Prepare For All The Lovely Hate

In our current society with high levels of technology, infrastructure and centralized government, we live in a dreary collectivist soup of murky sewage all slowly drowning out any attempts for the will to assert itself.  To rise above the grime and the pond scum the savage man must prepare and accept the jealousy, envy and […]

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You Are Too Comfortable

The Sickness of the Comfortable Comfort, safety, security: these are the want of the weak. Whenever someone finds consistent comfort they stagnate.  Their productivity crumbles.  They slowly wither away after lingering like a putrid fart. To be a savage means never seeking comfort.  Despising the free lunch and hungering to conquer, to achieve, to rise […]

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Despise And Mock The Weak

How Culture Dies There exists today many poisonous concepts that have degraded the western mind.  Perhaps one of the most ugly and perfidious is the idea that it is somehow righteous, loving and virtuous to praise weakness in others.  To embody their cancerous ways of thinking and living. The only healthy response when the weak […]

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The Sacred Fire Of Your Ancestors

The sacred family fire was an essential part of any man’s home in ancient times.  Before the cancerous rot of post modernism slowly devoured our souls, traditional cultures the world over had a spiritually based conception of how to order themselves and their societies.  Every member of society fit into a hierarchical structure which was […]

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How To Get Respect

Whenever a man is around other groups of males it should be assumed that they do not respect him.  Foreign groups of males might not take kindly to him on their turf even if just passing through and have the possibility of becoming violently hostile.  It is of extreme importance that he quickly establish his […]

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A Lack Of Enemies Make You Piss Weak

Weak people want to be friends with everyone. They are trembling in fear to be ostracized socially.  Fumbling around life hoping and praying no one takes aim at their feeble hearts they attempt to win as many friends as possible through obnoxious flattery, pathetic self abasement and pitiful niceness. At best they use passive aggression […]

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