Strive To Be Vilified

The Bad Guy Is You

In today’s politically correct society the media vilifies men and portrays manhood in a negative light with phrases such as “toxic masculinity”. They contrive words such as “man-spreading” and “man-splaining” to describe certain actions that men display in order to vilify them. The leftist scum bags are all about labeling people in order to cast them in a negative light. They do this to vilify them in an attempt to suppress or silence completely any normal viewpoints. The Marxist anti male left has been quite successful at it.  Using this relentlessly in movies, television, media, and in the education system. They use all these outlets to bash us over the head.  To relentlessly vilify us for being what we are, men.

No matter how over bearing they become, no matter how bad it gets some of us can’t and won’t be phased by it. Some of us will carry on as men in the face of social engineering and all the adversity that it brings. A real man will not allow society to break him. He knows what’s right and will live by that until the day he dies. He is uncompromising when it comes to this.


Know This And Live By It

Never surrender.  Never back down to the Marxist left. Double down on your manhood.  Throw it in their faces if you have to.  If and when they challenge your manhood let them know you will not surrender and you will not retreat.

We as men must all understand without question, that we will be cast as villains simply for existing.  Embrace this. You must be prepared to be hated by the enemy and ultimately be made to look like the bad guy in the eyes of society.  Marxist women and Social Justice Warrior’s are just lying in wait to pounce on us in order to virtue signal to everyone as to how they are such great champions of equality.  That we are nothing more than male chauvinist pigs. They will cry out “Bigot”, “oppressor”, “chauvinist” and my favorite “Shut up, you have male privilege”. We must maintain our strength in spite of all of this.


There is a social hierarchy that maintains order within Western culture that is attacked on a daily basis and men are at the head of it.  This is called the patriarchy. We the patriarchy are the only thing that stands between order and chaos in Western culture. The Marxist leftists are looking to take away the strength of men so that they can make us weak and rule over society as a whole. Western society is depending on us, if we fail our society will collapse.

You’re seeing it collapse even as we speak. There is still hope yet though.  We can still prevail if only we maintain solidarity with one another. Men need to voice this truth more often and let it be known.


Stand Behind Unapologetic Men

We need to support one another against the Marxist left. We need positive reinforcement and we need to support one another in the struggle that we face.
Haven’t woman played an important role in making Western society great?

The answer is yes, absolutely. There is no doubt that without great women Western society wouldn’t be what it is today. I love women. I admire their beauty and their elegance. There is nothing as calming, nurturing, soothing, or as passionate as a woman. Woman are the bearers of life and without them we wouldn’t exist. A worthy woman will complete a man in a way that nothing else in this world can. The fact of the matter is this.  WOMAN NEED TO KNOW THEIR ROLE AND PLAY IT!

We as men have allowed ourselves to lose control and allowed our women to run wild as well.  Men in Western culture have essentially let our woman down because we’ve become so piss weak and soft. We’ve let them get out of control and run amok.

We fill their heads with lies like “men and woman are equal” and “we’re all the same”. We have become weak.  We’ve lied to women to try and please them. Look at where it’s gotten us. It’s turned our woman into whores that aspire to be like men.

Strive For Aggressive Strength

We as men are supposed to be the pillars of strength.  We are supposed to reinforce and inspire our woman to be great.  Men are also supposed to reinforce and inspire greatness in one another. We have failed to do this and because of this Western culture is falling apart. We need to step our game up.  When you do, just know that you will be met with angry and strong opposition. That’s okay though.  You as a man can handle it.

Be confident.  Be strong.  Know that you are righteous in fighting for a worthy cause. They will call you many things and you will be the villain. When being the hero means accepting the label of villain there is only one thing we men can do. We must strive to be great.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.

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