Learn To Think Like A Conqueror

Whether it’s from baby boomer cucks to millenial butt-pussy boys.  Today our world is exploding with faggotry.  Does anyone ever stop and think Jesus christ I’m surrounded by a lot of gay shit. ? I am certain it has not escaped your view.  Have you ever asked why?  Ever objectively considered the amount of fagged […]

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What Women Really Want Is A Winner

Whether you believe in a god(s) or whether you attribute all natural phenomena to nature, there is a divine strain which runs inexorably through us.  What primordial energy made it so that the weakest sex would naturally gravitate like moths to a flame towards the victors?  When a conquering invader came galloping through her squalid […]

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Hatred Is The Greatest Motivator

The modern world and it’s host of defective mutants has begged, pleaded, and pathetically gone prostrate at the feet of cruel and crude men.  Indeed the thought of welcoming savage foreigners into the gaping hole of their own lives and homes fills them with the same penetrating joy received from their lover’s strap ons.  They’ve […]

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Everywhere I See Fucking Trash

Modern Media Is Garbage So, as you may have gathered from the title, I’m not very happy with what I’m seeing these days. Let me elaborate.  I’m seeing a lot of trash on television. In fact it’s all I see, TRASH. All of it.  Every last bit of it is total garbage. Today’s television programs […]

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