Take The Red Path The Path Of Blood

A savage man is one who embraces the quickening which comes from conflict.  A man who embraces the shedding of blood, namely his own.

Most people today are ensconced in their safe bubbles.  This has caused all of their instincts to completely atrophy.  The result of years and years of brain pollution, victim identities and entitlement have done nothing to protect the drunken majority of carousel riding fools from vicious barbarians stampeding through their countries and homes.

Instead of facing confrontation and gaining the necessary skills to establish one’s boundaries they run away like frightened kittens, crying and whining for the almighty State-Corp to brandish its weapons in their defense.

Millenials are in no way prepared to deal with aggression and violence.  Their anger is impotent and their threats are laughed away.

They are not Dangerous.

They do not know the power of blood. 

The blood is the life.

Your blood is your life force.

It is a sacred thing

To spill your own blood on the fields of battle is the want of any warrior.  To be named among the few who take violent action to dispose of their enemies is something only the strong can do.  Only those with the savage and boiling blood of their ancestors can partake in this timeless game of conquering and sacrificing.

conquer and sacrifice



Every man today must unceasingly train himself in the arts of war.  He must daily make his mind a high fortress from whence he issues orders of conquest to his bodily members.  Every man must learn to fight and seek to achieve mastery in the disciplines he undertakes.  While much of what I discuss here is focused around strengthening the mind and will, you must also train your body to become ferociously lethal.

The unarmed fighting arts are a great way to undertake the life of a savage.  While one still needs to become proficient with modern weapons and tactics, it is of increasing importance for men to know how to fight with their hands. 

A man who becomes a master of unarmed combat is a man who exudes confidence and power.

Having only been in one fight in high school (which landed me in a juvenile alternative learning center for 3 months because I stood up for a smaller kid being bullied) I realized that something of grave importance was missing in my life to become a man.  I was around 21 when I understood perfectly that I needed the fires of battle to sharpen me and refine me into a savage warrior.  I became aware that what I needed was very simple.

I needed to get beat up. 

I needed to spill my own blood in battle.

A few years prior I felt like a weak bitch.  Raised primarily by a single mother I was shy and introverted and the world around me seemed terrifying at times.  While it was easy to jump headlong into the many forms of escapism available to us today,  I knew I needed to be stronger and more powerful than others.  My first thought was to start lifting weights and become as fucking big and intimidating looking as I possibly could.  I dove into lifting weights/diet and supplements with a rabid obsession.  Being an ectomorph I was always skinny and gaining muscle was very difficult.

But  I was willing to do whatever it took.

I remember shoveling food in my mouth so I could eat 6 big meals a day.  I would force one more bite down only to find myself puking up the meal because that one last bite took me over the edge.  Then I had to start all over again.

I lifted weights like my life depended on it because I never wanted to feel like a weak bitch again.  I wanted others to cower in fear when they saw me.

In 3-4 years I went from a very skinny 158 pds to around 215.  I was big and mean looking.  I noticed very quickly how people treated me differently and I absolutely loved it.  My love for action lead me to start a bouncing gig.  My first was at a particularly rough place with lots of fights, shootings in the parking lot etc.  After awhile it got shut down and I moved to another area.

By this time I had swelled to 235 and felt like a monster.  I started another bouncing job at an even rougher shit hole bar and within 2 weeks had a beer bottle busted over my head.

After that I knew that being big meant nothing if I didn’t know how to fight.

I began my formal training in Shaolin 5 animals kung fu.  It was a good start and I had a solid instructor who was actually a bar tender at the bar I worked at and I saw very fast he had no problem fighting people.  Keep in mind this was the kind of place where I was told by the manager that if someone tested me I was expected to put them down.  Anything less would be seen as weakness and I would have to find another job.

After about 3 months of training I began to wonder how my skills would play out in an actual fight. 

Since I worked at a place where it was inevitable I began to look for the opportunity. 

On one occasion which I will never forget, two guys both at least 220 pds were kicked out of the bar.  They were highly belligerent and pissed about having to leave.  One starts violently beating on the glass walls outside as hard as he can yelling, screaming, talking all sorts of shit.

He wanted a fight.

Take the red path
I was ready to give it.

I remember running outside towards him and lifted up my right foot like I was gonna kick him but instead I dropped it down with a punch to his face knocking him to the ground.

I remember thinking “what the fuck? wow”. 

He gets right back up and comes at me swinging so I just started barreling straight punches at his face and he goes down again.  At this point his friend did not jump in but I was told later he was going to his car saying he was grabbing his gun but someone else stopped him.

The guy I knocked down twice was about 15 feet away now still running his mouth.  I figured it was over and went back inside.  At this point the guy runs up to the door and starts throwing his whole body against the door.  My manager looked at me and said

“Jack, beat his fucking ass”.

I ran outside again and continued beating this man.  I had him in a school yard headlock at one point just pummeling him with my other fist.  He went to the ground in the fetal position and I was raining down blows on his dome with malicious intent.

I beat the motherfucking shit out of this dude.

I got winded from beating on this man so much and stepped away.  He then stands up wobbly with blood all over himself and his blood all over my white t-shirt.  He then tells me

“I’m not done yet”.

I remember thinking holy shit am I gonna have to fucking kill this guy? 

I blasted a kick to his thigh as hard as I could and his wobbly leg buckled causing him to fall to the ground.  I head back inside only to hear a few moments later the loudest BOOM against the outside wall I had ever heard.

This motherfucker got in his car and attempted to ram it through the building!

Looking back on this story I am sure that man was on something like PCP because I’ve never seen or fought anyone like that who kept getting up asking for more punishment and then having the very retarded idea to smash the place with his car.  Needless to say the cops ended up finding him and arresting him that night.


Lust for battle and blood

After that night I knew that I would not stop honing my skills and living the life of a motherfucking savage.  After a year training in kung fu I was fortunate to find a very legit MMA gym in my hometown.  I dived into the training like a scholar delves into his tomes of knowledge.  I received brutal training that not many had to the balls to go through but I wanted it SO BAD that nothing could stop me.

I actually enjoyed taking punishment at times because I knew that if you don’t kill me, if I am still breathing then I am still a BIG threat to you.

I continued working as a bouncer.

I have seen others get shot at. 

I have laid men out in clubs where I was the only white dude because I knew more than anything I had to DEMAND respect and cause FEAR for the consequences of me. 

I’ve worked at clubs where a bouncer I knew was shot and killed shortly after I left.  I’ve seen riots and gang altercations.  I’ve worked as an armed guard with others having shotguns and AR’s at the front of the club.

I’ve worked in a club where the owner got shot in the neck and paralyzed for life.

I had done and seen it all and yet I wanted more.

After a year of training in MMA(mostly BJJ and Muay Thai the first year) I had my first official fight.  This was a life changing experience for me and one in which I feel on that night I truly was born again.  I was ready to die on that night.

Psychologically I put myself on Death Ground.

When a man fights like his very life depends on it he will strike at you like a VICIOUS ANIMAL

epic lion bloody fight


Eventually I became a Muay Thai instructor at my gym and fought professionally for several years in MMA.

I LUSTED for combat and found in the heat of battle the zen like experience of “mushin” or the mind of no mind (I will speak more on this in the future).

I chose to take the RED path, the path of BLOOD.

Will you?


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.