him.(emphasis mine)

Lol You truly are A Savage Man , Jack. I headbutt a White Knight in the face in Costa coffee after reading your article based on that. I truly feel the roar, masculine, savage power growing in me day by day, article by article, through introspection and deep meditation. I used to be such a nice bitch. Now I couldn’t give one fuck about anyone , especially women. Unlike before, I now do not hesitate to call fuckers out on their bullshit. I’ve begun to make a public display of their transgression against me and God. Demonising and condemning them to hell. It feels fucking wonderful I tell you. To just totally rip them to shreds through words something I could never do before. The rush feels terrifyingly incredible! and I just keep embracing it wholeheartedly which umps it even more. I allow all the hate and anger to consume me and feel immense destructive power that could rip the earth apart. Death Ground Principle with all my past negative emotion experiences. Wow. It’s indescribable. I see everyone I engage with affected by it, submitting to my will and doing my bidding, threatening every cunt who fucks with me through my sheer dominating presence and merciless eyes. . On Death Ground brutal in destroying crushing and beating whatever threatens my right to live. My mindset is now “I am not to be fucked with” “No retreat, no surrender”. Going to begin my training in Mixed Martial and the feral hunger Unbridled ferocity, fasting. Bought a copy of Heart Of Darkness, The Daily Stoic and Sun Tsu’z Art Of War. I see so clearly now, trying to master myself. The changes in my life. fucking Excellent. Keep this Savage Shit coming Jack.

Savage Lifestyle all the way! Your an absolute fucking legend, a true Savage genius who I’ve been blessed in discovering.

Cabdi, here at TSL

We Salute You.

As you can see folks.  Reading and understanding the concepts here will make you a confident , powerful individual.  As Cabdi shows us all.  Here in these hallowed halls lies the keys to unlock a savage destiny waiting to rise up.

Become men like Cabdi.  Men of ACTION!

Like the phoenix from the ashes. RISE!  Above and beyond the crude, crass and mediocre.

Become the savage Master.

I invite any other readers to share how these concepts and this mentality has changed you, prepared you better than others to deal with adversity.

Or even if you hate me and just want to talk shit.  The comments are open.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.