In this series I will be explaining in great detail certain aspects of what it takes to be a true man of action and how to develop these characteristics that lie dormant within yourself.  First lets go over what exactly is a man of action.  Being a man of action encompasses many things.  I use the phrase man of action because it’s more than just being an alpha male or having a warrior mindset.  Being a true man of action is so much more than that.  Those two things are just part of being a man of action.

Throughout this series I will help you to see these traits and help guide you to the path of unlocking them.
This series is designed to inform the reader in the hopes that you take the knowledge that I’m giving to you and use it to not only better yourself, but to inform, influence, and effect a positive change in other men around you.  As men of action we must put out a call to arms.  We must strive to make our tribe better not only as men, but as people.

Build Up Your Tribe

True men of action build each other up, put each other in check when needed, and are able to accomplish great things through the sheer strength of their will.

A man of action has a great inner strength, exudes confidence, and is the true master of his domain.  This will carry over and have an effect on EVERYONE in your lives. Especially if you are fortunate enough to find a worthy woman in this screwed up society of gutter trash THOT’s.  Being a man of action will help her as well.  As for the THOT’s, well, you will be able to pretty much do with them what you want.

Here in part one I will be going over one single and very important aspect of unlocking the man of action within you.

This trait is discipline.

Discipline is key.  It’s a huge part of molding yourself and asserting yourself as a man of action. 

Without the discipline to execute and do what must be done you will NEVER be a man of action.  Without discipline nothing will come together for you. Discipline is needed for consistency in building successful habits which we will discuss later.  Without the discipline you cannot shape your mind.

If you cannot shape your mind then you cannot shape your body.  The inability to do just those two things will surely lead to your complete failure in everything you do.  If you want to be a failure then ignore the importance of discipline, but do so at your own peril.  Without it you will be doomed to the life of a piss weak beta cuck or just another waste of potential.

Here’s The Deal

So at this point you are probably asking yourself

“How do I go about unlocking the discipline necessary to become this man of action you’re talking about?”

It’s actually quite simple. You must make the conscious decision that THIS is it.   THIS is what you’re going to do.  You are going to relentlessly pursue the attainment of immense discipline.

You’re NOT going to make excuses and you’re NOT going to accept failure.

Are you sick and tired of not being the man you know you can be?  Tired of not living up to your full potential?

You are now going to change your life and take the necessary steps to develop this kind of discipline.  That in and of itself is the first step to unlocking the what is required to mold yourself into the man of action that you want to become.

A person’s life can be broken down into almost nothing more than a series of events and the decisions that a person makes. You must now decide.

This is the time.  Be decisive.  Develop your sense of discipline.  Become a man of action.

Begin A New Life Today

Now that you’ve decided to start down the path of unlocking great discipline.  The first thing you should know is this.  Discipline and will power are synonymous. You will not be able to develop one without the other.  In order to be disciplined you must have will power.  In order to have will power you must be disciplined.  You must also realize that when you develop one you will also develop the other at the same time.  They will grow together within you and become a great base of power.  You will learn to rely on discipline and will power to do most everything.

Discipline and willpower are surely the tools of great men.  A true man of action displays both and wields them like a nuclear weapon of great capability. With these weapons there isn’t much, if anything, that can stand in the way of your success.

In part 2 I will be discussing some different tactics, techniques, and exercises to build and strengthen your sense of discipline and will power.  I look forward to helping you grow in your pursuit of unlocking your inner man of action in part 2.


Become a Savage

Destroy weakness. Conquer everything.