The Key To Unlock Unlimited Power

Every human being on this earth desires some form of power.  No one one ever wants to be weak.

Most people are content merely with the “feeling” or perception of power rather than obtaining true possession.  

This is because to obtain and cultivate true power radiating from your core would require immense personal effort.  Even those gifted with natural talents will go nowhere if said talents are not accompanied by painful and thorough training embedded into your mind and body.

ultimate power of the dark side

Achieving your actualized potential is the scarred body of the warrior, the sharp tongue of the statesman, the brilliant understanding of the scientist and the dedicated mind of the scholar.

Truthfully most people are sickeningly lazy.  As long as their hierarchy of needs does not slip unexpectedly into the savage realm of true hunger, they will be content to grow fat, apathetic and degenerate.

You have been trained to be effeminately weak.  The corporate masters you serve and work for love it that you constantly consume their products, pay your taxes and pretend like you don’t see the slithering snakes under your fucking carpets and the flickering phantoms in your tv’s.

Detach from the matrix and accept the truth of our existence.  Survival of the fittest.

No beloved equality exists in nature.

In the state of nature there is a very clear hierarchy of power.

The strong do what they can.

The weak suffer what they must.

Since the creation of advanced societies we have attempted to distribute power in a more equal fashion to it’s members.  Humans have supposedly been moving forward and “progressing”.  So that now the many have a voice and the powerful few are contained within a fair and meritorious system.

It is seen rather plainly in our current age that this idea, in effect has only sealed the wide moat around the few and locked it’s towering gates from the witless many.

These efforts were simply the elaborate facade of your puppet masters to give you an illusion.  A drugged up hallucination has had you seeing what others wanted you to see your entire fucking life.

A neo-feudalism is already here and you are just a common bitch serf.



The walls are quickly closing in and there will be no escape from the savagery of what is coming.

Only the strong will survive.  You must become a savage and cut away all the parasites feeding off your mind and gnawing through the vital parts of your flesh.

The key to unlimited power will be yours through the relentless training of Self Mastery.


Ego vs Primal Desire

Your ego has you in constant need of validation.   Even when you think you are succeeding it is merely the spectacles of your ego coloring your view and you find yourself chasing yet another carrot.

Additionally given the technology which injects constant propaganda, your ego is filled with an entirely inaccurate sense of who you are and what your needs are.  This is especially true with females who are the most easily deceived sex.

True success comes from finding the core of yourself, the Savage Heart and letting it become the torch inside that will light up the long, dark night.  Perhaps you will see that there are glowing eyes and the terrifying howl of murderous predators who are frothing at their snarling maws to dig into your brittle bones.

wolf eyes

Slave/Victim or Aware/Actionable

Chasing the carrot stick of validation is the mindset of someone who is a slave to their emotions and bodily lusts.  

No slave can by definition be free.  The freedom you think you have is just an illusion.

True freedom requires Danger.

Often it requires blood.

The Savage Man in you must kill the weakling that is your ego and the need for validation.  

Today you must embrace the power that comes from constant and detached improvement.

Today you become the Villain.  

The Law of Energy Conservation states that energy can neither be created Nor destroyed, but can change form.


Begin the ritual. Join the dark side.
Begin the ritual. Join the dark side.

Use your emotions.


The basic training is exemplified in the diluted form of pleasure suppression.  The more thorough philosophy is Stoicism.  Basically you need the utterly emotionless vision of a psychopath to survive in a savage world of twilight zone insanity.  However unless you were born a psychopath it is impossible to become one in the clinical sense.

Through training in Stoicism one can learn to suppress unwanted emotions.

The ultimate goal however is not just suppression, it is the ability to channel emotions and activate them through other paths to achieve your ends.  The power of your emotions are like a tempestuous force of nature and can be harnessed but this kind of training will only come after one has mastered suppression first.

Channeling and Visualization

Through visualization you can recall the emotional states of past experiences. Use this process to enter into the most bold and outward seeing mindset you have ever known.  Willfully commit to breaking the negative feedback loops of paralyzing mindsets that come from emotional turmoil and leave you in the slave/serf mental prison.

Channel negative emotions away from yourself and introspection.  Direct the energy into a savage hunger that explodes electric in decisive action.

Allow negative emotions to be be channeled into the bloodthirsty motivation to conquer your enemies and destroy your weaknesses.

You can visualize experiences you may have never had before.

 Can you see ultimate power?


You can get into other people’s heads this way.   The mind of Reason can gather the raw data and then your expressive and emotive side can simulate how a given person thinks, feels, reacts.

With this it is possible to evoke the darkest fears of others.  The ones they have with utmost care tried to bury so deep.  Most people mistakenly wear their tangible fears by outward displays of  the opposing pole.  

The louder the display the deeper their lingering fear.

unlimited power dark side
Let the Power flow through you

The potential to obtain unlimited power is dangling right in front of you.


Join us and benefit from a tribe that despises the weak and acts with ruthless aggression against the ghoulish horde’s of our enemies.  





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  1. Well said. Emotions are energy. You can either let them spiral out of control as a force of destruction or you can harness them to create. I choose the latter.

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