A Secret The Gods Shall Never Tell You

The Sun shines from the east and lights the earth with it’s penetrating beams.  It’s solar rays warm our bodies and enrich our souls with a longing some can only minutely articulate.  The best of us have always looked to the Sky.  Above us and out of this world we find some stellar entity reach down from the Great Beyond and light a solar fire burning bright in the hearts of men.

From where did this longing generate?  Why does it seem the stars shining strong in the deep night sky reflect some light we find within us?

The mystery of life has been giggling like a child in front of you.  Dancing playfully just outside of your reach.  Still we search farther down perilous paths.  We float hazily down dark rivers of our hearts.

A Dark Night Approaches


As the bountiful light of the Sun reaches it’s zenith and begins it’s downward ascent.  We know what darkness awaits as that red sun falls below the horizon.  The sun is setting over the West as we speak.  The terror of a long, dark and dreadful night approaches.

We are not like the Gods the weak man thinks.

For we are but men.  Mortal men fallible and frail.

In the dark shadow of a savage past only the strong were gifted with the right to live on.  Only the brave and resilient would be granted the divine power to produce Family and Legacy.

Now we have a world teetering on the brink.  With all the bloated flesh of unfit specimens bulging over the fewer and fewer backs of once strong men who carry all the dead weight.

One day there will be no heroes left. 

No white knights to rescue the undeserving.  No pats on the back for living as a failure.  Only the cold and relentless onslaught of a savage world whose Sun has set long ago.  The savage man embraces his darkness so that his fire may shine through it.

He smiles.

For every man dies.  Not every man truly lives.

What Gods Do You Pray To?

The Sun, the Moon, the Night Sky.  Zeus on Olympus.  Odin the All Father.  Jupiter and Saturn.  All have called out to men throughout time.  The lights in the dark spark inside beating hearts just aching to be blessed with solar fire.  Even those who claim they worship no gods still fall at the feet of Deity and pay their penance.  Wherever you shall find a man’s heart, there also his treasure shall be.

Prayer means to submit to the will of another.

But who’s will are you submitting to and whose power do you covet?  If it be faith you need.

Where is the faith in yourself? 

Where is the knowing gaze of experienced capability and the tested resolve of a fearless heart seeker?  You may have looked to the Sky and found inspiration, but you have not yet found it shining back from within you.

For the courageous few they have taken their boats and set sail on black seas.  Across unknown waters and treacherous high waves.  They were carried on wings of flame burning in savage hearts.  They have landed hard on foreign shores and done what no men ever dared before.  Their names echo down through bloody pages and awestruck tongues.  Gods and men my friends.  Gods and men.

Perhaps there is Crom.  Yet why would I pray to him?  That we have strength enough to live and fight on is enough.  He may watch in amusement or respect.  Laughter or disdain.  I care for him neither.  Today I live  This moment I breath.  Today I rise and wipe away all that restricts me.

If I fall, oh how glorious it shall be!

The Secret Of The Gods

What is it the gods have been hiding from us for so long?

What hidden treasure lay undisturbed within their vaults?  When a savage man looks upon the shining stars he sees only the reflection of his own light.  Only to him who has wrestled with such titans does he find the pearls and gems of great price.

For the hidden secret that all the gods would never deign to tell a mortal is this.

The Gods envy us.

We are mere mortals.

At any moment fate may come calling as the Reaper’s scythe falls indifferent upon our flesh.  After all Father Time will claim everyone eventually.  Even so the longer he prolongs the inevitable you shall see your bones become brittle and your skin become saggy.  The flower of youth shall reach its autumn to wither and wilt.  To be swept away in the wind.

Because we live, breath and bleed but for a time, life is inexplicably more beautiful and dreadfully more tragic.  Woefully poetic within deep chords of time there sings endless tragedy, fearsome bravery and songs of epic heroes.  Stories of our ancestors whose lives resemble the stories of gods.  It reaches out to us from time immemorial as ancient blood stirs yet in men again.

Feel the beating heart pulse with fire and light the way for you.

The solar path of savage men.

The gods will not give their treasures away to anyone.  Not whisper their secrets to the unworthy.  You must wrest the prize from their deathly grip.  Choke the secrets out of their strained lips!  Or die attempting the impossible.

A fucking man.

For Your Amusement

It is strange and beautiful this life.  Are some of us destined by fate?  Are others victims of it?  Who calls out to you from the great unknown?  What demons lurk in your darkest heart?  Which gods shine to you from nether regions?

I never put much stock in astrology beyond mere amusement.  Today I decided to read some info on my sign.  Keep in mind I have been writing on this blog now for nearly a year.  I know next to nothing about astrology besides the name of my sign.  I’ve written through the course of my articles about many things which were aching to come out.  Perhaps I created this entirely for selfish reasons as a way to codify what has meaning to me.  That other men read and learn from this place gives me great joy.  Your blood you spill amidst your trials.  That is my blood too.

That makes us brothers you see.

Regarding my sign, I came across this description here.  My sign is the Lion and my essence is Fire.

Readers who are familiar with my writing read that link and tell me…..what the fuck?  In that description there lies the exact same wording I have used on this very blog!  Over and over again, these words and images have enchanted me. My heart. My Heart of Darkness. Called out from within me and reached out to the Sky.  Could it be this is Ancient Blood inside of me?  Stars aligned and divine, this fate is woven within my very blood.  Electrifying through my sinews.  Racing out from shooting mysteries.

Does it beckon you too?