International Women’s Day? WTF?

So apparently today is International Women’s Day.  How do I know that you ask?  Well I saw this bullshit on the news.  Some people, some where, got together and seriously proclaimed today International Women’s Day. When I saw this all I could think to myself was “Are these people even serious right now?”  Who in […]

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The Hegelian Dialectic And The Sexes

Perhaps the most useful method to control individuals in the modern world and to shape views and beliefs is the Hegelian Dialectic created by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  Also reworked by Karl Marx into his own form called Dialectical Materialism.  We are going to examine this process as it relates to male-female relations in the […]

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The Hunger Of The Savage

No matter what a man accomplishes in life, he can never afford to lose his savage hunger. Every time he conquers one obstacle the opportunity to slip and get comfortable is there.  To rest on his laurels and think too highly of himself.  To enjoy the spoils of his temporary gains. The Savage And The […]

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The Depravity Of The Civilized

Today we live in a world which considers itself the bastion of the “civilized”.  A highly conformist world which punishes creativity and stifles innovation.  This world is lauded as progressive and utopian.  We hear the propaganda everywhere we turn.  We face constant bombardment of visual cues directing the unwitting down the tolerant corridors of servitude […]

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You Are Too Comfortable

The Sickness of the Comfortable Comfort, safety, security: these are the want of the weak. Whenever someone finds consistent comfort they stagnate.  Their productivity crumbles.  They slowly wither away after lingering like a putrid fart. To be a savage means never seeking comfort.  Despising the free lunch and hungering to conquer, to achieve, to rise […]

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Despise And Mock The Weak

How Culture Dies There exists today many poisonous concepts that have degraded the western mind.  Perhaps one of the most ugly and perfidious is the idea that it is somehow righteous, loving and virtuous to praise weakness in others.  To embody their cancerous ways of thinking and living. The only healthy response when the weak […]

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The Social Contract And The Savage

The Social Contract The idea of the social contract is a necessary concept to understand for any members living in their respective societies.  The simple definition is here the voluntary agreement among individuals by which, according to any of various theories, as of Hobbes, Locke, or Rousseau, organized society is brought into being and invested […]

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