The Social Contract And The Savage

The Social Contract

The idea of the social contract is a necessary concept to understand for any members living in their respective societies.  The simple definition is here

  1. the voluntary agreement among individuals by which, according to any of various theories, as of Hobbes, Locke, or Rousseau, organized society is brought into being and invested with the right to secure mutual protection and welfare or to regulate the relations among its members.
  2. an agreement for mutual benefit between an individual or group and the government or community as a whole.

So every male has voluntarily agreed to a set of rules, regulations and social mores expected of him. These rules in times past may have been beneficial to himself and society at large.  Today however the rules have changed.  The modern male finds himself toiling away in a society that hates him and a system with the odds stacked against his bitch ass.

  • He is expected to contribute to society and be a responsible,  productive citizen.
  • He must never complain.
  • He is privileged and needs to be humble while others more degenerate than him are expedited to the front of the line.
  • He is expected to pay increasing amounts of taxes which go to other people whom he does not know or have any relations with.
  • He is responsible when his wife decides to cheat on him and leave.  He must pay for her and the kids continuously or guess what?  Jail time for dead beat dad!
  • Many other groups are allowed to behave aggressively, even violently towards him.  He is not allowed to retaliate or even acknowledge he was done wrong.
Society wants you to be this.
Society wants you to be this.

Risk vs Reward

Purely from a pragmatic standpoint, the modern male gains very little if anything at all by investing himself into the social contract.  He can and does lose out in a growing number ways however.  Start by asking some honest questions of yourself.

What do I gain by participating?

What can I lose?

What right does this society have to rule over me?

Living in the westernized world you are told constantly about the democratic nature of your governments and the rights of the people to have a say in how it rules over you.  That alone should allow you to see that any right to rule over you is a right you voluntarily concede to.

I am sure the painfully obvious truth that your society no longer speaks for you has not escaped those who find this place.

The modern male finds himself in a constant exchange of Dignity vs Comfort.

Life is relatively easy in the western world.  For that ease of living and the attendant luxuries of first world technology the modern male must grovel at the altar of social justice and repent.

He must come to the altar with showy displays of xenophilia in hopes for begrudging acceptance as the house dog.

Only the Strong

The future will not belong to the weak.  You have heard it said somewhere that the meek shall inherit the earth.

To this I agree.

The meek shall inherit the earth in shallow and unmarked graves. 

Everyone despises a weak man.

For those who are awakening and those who have strength and heart they will hear this message.

There yet remains a clear decision to be made regarding the social contract and you.

question mark

Does the world owe you anything?

Weak people think they are owed something simply for breathing the air.

They are only allowed room to speak when you give it to them.

So stop.

In nature nothing is owed to any creature.

What is needed is taken.

Right and Wrong are only in terms of survival of the species.

If the world owes you nothing.

You owe it NOTHING.

It’s time you take that social contract.


Rip that bitch apart and shove it sideways up the puckered ass of the closest New World Faggot before you “This is Sparta!” kick that fuckboy out of your territory.

The time has come to out group yourself from your society and in many ways adopt the attitudes that foreigners have when they invade other countries.

They don’t assimilate.

They establish their own communities within the host country.

For a detailed analysis of this taking place in Sweden right now, look here.

For men who still have the Sacred Fire, this is a necessary step.  Gather your tribe and form your own centers of influence and power.  The modern world is ripping at the seams.  As it unravels you can grab up the pieces and make them your own again.

Divest Yourself

As much as possible withdraw from any activities which fuel the Beast and divest yourself from the ruling agenda of genocide and the equality of the lowest common denominator.

For lovers of Truth and Beauty one must today in a society of death and degeneracy embrace the label of Villain.

Become the fucking bad guy
Become the fucking bad guy

Relentlessly strive to make yourself stronger, harder, meaner than the rest.

Be merciless with yourself and cut out the weaknesses in you.

Train your body to reach mastery in forms of combat both armed and unarmed.

The ruthlessness of the world will not spare you so embrace it.

Realize this very instant especially for European men that you are on Death Ground.  Doing nothing means you deserve to be crushed under the heels of the conquering.

Your Rights

Everyone today has an entitled idea they possess these intrinsic rights and freedoms granted to them by either the State or a god in the sky.

For professing Christians this is absurd since the biblical god condones slavery and even in the new testament Paul the Apostle tells believers who are held captive as slaves not to break their chains but to BE A GOOD SLAVE.

The truth is you have no rights.

You have nothing and you are nothing.

Unless you have the strength to make others play by your rules or at the very least stay away from the areas you rule in.

The only rights you have are those you are willing to enforce yourself.

No longer should any male in the west play by the rules which exist to keep him a slave.

Do not obey the rules.

Become the Rule.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.

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