The Sacred Fire Of Your Ancestors

The sacred family fire was an essential part of any man’s home in ancient times.  Before the cancerous rot of post modernism slowly devoured our souls, traditional cultures the world over had a spiritually based conception of how to order themselves and their societies.  Every member of society fit into a hierarchical structure which was a spiritual manifestation of divinity in the cosmos.

It is known that the foundation stone which is the building block of all civilization is the nuclear family.

In the ancient past, in the beginnings of our civilization the main theme of Right or Wrong, Good and Bad came from Family.

Authority was conveyed through the father and the spiritual nature of this was his responsibility to pass down to his children.  The symbolic and the ritual were heavily involved in linking the material to the eternal and this link is through fire as the incarnation of order.

sacred family flame1

The heavenly Father and masculine creative principle are represented through fire.  Traditional cultures knew this as a foundation upon which all of human life and civilization rest.

Every man is Pater and master of his own domus or house just as the Father God is master of the world He creates and orders which constitute His House.  In every patrician’s domus there was the sacred fire of his family and as head of that family he was the high priest tasked with keeping the ancient fire of his ancestors lit which emanate from the founding Father.


The Father of the Family performed a ritual dance around this sacred fire of the Home singing a Canticle which vocalized the eternal beauty and duty to Family.

It is this Pater who is a physical representation of the heavenly Father and he who leads us away from this world to higher dimensions.

Into the world of right action.

Those who study hermetic philosophy and other forms of esotericism may understand this in the form of

As above, so below.

When societies place such value on divine manifestation of Order through the Man of the house/the Father of his tribe, we have a culture that is looking to the Sky

It’s purpose is spiritual and transcendent. 

This is also the sacred and creative fire which has propelled mankind into the advanced stages we have now reached.

In a post modern, humanist and secularized society man does not even know he is supposed to be Pater and instead of lifting his eyes upward he only has the narrow vision of his immediate bodily lusts and feelings unconnected to a greater whole.  He has been “liberated” from any duty or familial obligation.  He sees only what crosses before his eyes and causes his biological mechanisms to twitch.  He exists to work and consume and his only purpose is economical.  That is the common trait of the serf, the plebeian,  and the merchant.

There is no fire in him.

There is nothing sacred he conceptualizes.

Therefore he has no virtue and is just another beast of the field.

A modern and progressive people.
A modern and progressive people.

In this worldview life is purposeless, degenerate and culture slowly dies. 

However there remain a few who are awakening. 

Those who plainly see these effects all around them because they have directly suffered the consequences.

From the destruction of their homes and the discombobulation of being raised in dysfunctional families and single mothered households, many males are realizing there is a black hole inside them with no clue as to where or what to fill it with.

Sacred Fire

Man is spiritual.

Without a spiritual understanding and a divine purpose for living and dying he is a non-entity.

A consumptive hole imploding.

The divine and ancient fire of your ancestors must be kindled again inside you. 

These flames must be stoked and tended to like the patricians of old fulfilled in their domus.  Their priestly devotion nursing the sacred fire of remembrance to those who came before them and the Heavenly Father whose words spoke the wheel of life into motion.

Your first priority is to yourself.  Your body being your holy temple and physical housing of a spiritual self.  You must view life and body from the nobler eyes of your ancestors.

Do you have this fire inside?

sacred fire of ancestors

Do you want to see change in the world around you?

It starts with YOU.

By turning inward and focusing on your inner fire there is limitless energy to tap into.  As long as you breath it lay dormant if only simmering above and below your inferior nature.

By learning to channel your emotions and transmute your lower impulses you can grow the Sacred fire inside to become the animating force and drive which compel you ever forward and upward.

Stoicism here being the key to unlock the unlimited power of your mind and will.

You must take the boat down your own heart of darkness and confront the weakness in you.  At the simmering altar in the core you must slay the defective and mutant post modern man who resides in you.

With the Sword of Truth cleave his deformed head from his shoulders and kick his lifeless corpse off your holy altar.  With merciless eyes light the Sacred Fire once again and scream at the stars to come back down into your savage heart.

Shout with all your will and all your might at the Heavens to give you new life possessed by the sacred FIRE.

The will to power.

scream at the stars



The Real Meaning of Revolution

We have now an unfettered flood of intellectual effort poured into the modern sciences for the morally subterranean reason of making life “easier” or meaningless for us.

For the traditional man, his approach to knowledge did not give to external and physical reality more than it deserved.  The anagogic, or the moral, idealistic striving of the unconscious had the utmost importance to him.

This element is completely lacking in the modern and profane sciences.  In effect we witness a depraved degradation of the inner and spiritual awareness of the modern person. 

They are consumption based and dissolving.

Their force is centrifugal and evaporating.

Today we understand revolution only in the subversive sense.

A revolution to us is something you engage in to tear down the old, antiquated and archaic forms of life, society and culture which are profusely exclaimed as belonging to some backward time in which no one should ever wish to reminisce upon, much less establish again.

While their spiritual quality of life and state of mind degenerate into a form of perpetual zombiehood the western man is hoodwinked out of a vivifying life that existed as a common binding facet for ancient and savage men.

Here will be defined what Revolution is for the purposes of this discussion.

  1. a sudden, complete or marked change in something
  2. a procedure or course, as if in a circuit back to a starting point.
  3. A single turn of this kind. 

To connect the importance of 3 I will relate the principle that makes a man extremely dangerous.

We must violently engage in a Revolution of the Mind if ever we want to live in freedom of post modernity and empty materialism.  A savage man is also noble and he sees the images of eternity all around him and through him.  He looks to the sky and sees in himself ascending to higher planes.

The revolution of an unmoved mover is taking place.

Like a heavenly body he stands firm and draws others to him like a magnetic force while storms rage and defiant traitors break against the high walls of his kingdom perched above and within.

kingdom on a hill

You must establish your inner kingdom of orderly beauty first and expel the traitors of you from the halls of your fleshly temple.

The looming darkness of modernity will engulf you in a most horrific depravity if you do nothing.

For those with ears to hear and eyes to see,

shed these chains which bind you and be born again into a life worth living and a Family and Tribe worth fighting for.  Let us come together as warriors engaging in the battle for our souls.  We fight for the things we love and we go to war against the entropy of modernism.

You are not alone anymore.

We are the new men who will arise from the ashes of a dying society. 

When all we witness around us is chaos and decay we smile with delight at the label of the weak who call us Villains.

We know that heroism is dead in their hearts and we pay no heed to the Living Dead.

We immolate them with righteous FIRE.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.