To Be Underestimated: A Story Of Violence

Whenever you see someone act with obnoxious displays of machismo.  It is often their biggest weakness and most feared insecurity.  Their ego tells them that loudly and aggressively displaying exclamations of threat will cause others to feel fear and serve their needs.  A lot of times this works.  When everyone else around is a passive weakling(most of the time).  These types of sharks can dominate in pools of small fish.

You probably have dealt with the type at some point in your life.  Perhaps you have a childhood memory traumatizing you of a bully taking advantage of someone weaker.  Maybe it was you?

Didn’t you just wish they could get theirs? 

Didn’t you hope by some karmic fairy tale they too would suffer one day?

You see it feels great to hurt someone who deserves it.

Especially entertaining is it to hurt someone who foolishly figured you harmless.

Indeed it’s a wonderful feeling to violently smash a punk bitch egregiously stepping out of line.

When the “bully” type looks for victims, he has to look for the sure kill.  The injured calf, the lame sheep and otherwise smaller creatures are targets for predatory opportunists angling for the easy prey.   I realized long ago that my natural tendencies have at times caused other people to underestimate and overlook me as a threat completely.  These are the type of people with little or no self awareness themselves.  Which is to say, nearly the entire generation of millenials and beyond.

Sometimes they find out the hard way.  What appears to be weak suddenly transforms into a dreadful nightmare.  A sleeping dragon now risen in fury.  Leaving permanent scars as a reminder of their careless stupidity.

Hey, there’s a sign at the fuckin zoo.  DON’T get close to the polar bears!

Let Me Tell You A Story

First let me say that I am naturally an introvert.  I wrote about some of this experience as well as advice for introverts here. 

I am socially distant, quiet and expressionless most of the time in social situations.  I can be boisterous or however else I wish when I go into performance mode.  Yet my default state is very introspective.  Sometimes more, sometimes less at varying times in my life.  I’ve noticed in the past that my body language would project signs of weakness to others.  Probably because I’m in my own world(in my head) a lot. This was even after I had years of martial arts training, working security and even fighting professionally!

Also I used to be rather big at 235 pds.  After I got involved with fighting for sport I got smaller and smaller.  Now my look would be fit but not intimidating as far as size goes.  I’d say that I look quite average with my shirt on.  I had several occasions as a bouncer when I was somehow perceived as weak.  The desire was there to get aggressive with me and treat me poorly.  The following is one such occasion.

Hubris Hurts Really Bad

An Irish bar. Not the one I worked at.

I was working the door at a popular Irish bar.  Many college kids with the credit cards of their stupid rich parents all flocked in droves to get hammered, tip poorly and behave badly.  One such kid storms out of the bar as I was outside enjoying the pleasant summer breeze.  He was maybe six foot four with an athletic build.  His clothes and demeanor projected an upper class, entitled upbringing where he was likely a jock and the “alpha” of some circles.

He aggressively shoves open the doors, begins waving his arms and making a scene as he walked out.  Saying things like

“Fuck this place.  Fuck this city”.

As he is stepping away he sees me, points at me and says

“And fuck this little faggot”.

At this time he was just off the property.  I put my hand to my ear and said

“You’re a fag?  Is that what you said?”.

Then I called out really loud while pointing at him


I saw his face get flushed and contort into a furious scowl. Immediately he jumps back on the property by standing up on a ledge with a waist high railing separating us.  He stands a good 3-4 inches taller than me and seems to look down with this belief in himself that he could just do whatever he wanted.  He sneers at me with

“You’re just a little bitch.  Look at you”.

I looked up, betraying none of how I was feeling inside.  To be honest I found it excruciatingly hilarious.  I looked him in the eyes as I brought a hand up, slowly caressing the side of his face.  In a soothing voice I said

“You’re cute boy.”.

He reels back in shock and then anger, raises his fist up and shoves his shoulder forward like he’s gonna hit me.  This whole experience was weird.  Almost as if I was dissociated from it.  Outside of myself watching in breathless anticipation, some real funny shit about to unfold.  It all seemed so, entertaining.  Now after he did the make-you-flinch move, I paused for a moment with a smile.  Then I punched him in the face.

He leaned back just in time for the punch to graze his chin and hit his neck mostly.  He’s on the sidewalk now yelling for me to come out there.  So I calmly walk out wearing a quizzical look while asking

“What’s up man?”.

I was directly within his range to hit me and delightfully anxious to see what he would try.  At this point I sensed a bit of doubt or possibly even fear manifested on his face.  Yet more powerful than doubt or fear was his gnawing anger at getting clowned.  His precious ego had been seriously bitch slapped.

That was only supposed to happen to other people right?

He probably did this sort of thing and got away with it all the time within his social group.  Everyone else too pathetic to even notice that underneath his obnoxious flailing there screamed and stammered a spoiled brat used to getting his way.

He looked at me with this impotent disgust and bile filled rage as a startling realization occurred.  For the first time in his life, he was unsure of himself.  I could see his mind turning over and over.  Desperately searching for an idea to alleviate his busted up ego.  I was enjoying myself immensely.

It would seem he chose his plan of action as he leans in, gathers his nerve and points at me saying

“You’re nothin”.

He turns his back like he’s walking away.  Only he didn’t commit to his sleight enough to be believable.  Nor do I think his regular confidence was there to make it so.  He jerks back around throwing a sloppy punch at me which I see coming.  Moving my head back slightly, his Hail Mary flounders hard.  As he lurches back in horror, my hands are up and I see a green light.  Go time.

I’m on him swiftly and terribly ecstatic to touch his chin up.  A face full of hopeless fright is all I see as he drops low and attempts to tackle me.  With a small adjustment of my hips, the attempted spear found nothing to hit.  His desperate ploy ends falling to his back with me on top.

This was going to be fun.

As I mounted my doomed human punching bag.  I could feel his muscles contract in a final spasm to throw me off.  It’s always funny man-handling someone who has no wrestling ability or Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  They are like a helpless child jerking around in vain.  He had probably never been in this position before.  I punched his horrified face a few times then decided I’d have some real fun.  While his body convulsed pathetically,  I raised my hand up to the sky.  I remember distinctly some random college girls screaming wildly as a dark smile curved around my face.

I dropped down a big elbow that smashed hard across the side of his face.  Ouch.  Fresh red blood streaked across his piss weak skin.  I figure why not another one?  Same thing.  I hold the hand up and then drop another.  This time it barely missed as he jerked and managed to roll to his stomach.  A pity!

I supposed it was time to choke him out.  As my arms tightened like a python around his pitiless neck.  He is tapping out like we are in the fucking gym.  The nerve of this guy!

Before he goes unconscious I whisper in his ear.

“Oh no big boy.  You’re goin out motherfucker.  Then I’m gonna fucking rape your ass.”.

Once it’s lights out I see that his boyfriends trembled in fear on the sidelines while someone beat the fucking shit out of their guy.  I turn his body over and begin slapping him in the face snickering

“You’re just a little bitch.”.

His discreetly loyal friends tell me to “Please stop man! It’s over! Its over!”.

I snapped at them like a ferocious animal feasting on a kill while yelling objectionably loud.


I made slobber come out of my mouth when I said it just because I thought it would be funny.  They recoiled in childlike fear, begging for my mercy.  Me and some friends laughed for the rest of the night.

So remember today’s lesson.  To be underestimated is a massive advantage.  Likewise if you try to take advantage of someone you think is weaker.  Be certain you aren’t fucking with a vicious wolverine or a sleeping dragon tempted to rise.  Often the most deadly types will have the veneer of weakness.

Truthfully those can be the most cunning serpents


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.