Plunging Forward

So you’ve made it, you are here.  You’ve made the decision to pursue the path of strength.  Welcome to part 2 of Unlocking your inner man of action.  I hope you’re ready to work hard and grow into the man you want to become.  This is a long road and it won’t be easy.  In part 2 we will be going over some tactics, techniques, and exercises to develop your discipline and will power.

These two things will soon become some of your greatest assets.  For many people discipline and will power are very under developed.  They only have as much discipline as it takes to wake up, go to work, pay some bills, and carry out other necessary tasks in their piss weak lives.  They will never know true success or fulfillment. They will always dream of being more than average, but will never be more than just that, average.

Internalize Techniques

I’m going to start off with some very simple ways to build discipline and will power. The entire time you do these things you must always remember, EVERYTHING STARTS IN THE MENTAL AND MANIFESTS ITSELF INTO THE PHYSICAL. So with that being said we are going to start out by writing out some goals onto paper. Sounds cheesy huh?  I don’t really care how it sounds, do it.  I’ll explain why it’s important.

1 It forces you to sit down and put your thoughts onto paper, thereby linking your ability to make your thoughts manifest themselves into reality. Essentially it’s exercising your ability to turn thoughts into actions.

2. It takes you from being aimless and non goal oriented and it puts you into a position to have an objective and to be driven to achieve it.  You will now be able to physically see the goal on paper and move towards it.

3. Putting your goals on paper takes away all ambiguity and doubt about what you want to achieve.  It’s there in front of you on paper now, plain as day.  It forces you to see it, reaffirm it, and stop making excuses about doing it.

To execute and accomplish these goals will take an even greater level of discipline and will power. That is exactly why you are doing this in the first place though, to strengthen your discipline and will power. Being a man of action is difficult, but it’s worth it. When writing out your goals you will want to meet the following milestones.

1. Write out an initial goal that you can accomplish by the weeks end.

2. Write out a monthly goal, again, something you can accomplish short term.

3. Write out an end of the year goal. Where do you want to be in a year from now?

Those three simple criteria will help you to make a clear and concise list of goals. When starting out don’t make your goals anything over complicated or unrealistic. Start off small and build your foundation.  Discipline and will power will come in time.  You will now be set into motion in the direction that you want to go.  EVERYTHING you do should be done with a purpose and that purpose is to accomplish these goals.  Not letting life distract you or get in the way will be a matter of how much will power you assert and how much discipline you can muster.

In doing this it will build both.  If you fail then you need to evaluate why and change your behavior accordingly.  CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR IS THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME.

Become A Man Of Steel

The next way we can build our will power and discipline is to master our bodies.  It takes a strong mind to build a strong body.  Stop being piss weak and get motivated!  We as men need to push our bodies to the next level and make ourselves as physically strong and fit as we can.  If you are already into fitness then you’re ahead of the pack and don’t really need this part of the instructional, but feel free to read through anyway.  Who knows maybe you might learn something new that will help you.  Here are a few things to start doing to get going into the right direction.

1. Lift some freakin weights!!! You don’t have to bench 500 pounds, but get under some weight that challenges you. The benefits of weight lifting are numerous.
2. Train in martial arts. Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, or whatever. Just get involved in one. Anyone of them offers way more benefit then sitting on your ass.
3. Too broke to join a gym that’s okay, just use your body weight. Push ups, pull ups, wall sits, and isometric squats will give you some great results.

Those are just three examples of things that you can do to begin to strengthen your body and learn to apply your discipline and will power.  Like all things start off small and build from there.  It will take much discipline and will power to train consistently and do what it takes to get into good physical condition and stay there.  It’s very important as a man to be in good shape so quit procrastinating and get on it!

I hope this article has given you a good starting point in which to begin. In part 3 I will be going over some more things that are a necessary part of being a man of action.


Become a Savage

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